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We call them undershirts here in Canada, but they normally don't have long sleeves. There were probably more nerds then cool kids in school. Don't know why everyone wants to be one of the cool kids, 'cause the nerds usually become great adults...

We call them long johns in the states - but they aren't worn to bed. That is what winter pajamas are for. They are worn under clothes in very cold places, especially if one has to work outside.

Rebels with a clause?

What funny kids.

In Australia they're called singlets. Glad to hear they kept warm.

Tracey's right - in Australia they are singlets - but the long-sleeved-ones are also called spencers.

I was reading about these in Bill Brysons book on English - "Mother Tongue" - how the names have changed for the same item in different countries.

I think we all have an inner nerd.

how does that make them nerds? nerds are bookworms by MY definitions.

i think they are smart. they got to hot maybe?


They're called undershirts in here in the Northeast U.S. We wear them as an extra layer (even under winter pajamas) in the coldest months.

Ian calls them 'moffies' something you wear when you feel the cold - 'soos 'n moffie' (like a moffie).

Spencers for girls, vests for boys. See Woolies labels!!

Your kids are fun, T.

I think that you're describing what we call "onesies" here in the States. I've seen newborn onesies (one-piece undershirts that snap at the crotch with short or long sleeves) called vests on lists of what to buy for a new baby. They typically stop at a toddler size 3 or 4 here.

I'm at 33 weeks now and a few days from a 38th birthday; I keep thinking of how well you managed your pregnancy with Max and how you're juggling it all now. Keep inspiring me, because this fourth baby thrown into our mix is terrifying me a bit. Well, it's the four girls part that really scares me. As if we don't have enough drama and neurotic issues already!

Yes, long johns or thermal underwear in the states. "Vested Rebels"

We call them "long underwear" around here (Pacific Northwest)... but I've heard people use the term "long johns" or "thermals" as well. I wear them to school every day as my classroom is generally around 50 degrees all day long. Typical gov't building.

Back in the day, they were worn 24 hours a day during the spring and winter months. My mother said that they knew summer had really started when they were finally allowed to abandon them.

We've always called them thermals or thermal underwear in my family.

No sleeves = singlets or vests
Long sleeves = spencers

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