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Great post....Hubby and kids are the most important. Glad you went.
The weather does suck at the moment.

You have been through SO much in 10 years and come SO far!!
Why did you take Max? MArko, Rose? Just interested.

Rose is away for the weekend, my mom had something on and Marko is a little anxious about looking after the twins and the baby x

You are more beautiful today than you were 10 or even 12 years ago. This is truly a lovely post and a great testament to the person you have become.

I get it- I would be anxious too!

Today my oldest friend did her viva and was awarded her PhD. At school and all the way through university I was the academic one, and she was the one who did babysitting, childminding, etc etc because she loves kids. Yet here we are me with three miscarriages under my belt and two beautiful daughters, and her with a PhD...
Funny how life turns out!

You've come a long way

You've probably learned more in the last 10 years, given your journey, than you did in your MBA. :) I really like this post.

nice bangs...10 years looks good on you~ motherhood ~you wear it well.

Looks, brains, personality, wife, mommy and business woman! You set the bar high my friend, you set the bar very high.

But we like you never the less. ;-)

Well done!

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