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Darn. My name is Jennifer but I am a 28 year old Gemini.

Oh man. I to am a Jennifer, but I'm a 33 year old Aquarius. :)

Finally, I am above average at something (age 38)

I have been stalking you for years. I thought you liked it.

How about, "I am a pervert and I want to stalk you online and I also read your blog?" Neither a Jennifer nor a Cancer.

I have a Facebook account, but I haven't been on it in ages. My name is not Jennifer, but another common name. I've been following your blog for years.

Funny -- I'm a Facebook friend (really a blog reader), a Jennifer, 36. but alas I'm an Aquarius. But in my experience, almost every 36 year old I know is named Jennifer.

I read your blog, I'm a pervert, and I totally stalk you online. :D

Oh LOL that made me laugh!

Very funny, especially as I sent you a request yesterday and did not tell you I was not a stalker!

Sorry, I will tell you now, I am not a stalker - or am I? That is a questionable activity, hmm? I think that blog readers have to be some kind of stalker - off to think about that now....

Hmmm? That is exactly what I did about a week ago, but did not get accepted. I blamed it on a glitch. Oh well, I have stayed satisfied with your blog for almost five years. :)

I feel so...average :)

Jennifer, Cancer, 31

Resend pls xx
Sent via my BlackBerry.

I am already your friend on Facebook and I'm a Cancer. :)

Aha! I am a 35 year old Cancerian called Jennifer. Ok I am missing a year but dammit I feel so tired tonight you can have that extra year cos I feel it!


How about a 37 yr old, Libra named Jennifer?

Glad you already Friended me, since I failed two of your qualifications. LOL

How the hell did I get on there - 34 year old Gemini called Bianca!

Oh well - glad I made it anyway. :-)

Ahhh! 2 out of 3 isn't bad- I am a Jennifer, Cancerian, but 39y.o.

I just choked on a cookie... Then thought maybe I had stumbled on one of those IP-based ads. I am a 36-year old Cancerian named Jennifer. Freaky!! (never commented before- but I had to de-lurk for this!)

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