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I chose to send my daughter to a different school... most of the kids from playschool went to the adjoining school, but I chose to send her somewhere different... oh, the anxiety!! Plus we're English, so my daughter was only 4 years 3months when she started school. And she was ON HER OWN!!

The first day, she ran off to play in the playground. The second day, she told me that she was a big girl, and didn't need mummy to come in with her. The third day, she told me she didn't want to come home. On the Friday of her first week, she bawled her eyes out that she couldn't go to school 7 days a week. She's settled in really, really well. She is a young one, so she doesn't go full-time until November 3rd (but she's more than ready...)

I think I'm more bothered than her. She has new friends, we've been on playdates, etc etc. I'm still on the meds, but she's fine ;)

Ugh, the thumb-sucking. I actually kept up that little habit until I was in first grade. By then, the humiliation of being called out by the teacher (she once dipped my thumb in finger paint and let it dry, after which I shoved my painted thumb right back into my mouth....) and the bully kids in the class finally brought it to a halt. That way certainly works, in time. You can appeal to that sense of "you don't want to get teased, do you?" or maybe try a home remedy like nasty-tasting nail polish on the thumbnail. Laughing and simultaneously disgusted with myself for suggesting this...but you can buy bitter apple spray at any pet store, which works for preventing dogs and cats from licking their paws too much. Be sure to give her a rewarding milkbone and scratch behind the ears afterward.

Ridiculous smile on my face, but this is just the lovlies post. Glad things are going well. Laughed at 8.30 meaning 8.30. I'm completely anal about puncutality. There are a few parents in Alexander's class...not so much! Makes me chuckle, and now I'm going to think of you.

Actually snorted at 'follow my eyes...'.

Just wondering if Australia has beaten you guys at anything recently...just so I can snark you. I do like a good snark with my morning (3rd cup of) coffee.

Ahhh...I'm so happy you have such great kids. Isn't it amazing what thousands of dollars (and SEX!) can bring about? I think I have a budding little Adam myself. One of my 12 month old twin boys bawls at everything...if he falls, gets bumped, you leave the room, his bottle is finished, jupiter is circling...everything. However, he also squeals, laughs with more exhauberance than anyone I know, and cuddles you with his head pressed against you like no one can. I think your kids will read these blog posts one day and will be struck by how very much they were loved, not the other stuff (oh...and they'll also be horrified by the discussions about your sex life and boobs!)

So glad you're back!!! Big school isn't half as bad as you think- need tips, just shout! I'll tell you how to get the teacher on YOUR side!

Max sounds delightful and I firmly believe the transition to big school is harder on the parents.

Tertia, so wonderful to get such a nice update from you and I think this blogging set-up is fantastic! I would love you with a happy family and a post like this whenever you get a chance (once a week, once a month, etc.). Family first, Blogging second or third or fourth is definitely the healthy approach. Perfect!

I love when babies wake up happy. My nephew would wake up talking. My sister joked that he would fall asleep mid-sentence, then wake up finishing the sentence like the sleep-glitch had never happened.

Well, huh, that's just weird. Perhaps we were apart for too long or something, but you don't quite sound like yourself. Certainly, it's a nice update on your family... glad to hear all is well... but your *voice* sounds funny. Are you okay? Or is this just the "new you?"

Kiss smooshable Max for me. What a happy baby!

"Life is good. I am a very lucky girl."

oh my, yes you are. and you SO deserve it!

I quit sucking my thumb because my dentist told me I had to. My brother quit sucking his thumb because our oldest sister paid him $5 to stop. Depending on Kate's personality, maybe a word from an authority figure OR a well-placed bribe would work?

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