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must agree with you re the BB camera... it's freaking useless!
LOL at his eyes at the first taste :)

They are seriously gorgeous!!!!

- that thing Max is sitting in, in the bath, is amazing, wow, never seen something like that, they can just splash by themselves...(sorry, obviously been deprived with regards to checking out cool baby stuff in the past)
- it is amazing how much Kate looks like Adam when her hair is gone from her face. Hope they didn't cut off all the golden locks...

I too like the plastis support that Max uses in the bath. Never seen anything like that here in Canada. Where did you get it and can I get one on e-bay? Love the pictures, maybe it's time to go to an IPhone (gasp!)

T - Kate looks like she is LOVING the hairdresser. That is so cute!!


I love that photo of Kate and Adam in the bath - they look like real bosom buddies - even if it was just for that moment. :-)

Kate looks like she is really enjoying having her hair done. When do we get to see pics of her cute new 'do?

I just wish those rolls that we love so much on our babies were also as attractive on mommy.

WOW! Max is so big. How old is he now? Why did you decide to start him on solids?

Is Adam and Kate still happy bathing together? Haven't they started noticing they "look different"? My husband bathed with his daughter till she was about Kate's age. She then noticed he was different from her and couldn't stop telling me about the fact that "Daddy has a t*****". That was the last bath together...

Ahhh Max is such an adorable baby. His such an angel.

Baths for baby are very beneficial not only for the baby to feel relax but also for parents to have their bedtime (Zzzz) routine which they really needed.

aw...beyond words just how cute those little ones are!!! max is COMPLETELY a kate lookalike!! i was thinking of taking ethan to that same hair cutting place..and we walked in the door and he said :"no!" so we promptly walked out again. maybe one day :-)

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