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Can't believe it's been a month! Fantastic news that Pops is recovered.
Go Pops and Mimi!!!

it's interesting but the steering wheel is on the wrong side. also remember that, contrary to what the salesman might have said, the cruise control will not drive the car for you, so you can't take a wee while the thing is moving.

So glad your dad is better. Strokes are mysterious things......

Here in the US we have a lot of people, mostly retired, who actually live in one of those (we call) RVs (recreational vehicle), spending summers in the cooler most northern states and winters in the southern warm states. I lived in a mobile home park in one of the more popular states for summers. They did a brisk summer rental business to people who spent their summers (some their winters, some owned houses in the south) in their RVs. I was always impressed they could stand that small space for months or years on end, but they all LOVED what they were doing. We also got people just going on trips, and they also were enthusiatic.

I am SO glad that your dad is doing so well. Your mom is amazing!

That van thingie is most definitely *very* impressive!

Holy Crap. I didn't realize your Pops had had a stroke on top of it all.

We called my parents' camper thingy "The Bus", and it looked like your parents' camper, lol. So huge!! They had loads of fun in it, and I know yours will, too.
I am so happy for all of you that this interlude has a happy ending, you deserve it :-D

Go Mimi! Go Pops! You guys rock. I wanna be just like you when I grow up. :-)

I also want a van like that!!! Can you look after my triplets while I go away on a dirty weekend with my hubby - I mean whats 4,5 or 6 kids anyway. Not that my hubby would want to go in one of those - bummer!

My parents had a big fifth wheel trailer (hooks onto the back of a truck) and travelled all around the US after my dad retired and before my mom's health turned too poor to travel. I am so glad that they had that time together to travel and see the country. Your parents will have a grand time. Hope they have many many years to enjoy their new toy.

I am so glad you dad has had such an amazing recovery. I can't wait to hear about the adventures they have.

I can completely emphasize about that being the worst day in your life. It's so hard to see a parent, who was a pillar in your life, reduced to a confused, sad shell of what they were.

My father had cancer in his kidney. I thought the worst day of my life was hearing him say, "I have cancer." Then they took out the kidney, and while he was in recovery, he had a stroke.

I thought, surely, that must be the worst of it.

Then, while they doing a procedure to make sure his heart was all right, he had an allergic reaction to the medication used to numb his throat. His blood stopped transferring oxygen to his body. It's such a rare reaction, the doctors didn't know what to do. The only reason he's alive today is because one of the nurses had seen that reaction ONCE, decades ago, and knew what medication would counteract the reaction.

It's horrible and heart breaking to watch a parent go through those trials. Thank god our dads both have recovered and gone on to other adventures! You are (and have been) in my thoughts!!


What a nifty van! I'm sure they'll have great fun with it!

That is so amazing! A wonderful recovery & happy memories to be made... Your parents are an inspiration!

Yay, Pops and Mimi!!! I am so thankful your folks are recovering nicely, and I'm thrilled that in their zest for life they went out and bought themselves an RV! Good for them! I can't wait to hear more about their adventures!

Love, Laura

I had something nice to say about your Dad, but all I can think of now is "You drive on the left side of the road?"

Where are the pictures of your new house, huh?

My parents bought an RV, too. The brand is Pathmaker, but my oldest son refers to it as the Pacemaker. :)

I'm glad your parents are investing in their future together. Better to get out and explore, rather than dwelling on regrets later.

Yay, how cool!! We dream of following the Tour de France in one of these. Yes, yes, slightly mad...
Sooo happy your Dad has made such a great recovery!

Oh this is AWESOME, reminds me of the Fockers!

Yay, Tertia's Dad, well done!!! Have fun and enjoy the amazing trips on your mobile home. My dad is in the hospital at the moment and I can't wait to see him recovered and enjoying his life again like you are doing right now. You're a great inspiration.

Well done to both of them.

I see they joined the SKI Club. "Spend the Kids Inheritance". My mom is also a card holding member and loving every minute of it.

I want one, sulk..

Didn't know you got those here in RSA.

dont come knocking when van is rocking

Woohoo!!! For your dad! And for the RV. That's what it's called - a recreational vehicle. My dh and I are getting one as soon as our baby leaves for college. Just 10 more years! LOL

Oh - they put the steering wheel on the wrong side, btw. LOL I didn't know you all drove on the left side of the road!

My parents are Pops and Mimi, too. I love that they bought a camper van. So happy your dad's healthy!

Rock on pops!

What a great story! I'm so happy your dad is doing well. Parents are so precious. Enjoy every day with them. Maybe you and the childen can go on a short trip with them too. The camper your parents bought is awsome!! (It took me by suprise that the steering wheel is on the right instead of the left). I'm sure they will have such a good time!!

I am new to reading mommy blogs. Yours had such a good outcome!! I also enjoy reading several others including www.mommymeltingpot.com. Her blogs are very good too.

Good luck to you and your family.

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