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The picture isn't showing up for me. All it says is selection_209_120.jpg

Not showing up for me either, and now that you've said it's funny I have to know!!!!!

Nothing here either - same message. Please T, we need to know!

I can see it ...yeah, that looks about right to this American. ;) (KIDDING ...very funny!).

Oh my god, that is the funniest thing ever. Love it! (Said wearing my American hat)

Very, very funny - I've seen it before but forgot about it.

Hilarious (and I'm American). This is exactly how some of my family thinks. *shudder*

I don't get it...why is it funny...that's not the real map? (coming from another proud American!) :-)

Hilarious! :-)

And this is wrong??

Don't you remember? We voted out the party that promoted such ideals:)

yes, this was all over the internets a few years back. this is what my american in-laws think. (i adore them!) very funny.

Sad but lots of Americans feel that way. I am always stunned by the things people here say. Like when I said I went to Africa for Christmas, North Africa, Tunisia to be exact. They asked the weirdest questions. About animals, disease, etc. Seriously some of the questions I would just laugh at.

Unfortunately, so true! And hilarious.

That is funny.

I'm having a good giggle as an American who has lived in (uninhabited) Canada for the past 28 years.

Too funny...I love it...Proud American...living in the US and how sad and true that "most" American think this is a real map and that it is correctly labeled. :)

Well, that's stupid - we know people live in Canada!

That reminds me of that girl from here in South Carolina who competed for Miss Teen USA and got that map question. I bet she drew that!

I don't get it? Isn't that a map of the world? And I'm pretty sure my coffee does come from there!

I'm disappointed that you would judge and label all americans like this.

hysterical!! :)

Not all Americans Barbara, just you.

Barbara, what? Are you kidding?

LOL :) Love it!

I'm not sure that many Americans could find the evildoers or kangaroos on a map with anything like this degree of accuracy, actually. At least this map has the continents in semi-accurate positions.

(I love the way most of Southeast Asia is turned into a little island blob. That's my favorite part.)

This American is laughing her ass off! :)

Stinkin' hilarious because it is largely true. I am an American living in America...and I'm tellin' ya, I know a *lot* of people who think like this.

The "Uninhabited" nearly made me piss. Thanks for the Kori Bustards!

"Not all Americans Barbara, just you."

LMAO... ohh shit... too funny. What a great way to start my Thursday. Although I think the map should say free health care for Canada. Seems like that's what lots of people are thinking now... not Barbara though...



Yeah, that's about right!

Considering the high percentage of American school children that graduate without being able to find the US on a map, this map is a little too precise for us ;)

The zoo animal and pussies areas made me laugh a little too hard. After having twins and a spare my bladder control isn't all that it could be. ahem.

And Barbara, are you for real? seriously...those Americans who can't laugh at themselves give the rest of us a bad name.

That is so wrong!

Everybody knows the laundry do-ers come from uh, that other place. Hey, where is that place? Over by where they make our stuff.

Love it!!

This gave me a good laugh on a day I needed it--thank you, Tertia!

Call Centers made me pee my pants!!! Now I've got to get a Mexican to do my laundry!!!

Hahahahahaaaaaaa I was bracing myself not to be offended, well, hurt, really... and I am dying!! That is completely hilarious!!!

All true. But, confused about the evil dooers off the coast of China. Burma? I mean we don't think Vietnam is evil anymore. And, the blue blob south of the US doesn't do our laundry, only our lawns and gardens and our construction.

I do beleive that is the exact map my 8th grade geography teacher used...

But, we are #1!

For something along the same lines: http://www.jewishworldreview.com/michael/kelly070600.asp

(oh, and we get women b-ballers from Australia, as well as kangaroos).

I'm an American living in...wait, uninhabited?? Heheheheh, love it. BTW, bj, the evil-doers part I think is supposed to be the Middle East.

Yep, that looks about right to me!!! :)

An aside, Tertia: I just finished your book. Loved it! I laughed, I cried (a lot -- happy and sad), I cheered for you, and I grieved for you. Thanks for sharing your incredible journey.

That is awesome! I'm sending it up north to my Candian friends right away. That is if they can be found in the wilderness.

Excellent and sadly true by a number of my fellow Americans. I loved the call center too.

HMMMM... I better look into getting a Mexican. To think that I've been doing my own laundry for 39+ years. Dammit.

I'm assuming that Santa is on the Arctic icecap. But, where is Greenland? And why is Greenland made of ice while Iceland is green?

It should however reflect that we think the Irish are all drunks.

Yeah, I have to agree with Sara - as an American myself, I don't think most Americans are this map savvy. This is hilarious though - glad to know I'm raising my kids to know where things are (on a globe, no less! Am awesome parent. ;) Thanks for posting this! Will have to pass it along...

HYSTERICAL! Reminds me of a photo/map of Australia according to Americans that I posted here, http://whateverkaty.blogspot.com/2009/06/maybe-i-dont-want-to-visit.html

Love it!

We're #1! we're #1! whoot! U. S. A. U. S. A.

I'm very country proud an this map made me laugh an laugh! Sometime we think like little kids-world revolves around us! Thanks for the great laugh!

Looks dead on to me.

barbara, it's a JOKE!


The only thing missing from the map is a little blob call Noo Zealand (authentic american pronounciation) with a bridge drawn in to connect Sydney and Auckland.

I see nothing wrong with that map :).

Of course Canada is uninhabited, after the government-run health care death panels, there isn't anyone left.

Including me. I am imaginary. heh

Oh my goodness...This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life!!! I was honestly rolling on my bed, belly laughing for a couple minutes there. Then, I looked again and laughed for another couple minutes. Hilarious; I Love it!!

Although in laughing at this, I'm guilty of generalizing about Americans the same way they/we generalize about other nationalities.
- a giggling Canadian

toooo funny!!

My inlaws sent this to me a few years ago. They are English, Im American. Of course its funny !

Bwahahahaha! Love it (American). So does my Italian husband.

What's funny is that all countries hold stupid stereotypes of one another, but somehow American's are always perceived as being the most naive. Interestingly, it's the French who are considered to be the most "ignorant traveler" according to a recent report.

I love it! Can I post it on my blog? It's hilarious.

Too funny. Maybe I will use this to teach my kids geography.

Of course
Sent via my BlackBerry.

LMAO- that's great. Made this american's evening :-)

heeeeeeeeeeeeee . . . excellent.

altho i too am concerned that NZ is missing - remember us USA . . . we are the ones who told you we were noo-clear free and therefore that your fuck-off noo-clear ships couldn't come into our ports OR our territorial waters . . . that pissed your high-up peeps off badly.

took us ages before you put all your toys back in the crib and let us play alongside you again.

Great stuff... I need to go tend to the zoo animals now ;)

ROFLMAO...very funny!

Where is the UK????

So funny! But so very true. we have become a prideful and selfish country who could careless about the rest of the world.

Laugh, the pic is excellent but your comment to Ms B above takes the cake...

Long time lurker here - had to post from pussyland to say hi! very funny!

I worked in America one summer (disclaimer: I had an amazing time in America and it is full of amazing friendly people but still.. you do have a high proportion of stoo pid) and we had such a laugh at the things people would ask/say/believe. Example - one of my friends made loads of tips in restaurants by talking in a god-awful stage 'Orish' accent, telling customers that she was from Ireland (which she was) and that her family had no electricity (ditto for most of Ireland) and she was in America saving up to help her family get electricity and THEY ALL BELIEVED HER. Its hilarious now but we were all actually furious with her at the time for telling everyone that most of Ireland had no electricity ha ha!!
We do still have leprechauns though.

Di, it is likely that no one believed your friend, they were just being polite to the poor, deluded girl with such a terrible sense of humor.

In a similar vein, I had an amazing time in Ireland but I found a HUGE amount of your countrymen to be apalling idiots. See how polite that sounds?


God, appalling. How can I be superior when I misspell?

God, appalling.

Thank you anon :). It needed to be said and you said it well.

Anon - they did genuinely believe her - appalling though it may sound to you! And yes, Irish people are idiots too, its just that you've got a special brand of idiot in America, the kind that never leaves the country! Apologies for being impolite, though I wasnt endeavouring to be polite but irreverent - following in the spirit of the cartoon!

To be fair, look at the size of our country - we don't HAVE to leave it to travel. We have individual states - each with their own personalities. We could spend a lifetime traveling our own country for vacations. If each state was considered a country, we would be one of the most-travelled nations.

FWIW, I've been to England (London), Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh and points in between), Japan (Tokyo and Yamato), Thailand (Bangkok and Prachinburi), Canada (Toronto, Montreal). I've also been to 40 of our 50 states. I've found people just lovely in all the places I've been, however, there's no place like HOME - in the good ole' South in the good ole' USA.

I wish I thought this was far less funny.

Anon, how is it that every other American here besides you (assuming you are also American, forgive me if I am wrong) found this funny?

Hey, I'm American and I think the cartoon is hilarious! Anon may well have thought so too . . . I think Anon may have just been responding to Di's comment, which, well, sounded a little mean-spirited to me. Those poor dumb Americans! They'll actually believe a foreigner who tells them something about a foreign country!

@ Kays comment *smacks head on desk*

Tertia, don't you know anything? That's not "cold" at the bottom of the world, that's where penguins live!
Yes, I am an American, and yes, I have a sense of humor. :)

Coming from an American - HYSTERICAL!

So THAT'S where Santa's been hiding... He owes me about 15 years worth of presents, the git....

Funny and kinda sad at the same time... to this American! LOL

Ahh what a hoot.

As a Canadian friend pointed out to me when I forwarded it to her the only thing missing from the map was the 'uninhabited' place where Canada should be breeds the US some mighty damned fine Hockey Players!

Yeah! Says this Canadian!

I'm American and yes, I did think it was very funny. Check out the New Yorker's view of the U.S. sometime -- in a very similar vein.

To Di in Ireland, I'd like to point out that while I agree there's a lot of idiots in the U.S., you can't really make "not having left the country" their fault -- it can cost a lot of money to go anywhere from the U.S., and if you're stuck in certain parts of the country even Mexico or Canada can be pretty far away. Even Aussies have Bali only 6 hours away, less from some parts. I've always been jealous of people in Europe since it's so easy to get to other countries.

FWIW I'm an expat American who's travelled extensively but didn't have a chance to leave the U.S. until I was in college. It's a hard place to get away from, especially if you don't have much money!

"It's a hard place to get away from, especially if you don't have much money!"

Very, very true. I'm glad you pointed this out, Elaine.

Nonetheless, it's no excuse for being the self-absorbed, clueless critters that many of us Americans are.

Elaine is right - leaving the country can be damned expensive, and until very recently you didn't need a passport to go to Canada or Mexico. I daresay that if EU members didn't need a passport to go to EU countries, the percentage of passport-holders wouldn't be as high there either. We do get a sizable contingent of European tourists here in Utah, though (especially Germans, for some reason) so while I don't think the map especially hysterical I don't care if others do - just keep bringing us that tourism money, please :).

Hysterical! HAHA

the only thing I would change is make the part of the US that is Texas really REALLY big. We Texans think we're our own country anyway. @@

Brilliant! We (NZ) don't even exist and you can't get safer than that!!

I agree with Barbara. I think that is a mean inconsiderate thing to post.

They forgot the pictures of the real, gen-yoo-wine poles that absolutely, without question, exist where Santa and Cold are.

Or perhaps they're not visible because Marie and Babs have them shoved up their bottoms?

And go easy on poor Di, you know she was typing drunk!

The funniest thing i ever saw :))
LMAO Indians are evil-doers who run call centers!!:D

Judy, OMG, I loved living in Texas. You Texans are so PROUD and HAPPY to be TEXAN! Texas-shaped pasta, Texas-shaped stamp dispensers, Shiner Bock beer, and the elusive "jackelope." What's not to like?

er...and has the UK morphed into the rest of Europe and NZ into Oz......heh heh...very funny. Love the Cold and Santa!

I can't see the whole thing, can you e-mail it to me?

Hahaha. I have great magnet that's similar, it's the USA according to Texas, everything is a play on the state's names, except New England, which collectively is just "Damn Yankee Land".

I'm kind of offended at the 'Santa' label. It's supposed to say 'polar bears'

Yep, that's about right! ;) I adore being an American! Wouldn't have it any other way...

Yep, that's about right! ;) I adore being an American! Wouldn't have it any other way...

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