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Wait, Zsusie's married to that dirtball I've been reading all those blog posts about this week? Crikey! That is some off-the-hook, straight-up, ugly hatred. I wonder what happened in their lives to make them such vile and hateful hypocrites.

Also? Any evangelical preacher who obsesses about homosexuality really comes off as secretly craving gay sex. I mean, the hottest and gayest gay man doesn't spend half as much time obsessing about gay sex. Pastor Steve probably makes a point of making the huge sacrifice of doing "research" into the horrible gayness by consuming oceans of gay porn...and feeling guilty for doing it. He only feels better when he gets a good ranty sermon out there to reestablish his straight credentials.

Beautiful. That's just beautiful. BTW, where is this country called "Africa" she knows so much about, I wonder? Just thought I might avoid it on my world travels. Doesn't sound like too hot a place...

The immature part of me wants to find a beautiful blog about a lesbian couple who are using IVF to start a family, and send them over to these freaks. But then logic sets in and I realize NOTHING is going to stop these haters. How DARE they call themselves Christians.

How unhappy and insecure this woman must be. Hidden under the sick to my stomach thing I'm feeling right now is a bit of sadness for how small her life is.

I started reading her blog when she made that IVF post about you. I don't read it regularly because it's not my cup of tea, but I go back every now and again to read the train wreck. Did you know that her husband was tazered by the border patrol? Of course they blamed the cops, but if he got out of the car when he was told to do so, none of that would have happened.

That's really scary. I checked out her blog after you wrote about her last year and was so horrified I couldn't pull myself away. To add to it all, that family lives fewer than 800 miles from me, which freaks me out even more.

I had to read her husband's blog and their church's website as part of my social psych course (in amongst the joys of the Westbrook Baptist Church and the countless other religious bigots), and trust me, nothing anyone could say to them would change their viewpoint. They use the Bible as their justification, even although their interpretation makes me shake my head in wonder. What this woman has written is just echoed (almost verbatim) by countless other religious fundamentalists. IVF is murder, gay people are the epitome of what is wrong in this world and should be murdered, soldiers deserve to die; even actors are evil. Makes you wonder about these people's parents and their socialisation...

God really needs to do the world a favour and perform a minor miracle on that house - something like transporting them all to Uranus would be good.

But wait-- so the ones sodomites "recruit", are they victims, precious children, or are they now infected sodomites themselves? Like, you know, vampires? Stevie boy is so fucked up in the head it's not even funny.
And also? I am with Orange-- this smells real funny. Like that other flaming, and I do mean flaming, evangelical pastor from a few years back. What was his name? They sent him into re-education camp later... Ah, well. It's not like their names are worth remembering anyway. Sad, repressed people living horribly unhappy lives.... But their children? I do feel bad for them.


Even I, who loves to long-distance-diagnose, cannot determine what flavor of crazy people like that are.

And I'd lay big money that Mr. Righteous smokes some mean man-cigar on the side......

I have to admit going to her blog from time to time since you told us about her, mostly just to point and laugh and be disgusted. It's child abuse, in my opinion, the way they are raising those kids with such judgment and hatred.

And believe me, not at ALL what Jesus would want!

This puts me over the edge, though. I don't even think I can go there to point and laugh.

She's a mail order bride? So instead of trusting in "God's infinite wisdom" and His plan and waiting for a wife no matter how long it took, her husband turned to a non-traditional source to find his loved one? Sounds familiar.

She's ugly, inside and out.

Mark Morford actually said it best:

Jesus himself could return tomorrow on a firestorm of revelation and point at the megachurches of the nation and shake his head and say, "No no no, you're doing it all wrong."

Do you know what would happen? Nothing. That's what would happen. Nothing at all. The right would simply ignore or even shun Jesus, call him a fraud, claim he must've been brainwashed by Satan somewhere on his big elevator ride down, would lock him up and call him a hippie and pretend they never saw him, then go right on hating gays and demeaning women and calling Obama a commie fascist.

The man who brought a huge gun to President Obama's town-hall meeting on health care reform JUST SO HAPPENS to be a follower of "Pastor Steve."

Just read this elsewhere: "Yes, that pastor is indeed Steven Anderson, who was arrested in April by the Border Patrol for being uncooperative at a patrol checkpoint. Anderson attempted to make himself something of a national martyr to the conspiracists out there by posting a video to YouTube about it that quickly went viral."

@JuliaKB: Ted Haggard! Yes, he's *totally* straight and righteous despite his fondness for gay hookers and meth. I feel for his wife. And his kids. What a mess.

I'm a Christian, and while it hurts me to think that these people call themselves Christians when I so don't want to be associated with them, I have to say that all of us are imperfect and messed up. I wish the 'no judging' and the 'love everybody' parts of the Bible were more appealing than the judge-y parts of the Bible.

I wonder about all the energy spent on hating and how that affects their health.

Mail order bride WTF? I had no idea, that is WACKY.

I feel bad for them, I pity them. I really hope people don't think I'm like them because I'm a Christian.

I just heard that this guy also prays every night for Obama to "die and go to hell" so the country can be saved. How's that for a Christian mind-set???

Okay, you gotta hear this-----they live in one of the wildest college towns in the country. I know, because I used to live there, lol!!

One of the mayors was openly gay, it's a major "party school", and Playboy (as well as Ralph Lauren) routinely scout or models there. It's in Arizona, so obvs is quite hot much of the year and people tend to dress very....lightly. Roaming the streets in your swimsuit and maybe a little towel is not that far out.

Man-cigar smokin' Steve probably goes mad with lust constantly. Guys there are super-smokin'-HOT.


I don't have the strength to read the second post about gays, the first redirection was enough. What does make me wonder, Tertia, is why on earth you would use your incredibly popular blog to give these people traffic that they wouldn't have otherwise had. They're just crazy and dangerously stupid. IGNORE THEM.

You do attract the wackos, don't you?

I have to say though that I'm sooooo glad you two are BFFs you complement each other so well. You are a caring and honest person who has dedicated her professional life to helping others and she ... Well, I don't know much about her but am going to assume that she is/has NOT.

Eeee Gads. That church is a mere 6 miles from my house. I promise that he does not represent Arizona. However, if you ever want to come and visit your BFF Zsuzsanna and flaunt your hot bod the trainer is going to get you, please stop by my house for some wine.

I'm so mad at you for making me waste 20 minutes of my life sifting through that crazy lady's blog. So mad.

self-righteousness never did appeal to me.

or God, from what i hear.....

People like that psycho biotch give Christians a bad name. Maybe we should all friend her on Facebook?

Im also betting that Pastor Anderson plays the skin flute, its too bad he has to be so repressed, and hateful, and angry.

I'm sorry, that is just wrong. That is not the same God I serve, nor the same Bible I read!!! Makes me feel so, so cold ... they are scary people.

Aaah Zsusie & Stevie, always good for a laugh - what a fun household that must be!!


Christians! Our commander in Chief gave us a new commandment! Remember, right before he died for us? in John 13.34 he starts off... "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another."

Love, not hatred and condemnation.

Matthew 7:1 says it clearly: "Judge not lest ye be judged". There is plenty more in that stream, but what My God is saying is that

Only Jesus has the authority to determine who has been saved since only He can give Salvation. We cannot judge ourselves as "superior" to others based on our discernment of God's word, as much as it makes us feel better about ourselves.

She is a nutcase! In fact I wouldn't waste my breath or time reading the crap she has written!

I love this comment thread. I've learned two marvelous new euphemisms for gay male sex: smoking some man cigar, playing the skin flute. AWESOME. See? Stevie and Zsusie are good for something!!!

I bet one day she is going to come home and catch her hubby in bed with.......... another man, or an underaged teenage boy. These kind of people eventually always trip up, and make total tosses of themselves.

He would be in jail for saying that where I live.. But of course Holland is just next to sodom and gomorra ;)

Oh yes - those *lovely* ppl. I'm sure she would love to be your friend!! And yes, I agree with Kristin, we should all be her friend. You know what they say - with friends like that you don't need enemies...

What does Mel think of them?


Yikes. I can't believe that people write that kind of thing and actually believe it. What happened to rejoicing in choice and the ability to lead different lifestyles?! I couldn't bring myself to read the gay post as the infertility one was enough to make me want to gouge my eyes out. :-(


I have no words here because... Really?

I'm a lesbian who did IVF and I read your blog. Is that my triple ticket to hell?

Ewww. They are just so ugly. I mean, really really ugly. Self-righteous people are just so entertaining and fun to hate.

I resolved never to read the blog of the woman with too many consonants in her name. When she surfaced last time I was in the middle of IVF hell and it hurt so much to read what she said, crazy or no. So I am NOT going back to that blog. I did, however, enjoy very much picking up all the new-to-me expressions for gay sex: "skin flute"... "Man cigar"... ha ha ha ha ha ha THAT WAS FUNNY.

Ugh. I wish I hadn't clicked on the link. I don't want her rise in hits give her any sort of encouragement.

It's so scary to think that people really feel that way. I'm in shock...........

Imagine what is going on in those poor five brain-washed kiddie's kids... Thanks for their parents they believe they live a world full of hatred and fear.

Y'all are best suited to NOT read her blog. Or try and comment on it to "reason" with her. She's so brainwashed, it would truly take an act of God to set her straight.

And Tess - you probably don't want to go the "judge not.." route with her. Been there. Done that. They warp the Bible to mean what they want it to mean. Truly is arguing with the devil (incarnate).

I have and will NEVER go to that mail-order bride's blog....no hits from me, sister!
These people don't deserve the energy of my disgust or hate; I don't want that around my soul. I think they enjoy the hate as much as they enjoy hating: the reason they're INTENTIONALLY offensive in the extreme. Go another route: LAUGH at them.

I may not seem to be a Lordy type, but I definitely am, in my fashion. I'm actually going to pray for their spiritual health (if only to hope they stop trying to harm others).

Re: my comments about their town in AZ---the gay mayor was a great public servant, voted in BY THE PEOPLE. That was 15 yrs ago; obvs cannot be a place the holy rollers like, it probably makes them even crazier than all the rowdy, half-nude college kids :-D

Don't the Anti-Gays seem truly perverted in their obsession with the sex lives/acts of other people??? My Gays and my Christians are NOTHING like these people!
"What you do to the least of my creatures...you do to me."

I just wasted an hour of my life reading this woman's blog. It really is like a train wreck from which you can't look away. Actually, as a conservative Christian, I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and find some reason to believe that she was misunderstood (as many conservative Christians are). I could find nothing redeemable. These folks are kooks! What struck me is that no matter how outrageous she got, there were people supporting her views! Crazy! That is not Christianity. Please don't believe that this is what the Christian faith is about.

He was tasered and beaten by the border control. Do you know what I call that? I call that karma bitches. KARMA.

Scary...very, very scary. I read on their church website that this man has no formal seminary teaching nor degree. How can people not see through this?

In any event, congratulations on being deemed less threatening to society than the gays! I am louging out loud that I actually had an occasion to type that sentence.

Oh, you just KNOW that man is marinating ye old kielbasa in some nice boy's squish mitten.

And...akeeyu wins the prize for Best Sentence of Euphemisms! (*choking with laughter*)

Holy shit, I have never, ever read anything so ignorant and absurd in my whole life.

I just read the two links and I feel Sick!!!!!!! That someone who calls themselves human can spew such crap!!!!! The strange thing is that I was told just a couple of weeks ago that my daughter who is epileptic is possessed and it is probably because I have rejected my absent biological father!!!! Ha-ha!!!! Well at least I know there are stranger people out there!!!

Yes, that woman's views are absolutely disgusting, but what a laugh I've had reading through your post's comments!! In comparison to some of the weirdos agreeing with her views in her comments - your readers are right on the money (as usual!)

That is one unhappy hating bitch. Christian? Wow. Have to wonder which religion spews such hate.

I was also surprised to read you were a MONSTER!! Oh My! And to think trusting my better judgment I have been reading and enjoying your blog for years now. What does that MAKE ME I ASK?! ;)

Move on Tertia. Not worth your time.

I am a foul mouthed Jesus loving fool, who is all about my gays and I find nothing Christian about these folks. I don't think Jesus would either.

Don't feed the trolls! LOL

They are both seriously scary people in my opinion. She makes me mad!

These people are very very sad

I should not have followed that link to her blog. I was already upset the first time round, this time it was just too much. That woman (and apparantly her husband too) stand for everything I hate in people: using religion to be judgmental; and (on top of it all) going to sleep at night thinking you're the best Christian ever for doing so. How dumb!

Fuckin' bigots! Makes me so angry I don't have words....

She and her husband really have a skewed view of the Bible. God doesn't hate anyone. He did say that man isn't to lie with man as he does with woman. But, nowhere does He say to hate those who do. I hope I'm not standing to close them them on judgement day. The Anderson will really be surprised.
Off to leave her a comment or 3.

Wow, just read this and went across to read what this sad state of a woman had to say about you...geezzzz, think she needs to get better information about africa, and all that she says about it.....Had a VERY BIG URGE to write something to this miserable woman, but noticed she doesn't leave the messages on for women who are pro IVF and only takes one sided stories, so I thought - Why bother stooping to her level!!!!! Wow, she sure needs to open her eyes!!!!

Can you say "freak"??

She is sick, sick, sick. I also made it only to the first reference and never ever will I log onto her blog again. I am a christian that went through IVF and have a beautiful baby boy sent by God through IVF! And I am going back for a second baby!

I'm so sorry. I followed the link and was just terrified. I can't even begin to understand her. Thank you for illustrating and mature way to handle such people (?).


I liked Isabel's thoughts. I am not going to deny or be ashamed of my conservative view point - which, as someone completing a doctorate, I can say I am not an ill-educated person just choosing to believe some old book. I absolutely believe the Bible - and what it says about homosexuality. I also never once saw Jesus be hateful towards people He knew were not living as God intended, whether it was prostitutes or unfair tax collectors. I think these people have missed the boat as far as judgment is concerned. Some day, we will all have to be judged for what we have done. On that note, the best any of us can do is keep our noses clean, our hearts pure and be the best example possible.

Way to go, Tertia! :) Zsusie's blog has been my guilty pleasure ever since she wrote about you last year (?)...I am embarrassed to admit that I check several times weekely to see what the self-rightous bitch is up to. Now, the wierdo has gone and password protected her blog...how will I get my fix???

Hmmm, now her freak blog is not PW protected...I will just have to use self control to keep myself away from her...

That diatribe made me sick to my stomach, literally. That type of hate frightens me.

Me thinks Stevie boy is in denial about something......... Read a little on the blog and just couldn't continue - tooo much anger there.....

I noticed she disabled your link to her blog. What a cunt! Now we can't even read it & make fun of her anymore. :(

My friend (and nationally known blogger) Pam has written extensively about Anderson and other preachers of hate on her blog. Here's the link to all the Steven Anderson entries. He's a piece of work.


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