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The only thing that worked on my then 3yo son was to take money from his piggy bank.

I love reading blogs, and I blog myself, but sometimes it seems like people blog less when they're happier. Or sometimes they're just really busy :) anyway, being busy is often a good thing too! I am so glad you're all doing well. Max is so beautiful.

At least you figured out at a fairly young age what works.

Glad everything is going fairly well.

oops - sounds like you just hit an 'ordinary' spot - where your life is level, even and so not dramatic. therefore, ergo, hence - nothing much to blog. EXCELLENT - altho i will admit to being one of the frustrated readers who trots over to read you every day (sometimes more) and finds the same ol sam ol each time.

truth is, you just got too much of a good thing going on, without all the stress and strain. nice. thought you might like to read this - and that it might even offer you something to get really blogged up about!!!


bingo live freemy mother -in-law passed away years ago and the recipe is lost. I'd like to make this for him and all he can remember is you put dry ingredients in a cake pan make 3 holes in it and pour the liquid ingredients into the holes. its a very rich chocolate cake. I would be very greatful- thanks

This post made me laugh.

Yes, damnit, blog more. Also tired of seeing the same post every day as I haven't installed my stupid RSS reader and somehow I think it will take less time to just visit all the blogs manually every day than just take five stupid minutes to get the damn reader up again. Anyhoo.

Shame man, don't ignore Kate, twenty years from now she'll have to get therapy for that. Rather get her to wash dishes... or better, clean up Adam's mess. Ah, best: change a nappy. Oh goodness scrap that, can you imagine the mess. Ok fine, ignore it is then. I had a big laugh at the "I like time-out" 'cause I had exactly the same thing, was really great when my parents started using that as "punishment". Time in my room without anyone around, sigh, those were the days...

Darling Kate! She's a typical girl, don't we all have the "upper hand in terms of psychological warfare".... Gotta love her "whatever" attitude. I still log heads with my 18 year old daughter and at this age, she chirps back and gives herself time out.

Bryce and Hannah are exactly the same (though not twins). Oder Bryce is quite sensitive and if I shout at him or give him time out, he takes it very seriously. 2 year old Hannah, on the other hand, when asked if she would like a time out!, says, Mmmm - and waddles off and puts herself in the corner. Very funny, but NOT very effective. (not that I let her see that I think its funny!) Thinking about it, the ignoring thing would SO work for her!

Did you mean toothless grin, rather than toothy? Just checking. :-)

So glad, glad, glad that your folks are all good.

Am about to go and read the "libido" article. (You see Marco (sp?), you are not alone)

I have to do the ignoring thing with my 7 year old son as well - ever since he was a wee thing he has been the most *adaptable* child - something that works well in some circumstances and horribly in most others - time out? Sure! Taking toys/computer/tv away? No problem, he'll just find something else to do! However, if I ignore him he cannot STAND it and shapes up almost immediately.

(My 4 year old daughter sounds more like your son, harsh words or a time out devastate her)

You go. Bond girl!

Yes, isn't it amazing how different children have different buttons you can push? The worst bit is when they get a bit older and say something like "You always give me a time out, but never him." it is hard to explain that different punishments work for different kids.

My friend has a small child, she removes herself from him! She says to him that she will give herself a time out. She goes to her room and closes the door and he stands outside begging, crying, screaming until he says "Okay mommy, I be good now" will she come out! She says she sits on the bed laughing at him!

So glad you are blogging again.... Almost **almost** removed you from my favourites.... nah - never would. Love you T!

"younger people seem to want to have sex with each other at every available opportunity, including traffic lights, whereas older people are more likely to reserve their sexual activities for special occasions, such as the installation of a new pope." (Dave Barry)

A Word To The Wise!
I have listened to doctors, teachers, counselors as well as social workers dish out advice about our children and some of it is well taken, but all must be critically perused and evaluated by us, were the mommies! Who could possible know our children better than we do?
Some children have adverse reactions to sugar and some do not, however experts would like to paint all children with the same broad brush. Teenagers having problems in school is a good example. The first direction the experts seem to like to pursue is Attention Deficit. However a wise individual would first pursue the basics such as: Are their marital problems in the home or some type of alcohol or drug abuse? Is the child fighting thru Identity issues such as sexuality? These are just a few of the possibilities that could be causing children problems and us Mommies and Daddy’s need to make sure everything is being addressed before we push it off on a medical condition. I’m not saying we don’t look at everything; however it seems we live in a society that loves to turn directly to medication to solve a problem! Just watch the evening news and I’m sure you will see what I mean. The drug companies are now pursuing us directly to get us to ask our doctors for their drugs! The government likes to preach “Just Say No to Drugs”, and then they pitch them at every opportunity!
My 16 year old was being tortured by mean girls via email and was heartbroken. She was having some acne issues as we all did but they were extremely mean to her in nature. It was not easy but I found a site that carries Cyber Bully Alerts warning the children to STOP sending these emails as they are being watched and logged and will be prosecuted. We all know what this kind of meanness can lead to with teen suicides and all. I found the cards at hate cards dot net and they did the trick! The torture stopped for Sarah and that was good enough for me. We need to find ways to overcome and adapt to protect our kids.
We can care for runny noses and chapped bottoms, but we must look out for our babies through high school and educate them to think for themselves until they learn too!
At Home Mom in MN

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