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oh you heartbreaker. mind you, i am SOOOOOO glad that i came back for a little look see to see if you had given in yet.

i MISSED you already. you are part of my day like coffee and wine and and and - all that.

you can't leave, but its ok by me if you change the terms of our relationship. i will be faithful whatever happens.

So glad u reconsidering!U do what is comfortable for you! remember you don't always have to do posts in words; just photo's are fibe too!!!!

yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!

So happy you miss us too! Your blog is also like my daily "fix" - happy to renegotiate the terms, whatever you need!

That made me burst into laughter - literally. Which could have woken my sleeping child - ach!

Although now that you're back to blogging, I may just "un-friend" you on Facebook.



So as I was reading "Reader" with new blogs, I came across your name bolded. I thought, "HEY I thought she separated herself from all of us." I grinned b.c I thought .. "she couldn't do it." Then I smiled b.c I couldn't wait to read what you had to say!

would you feel too opressed by a weekly post? that way you could get them ready when it happened and store them up to post on mondays?

Yay!!!!! You have made my day!!!!!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (with tongue)

What Julia said!!

LOL! Yes I'll take you back - as long as we can have makeup sex! JUST KIDDING! :p

of course I'll take you back - you're hot in the sack! (snigger snigger)

Welcome back!

i followed you on twitter. i rarely twitter. and now you're back? hugs and kisses!!

I've read your blog for nearly four years. I'll comment for the very first time to say hell yes.

I dont want to follow you on twitter or facebook, but cant imagine missing out on my Tertia fix every morning. How about committing to once or twice a week.

Welcome back!!
no judgment here, were we waiting with open arms :)

I'm so glad your are reconsidering. I really missed your blog posts

O Jippy!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
You have been my inspiration for many years. The reason why I never gave up on my Infertility day's. After my seventh IVF attempt we had Triplet Boy's and guess what I am now 20 weeks pregnant (oepsie - sommer net so - no drugs?????).
I enjoy your Blog soooooooo much.
Thanks again.

Will very gladly take you back. All on your terms too!


Is this like a bootie call? Cause I'm not promising anything ... :)

Sounds fab----whatever you need!

Would a weekly post keep your skills brushed up, help you vent a bit but not be overwhelming? We can hang with that, if it's not too much ;-D

We'll even give you hoiday/sick day benefits! Wish we could offer a better compensation package, but working in your pajamas should even things out.

Give that munchy plump baby a cuddle for me!

Errr...HOLIDAY/sick day benefits.
Or even whore-day benefits, if you want. Meaning, you can go whore around with Facebook, and leave us waiting on the stoep.

OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been checking your page each day hoping you've changed your mind!!! Yay!!!!!

Hey, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly... whatever works for you! And no need to commit to any "schedule" (like requiring a post each Monday). Just whenever you have the urge to post, type away! Short is fine. Pix are fine. Doesn't have to be funny, inspiring, etc. just whatever is on your mind.

When you posted about a trial separation, I didn't respond in writing, but thought to myself (with a sad smile), "To everything, there is a season." Your arms and life are FULL now, Tertia! Blogging (and before that, the message boards) were a way to keep your sanity - to think out loud - while your journey unfolded.

Things are different now. Please don't think we have expectations for your blog content/frequency! I think I speak for the majority when I say that we ADORE you, and are just happy to hear what's going on in the Albertyn household, whenever you care to share. :-)

Marko and the kids (and Rose!) are your first priority. Enjoy your time with them, guilt-free. I, for one, will continue to check here every day, regardless.


Please please please come back. I have been reading your blog for ages but never commented until today. Your posts light up my day and make me realise that there is some humour in this parenting business.


hah. I knew you would miss ME!! MEMEME!!!

everyone else is supporting text.

however, the issue at hand. Take a break. Write scintillating posts that you do NOT post. let them stack up.

Around the holidays (when life is, you know....SO less hectic...stage a comeback!)

No. Wait. You have to stage a very public, personally humiliating confession about how you wronged us, do three or four apologies and THEN return AFTER the holidays.

i don't know. i'm on facebook. i'm double dipping as it is.

LvU, beep

I agree with Alison C. Happy you miss us too.

hahahaha I knew 140 characters would not be enough for you!!


yes, we'll take you back! I've missed you.

Whatever works best for you Tertia! I enjoy your blog very, very much, but completely understand that blogging takes time and energy that you don't always have. Don't set up a "schedule", just blog when you feel like it and we will still love you!

I knew you'd be back.

See how many of us keep checking back... Just in case you posted lol... Post whenever you want... even if its short... it'll be a nice surprise for us all...

i think about you all the time too. :)
you're so funny.
just take it one day at a time, if you feel like posting, post, if you don't, then don't. we understand no matter what.

Mkay. But only for you, darling

what about twice a week posts? and we never got to see the new place!!

Do we get to have make up sex?


(I actually suspected we'd hear from you within a week ;))

You are welcome back with OPEN ARMS!!! Look at me, checking the blog after you told us you were going!!???
Remember you don't ned to post daily- maybe once a week, bi-weekly, monthly or only when you WANT too- not out of GUILT!!!! Love you, mean it.xxx

Yay!!! And go as slowly as you like. We'll be here (obviously :)!!

Was this all a game to get me to start paying for dinner again?

you crazy freak. ;-) what would we do without you!
and look how many of us came back to check....


Blogging is a fickle mistress! Welcome back!

Australia won the cricket. I thought of you. And sniggered! Welcome back. I've missed you already.

I was going to do a whole whiny post on my blog about you dumping me, I mean us, but then I thought I'd sound needy...

I will miss you if you leave. I miss the Naked Ovary!!! Don't go!

I'll take you any way I can get you.
Now why does that sound creepy and stalker-ish?

blog -- don't blog -- it's your life and should be lived as you see necessary.

Glad to read you'll stick around - your is the only blog I read - FB and Twitter aren't the same.
Please don't feel pressure to post - just do so when you feel like it.
You could also ask us for topics - things we'd like to discuss...

we love you no matter what. please do what you feel is right for you.

Oh thank heavans you recanted. WELCOME back I was so scared to miss those beautifull children growing up.

You are hilarious! I kept checking everyday to see if you had changed your mind. Major withdrawls this side!!! Love you you arsehole. But completely understand if you have to do it again.


yes PLEASE :) xx

So pleasantly surprised to see a post!!

Whenever whatever :)

Yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please stay. I've been reading your blog since my first ivf 4years ago, I will miss it just too much..

Please, please, come back, I already miss you alot. I have been following your blog for a long time now, but never have left a comment....
I will be thrilled to see you back...just in case I have been checking every day to see if you changed your mind...lololol
Greetings from a German living in Texas,

You know, I had already broken up with you anyway. I can't help but come back and look occasionally, to see if you miss me, but you seemed happy without my readership. I had felt your distance already. The posts were sparser, sometimes very provocative, as if you were trying to get a rise out of us (I don't like that), and to be honest, you've seemed more peaceful, content, and happy ever since your sweet Max was born. I think sometimes, when we're at our happiest, and most peaceful, we have the least to say. I know I'm that way. I just want to relax and bask in contentment. Maybe that's what you have going on.

But anyway, thanks for letting us know you're taking a break. My heart is still broken about Karen who promised we'd see each other again but then she NEVER CALLS! :::sob:::

Yebo yes!!!

Can you start with a photo of you in the new car.

What Woody's Girl said: "Hey, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly... whatever works for you! And no need to commit to any "schedule" (like requiring a post each Monday). Just whenever you have the urge to post, type away! Short is fine. Pix are fine. Doesn't have to be funny, inspiring, etc. just whatever is on your mind." goes for me too.

Yes! Mwa!

You are back!! I missed your posts! Yes! Just take it slow...
: )

Absolutely, you've gotten under my skin.

oh funny...i just laughed out loud. the dog looked at me like i am crazy.

this reminds me of how my husband and I were before we got married. couldn't make up our minds. finely we just said screw it, we are never leaving each...so we got married and are still together after all this time.

Yeah thank goodness I am so happy.
I lost a friend from the computer today you also follow her blog she has stopped writing I'm going to miss her loads.

PS: Love the new wheels

GOsh, I go away for a week and come back to you breaking up with up! Waaahhhh! Don't do it Tertia! Please! I am not a Facebook person because I heard it's addicting and too time consuming...and twitter is whatever...but I love your blog posts and really hope you keep posting, even if it's not as often!

I can't understand why anyone would end a relationship with a hottie like you. Contact me, I am up for any kinda relationship you want. Even master and sub lol

At least we know FB works. I saw one of your updates there and realized you were back here. So glad to have one of the experts back.

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