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He's such a gorgeous baby!

Cute, indeed! What a handsome boy! He has grown up sooo much in the past couple months, no?

Kate's eyes!

Oh my he has gotten big!

so beautiful!!


Wow Tertia -- When did he get so grown up looking? Hes just beautiful!

He's a lovely little baby. He has grown soooo fast too!!!

Oh yeah, he was definitely worth going through pregnancy again. He's gorgeous.

Ah Tersh he is so cute, it looks like he's going to be a blondie. He is so flippinig gorgeous!

Oh! He's so grown up already! And oh so cute.

Such a cutie pie!

Ahhhhh so cute!!

He looks like you!

he really is a stunning little chap...you simply have to have some shots taken..holler when you're ready, k? he does have kates eyes..sjoe..gorgeous little fellow :-D xxx

Where is little Max going that he needs a passport already?

Ag cute, didn't know passports for babies existed. Ok, spill it, are you sending him to Paris for Baby Finishing School?


Absolutely gorgeous baby -- Stunning, actually!

Oh my goodness what a cutie!

He really is adorable! Those blue eyes! Very handsome little guy.

He is so darling! I can't believe how big he is already!

He is a really beautiful baby! x

he is so big and his face has changed so much, what a gorgeous boy - well done

He is so beautiful; you lucky thing!!! You deserve him!! Cuddles....xxxxx

Absolutely gorgeous!

Oh, he's a sweetheart! And he's grown!

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