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Wonderful pictures! You look like the perfect little family!! :-)


Why did I always think Kate was more blonde? You have a lovely family. Every last gorgeous one of you! Great pictures.

Wow Adam and Kate look so grown up. You look great - hair colour suits you. Love that dog.

Kate looks a bit scary in that middle photo - in a psycho kind of way. Just joshing, I think - ha!

Man...what a beautiful family you have.

I am so happy for you.

Hate it when that happens! Lovely photos btw

You look really happy and beautiful in these pics.

Lovely photos.

But you are no longer allowed to whinge about how cold it is in the winter! Your July looks stunning. Chicago's January, on the other hand, is brown and lifeless with dirty black remnants of snow mixed with bus exhaust.

I'm so confused! Where are all the tigers, lions, and elephants! :)

What gorgeous photos! You all look so normal! (ha ha, that's a joke, see?)

And I know you're often conflicted over your hair, but truly it looks stunning.

Gorgeous family! But whoever took the photos needs some photography lessons and/or equipment upgrades. The shadows across your faces are appalling for a professional publication.

Haha, even the dog looks happy! You're all gorgeous & divine!

(I HATE it when my computer eats my blog posts)

Wait - isn't july winter for you guys? If that's winter, you have officially lost all weather sympathy from me and, if I may speak on behalf of the continent, all North Americans.

Holy cow! Those are BEAUTIFUL!

haha @ Egg Donor (ret)! It was just a warm day! Winters are cold here,


Stunning family & stunning pics!!


So so very beautiful. Your Kate is looks just like a little princess. V V jealous about the weather.

Just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing--inspires me to get my butt in gear to arrange for some family photos for us!

I hear Maxie-Moo was missing you last night and only wanted Mama, thats so cute. He is a delicious boy, we like him.

Gorgeous! And I knew someone would pick up that it was in fact winter...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Wonderful pictures! You all look so happy and your children are gorgeous!! :)

Wonderful pictures! You have such a gorgeous family.

OUTSTANDINGLY GORGEOUS!!! A complete, happy family!! you must look at the photo's and your children and pinch yourself on how VERY far you've come! happy days!

My HEAVENS how the twins have grown! Somehow it is so clearer in these photos that they have left the toddler phase in the dust! And good heavens you look way too G and D to have had a wee baby!

so sorry to hear about the lost blog post - when you click on "compose" and it prompts you to recover the autosaved version, is that not working?

this is Ginevra from TypePad by the by! :D

Oh my gosh, I LOVE these pictures Tertia! They are beautiful of ALL of you! They are absolutely "frame worthy".

Wow Tertia, fabulous photos! You really are looking fantastic.

Absolutely lovely pictures! I also was surprised that this could be a depiction of winter. Even on an exceptionally balmy winter day, it would NEVER look like that here in Ottawa - and we wouldn't be seeing any bare knees or toes. You might, however, get a winter day like that in my home town of Seattle. Oh, for the goold old days...

Um, that would be "good" old days.

So gorgeous!

The perfect family!

What a beautiful family!

You have a beautiful family! a family!!! I think you needed Max to round it out to complete the family, does that make sense?? Before you were a set of duos you and hubby and the twins and now you are a family!! And a gorgeous one. Adam and Kate look all grown up!

Aw! Thank you for sharing this beautiful blog about your family. You have a wonderful set of children and your wife is absolutely lovely! Adam and Kate sure look all grown up in this picture. I cant wait until they take their first few milestones and you guys can share them with us in yet another fun filled and lovely post.

lovely photos. lovely family. Thanks for sharing.

I love the new hair color. And, Adam is channeling Marko.

And, in the 3rd photo the light has caught your face & eyes & your smile just right. You look like a madonna.

Gorgeous and divine looking family!

So glad I found this blog, you're a fantastic writer and your story in inspiring. I've added a link on my website and told my aunt about your story, she's going through the same problem you went through.
Though our problems are different I can relate to what you went through... Your family is so beautiful it was worth it.

You have a lovely family and the pictures are gorgeous!

Truly gorgeous! Thanks for sharing - what a great family picture!

Stunning photos, Tertia. Really gorgeous. I love your family! :-)

Beautiful, you look amazing.

Those are gorgeous photos! Kate's hair is darker than I realised, I always thought she was quite fair.

aw..these shots are really beautiful. you should print em and hang em up in your house :-) if you haven't done so already!

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