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I can't say I blame ya! Adorable.

Augh! He is SO cute.

sweet man he looks adorable

He is so divine!! Darling soul. xxx

Oh the chubby cheeks are just criminally cute.

Too delicious -- didn't we all tell you that he was going to be fabulous?!?! When are you going to listen to your friends in the computer?!?!?

OMG!!! He looks like a mini-Adam! Loves it!

I must admit, seeing that sweet face with his chub-chub cheeks, I would forget all of my senses and want to touch him, too (without washing my hands). Forgive me. I'm sure others are just as enamored by his preciousness and they lose all sensibility.

He is so very cute!

Now that's a cute face

wow! he looks so much like and yet so amazingly different from Adam and Kate! adorable....

He's delicious! OM NOM NOM NOM!

You know, tertia - you're going to need to change your blog banner here shortly - doesn't seem fair to only have Adam and Kate in the photo!!!

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