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Good grief Tertia but you have good looking kids. Love that shot of Adam blow drying Kates hair, too cute!

cute kids. max's cheeks are very munchable. and somehow i never pictured rose that way...

Oh, the Max photo is just too cute!

Gotta get BE for Tim!!

You must be very proud!!! They are adorable!!

Two of my favorite tom-boy things to do growing up was to catch tadpoles and caterpillars. I used my bare hands and would have 2 one-gallon old pickle jars with holes poked in the lids for each one. What fun back then! Max is soooo cute. Love, love his chubby cheeks. Still not sure who he resembles. Sometimes I see some of the twins in him, but babies change so fast at this stage. Did not know Rose was so chic. lol

baby einstein rocks the party. we started off vowing that amelia was never going to watch tv or dvds until she was seriously old, like 5. ha ha ha, when she was 6 months old a friend gave us their baby bach dvd in case amelia liked it . . . she was transfixed and stayed still for at least 15 minutes. (she was pulling herself up to standing at 5 months and walking at 9 months, and NEVER sits still . . .) since then, we have set her up watching her fave dvds (michael jackson dancing - started before he died so she knows his stuff really well now, baby einstein everything, the bee movie, ice age, nemo, and anything about planes or rockets or outer space!) at least once a day to get some peace. the baby einstein woman SERIOUSLY deserves to be a millionaire.

"am I done yet?"

haha. awesome!!

Adorable! WHEN do we see pics of the not-so-new house??

Love love seeing the pics of the kiddos and how much they have grown. Seriously when did the twins grow up so much!!

And Max -- he looks like you just could eat him up!

Beautiful kiddos tertia!

Okay, the kids are cute and all, but I REALLY want to see pictures of the house. We get little glimpses of the house in the pictures of those adorable children, and it is such a tease.

Look at Kate's stomach muscles!!! Wow.

LOL...loved the one of Adam blow drying Kates hair....priceless

ACK! You left Max on the couch! He could roll off and bang his head on the floor! What is wrong with you??? ACK!!!!

(sorry - I noticed no one had freaked out in a while around here, and I was feeling a bit lonely for the Nervous Nellies that usually show up around picture-time, haha).

LOVE your kids, Tertia! Soooooooooo very cute and sweet!

The photo of "Rose" in the shops is something I would have needed to do for my son as well!

Loved the pole up the bum comment!

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