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People are totally shameless. I think I would have hit the pissed off point a long time ago.

Typepad ate my comment...
I've found that the more loudly someone proclaims their faith, the more closely you need to watch them (no offense to the religious folks, just my observation). I'm so sorry you have to put up with this crap.

Can you have your attorney send a cease and desist letter? Have you called her out on it? How lame. I guess she thought digging in your archives 5+ years, no one would notice that she copied an INTERNATIONALLY known blogger. Lame. Sorry this is happening, T.

That's awful.
The sad this is I have been following her blog too and it makes me question how much of it is true.
Oi, shocker.

Sorry it's pissed you off, it would drive me crazy too.

I cannot judge her Christianity or lack thereof, but I promise that is not an example of Jesus. If she faked the entire profile, it's likely she faked her religion, as well. Sometimes, people forget that Christians aren't crazy anymore than any other mainstream faith; it's just that a lot of "crazies" join up into religious organizations for the family they gain....much like this person has joined blogging to gain a family of followers.

I want to go to feeling sad and sorry for her, but I feel intensely protective of you, so I am really, really pissed. I am sorry this is happening to you. It's so surreal. Just know that your legions love you and know the truth, all over the world.

That is so sick that she has done that. I just hope that she hasn't gone and spoilt it for your followers by making you consider only inviting select people to read your blog, it's one of my daily fixes and I can't get done without catching up on your blog each day.
The wheel turns Tertia and karma is a bitch who will bite her in the gat!
Sorry it's pissed you off - don't blame you at all.

I feel so cheeky. I left her a comment.

Maybe she thought by going back far enough into your archives no one would notice?

Frankly, I admire the fact that you held back this long from getting pissed about others stealing your words. I would have lost my shit long ago.

I'm sure Sarah's mom is soooo proud of her now. That is, IF it really is her mom in those pictures.

Did you have "Praying for Stellen" on your page? His mom is on one of the message boards that I'm on and he was very, very sick.

Tertia meant to ask, if I may, how do you find out about these sicko type of people stealing your words?
If you don't want to respond on her (to give other sicko's ideas) perhaps you can drop me an email then.

That is terrible. I hope that you have confronted her. It is just not right!!

Good job on outing her - she earned it.

And it turns out 'Christian values' sometimes include such things as running off to SA to have an affair (Gov. Sanford SC, USA) and subjecting your wife to forced sodomy for grocery money (Dr. David Hagar, Bush appointee on women's health). Not all Christians are very Christian.

I would send her a smart-ass e-mail saying something to the effect of, "Wow, your life sounds ironicall exactly like mine...oh wait..It IS mine, because your life is so sad you have to steal other's identities to make yourself seem interesting!"

Hmm.. some people. :(

See Tertia, you don't have to go back to work. You can just make a career out of suing all of these people who plagiarize your book - that should keep you in wine and Woolies shopping sprees for a while! :-)

Geez, it's a lot of work to do all this. Do people really have no lives? Sorry this happened to you again - her blogging "career" will be over now.

I think my head would have exploded by now. Pop.

It's not right. Surely she knows that everything is subject to copyright?

Yikes! So sorry about that. How in the world did u find out abt this? I am guess someone must have read it and emailed u. Yikes!

In reviewing her posts, I found some other "insights" that seemed off, for lack of better words.

I pasted a couple of sentences into google and found that she's stealing from ANOTHER blogger (Jo) as well. Sarah copied a paragraph out of this other writer's post about her feelings after HER chemical pregnancy. If she'll steal the thoughts about THAT, who then can believe that Sarah's own tribulations are real?

Just because she's stealing something intangible doesn't make her any less a thief than if she snuck into your home and stole you heirloom silver. It's worse in fact, since a person's OWN words and thoughts are priceless.

Shame. Shame on her.

Look at her mom's blog... esp this post...


Looks like she's just like her mommy - doesn't know how to be herself... what a shame.

Sorry you have to go through this Tertia. It must hurt.

You know you can totally get her shut down if she doesn't remove the stuff right? If you need help, I can tell you how to do it. I've shut down at least two blogs who were lifting my stuff. It is very frustrating and annoying.

I don't get this. What is the point of it?

That is some *serious* bullshit. Make her pay, however you need to do it, whatever you need to do. How very, very wrong of her.

what a bloody cheek!! This keeps happening... they are such sad individuals

I have been a lurker on your blog for quite a while, the truth and humor of your writing drew me in instantly. Seeing this blatant plagiarism makes me glad that my boring little blog has very few followers. I cannot comprehend how a person can live with themselves after such an act.

sorry this is happening to you. it's just revolting.
what do you usually do about these things? and what are you going to do about this one? i usually feel really sorry for these individuals, it's like they have no words of their own... it's so wrong.

I hope you can take action! That is just disgusting... She should be taken to task!

This is disgusting. There is only one gorgeous and divine Tertia, so others should not copy!


Firstly, RESPECT to you.

Secondly - I know how you feel. I blog about technical stuff like domains and hosting SEO, and design, and post it on my two blogs. I keep tabs on what happens with these via Google Alerts. Sometimes I'll put the title as the alert, sometimes a phrase out of the article. My articles have been stolen so many times, it's not funny. And what's scary, a lot of times it's "respected" blogs/sites on the topic that steal my stuff.

The consider it a compliment on the one hand, and a total slap in the face on the other. But someone stealing your identity? How FUBAR do you have to be to pull a stunt like that?

That's too bad someone had to do this. I love your blog and cannot imagine anyone stealing from you. I too would be interested in knowing how you find them out?

One thing I will say, you have one loyal bunch of readers. I went over and read comments and they start off supporting here and what she wrote and then your gang got in touch - if you don't end up doing anything to her, your readers will take care of you.

One thing you have to be proud of is your beautiful family - your kids are lovely but baby Max is gorgeous. I am also so happy to hear how well your father is doing and the adventures your parents will be emarking on with their motor home. Weee, just as long as they aren't gone for long. :)

She has started deleting comments that "out" her.

You may be pleased/irritated to know there is an apology on the site now, for borrowing from your book and posts. http://stuartandsarahcreamer.blogspot.com/2009/08/im-sorry.html

How about just being original and telling the truth? Munchausen, anyone?

The wench posted a sorry.

I lurk here, and follow you on Twitter, and I have to come out of the woodwork to say I'm sorry. This sucks and she is not at all an example of Christianity. What a horrible, horrible "person!" Go after her!!

I hate that this keeps happening to you, Tertia! You have every right to be angry; this is a huge and very personal violation.

I'm also really angry that this person is claiming to be a Christian. A real Christian would not do something like this! I am sorry that people are violating you in His name; that is not the God that I know.


OMG what a bunch of morons they are. They apparently don't understand that whole concept of plagiarizing and they are all jumping to her defense calling upon their religion like a shield thinking that using God's name or words make it all better. I would like to take a moment here to tell them to go back to High School and learn a few lessons that revolve around creative writing and stealing others works rather then hiding your wrong doings in your religion. You give your fellow christians a bad name with your mouths and cover ups.

I left her a comment too, not too mean but just a "come on" message. Like really, this is bad, although I can totally identify with what you have been through I could never steal your words, they are so personal.

I was just upset at all the people patting her on the back saying it was her blog and she could write what she wanted. I don't think they fully understand what she did (and I just wanted to say that.) I'm not one to jump in on a controversy but had to in this instance. Sorry Tertia that someone stole your thoughts (and tried to steal your most personal feelings) and claim them as their own.

I can't imagine how sad and insignificant a person must feel that they would stoop to such a thing. Not to say that I think this person should be pitied, just that she clearly needs professional help. I sincerely hope she gets it, but even more, I hope she leaves you alone!

Yeah, and on her blog she is now apologizing, claiming she "didn't mean it". Sure. Same excuse I've heard from students.

And the cheek is, she has people telling her she shouldn't feel she has to apologize on her own blog! I can't believe people would excuse such blatant plagiarism. Oh wait, I can, because I was a teacher and heard all the excuses before. Poor her.

I just clicked over, and was pretty shocked to see many commenters telling Sarah that she shouldn't apologize, and "haven't we all" quoted someone while forgetting to attribute. Well, no, I haven't. I have never stolen someone's words and passed them off as my own. It's not OK, and even though Sarah appears to be a nice person, she does in fact have a lot to apologize for. Stealing someone's words is the same thing as walking into someone's home and walking out with their TV. It's intellectual property, but it's still property. The reaction telling Sarah "we've all done it" flabbergasts me. I don't think she should beat herself up about it, but she should take it seriously and never do it again.

I certainly wish someone would look into this. She has taken words from all over. Her post on July 30th completely copied a blog post written by emery jo in February of 2008.

yes, interesting - she's deleted all comments that outted her or disagreed with her. Brave enough to steal your words but not brave enough to take the heat for stealing them?

Wow, you are really a target for the weirdos. I checked out this woman's blog and I think what made me maddest were all her comments supporting her. Copying someone else's blog is wrong, and creepy, and these people are all either family members or her posting under another name, or there is something wrong with them too. I think reporting her blog would be well within your rights and no more than she deserves. Please don't let this keep you from posting openly for all us non-weirdos though!

I take it that by "many" you mean two? Just curious, since that is exactly how many examples you posted. I'd be interested in what your definition of the word "many" is. Also, she has acknowledged and apologized for using your words and given attribution to your book on her site, yet you haven't acknowledged this fact on your site? Perhaps I'm left to assume that you simply want to keep your faithful readers riled up.

Oh. My. God.
Creeeeepy, eeeewwww and yuck!!!

This person's "sick child" probably doesn't even exist, and frankly I think it's more than annoying. She might actually be ummm, how should I put this?

Pathological, personality disordered or in psychosis. Or a Munchausen-by-Proxy nut, even.

Eeeek! Can you block her really well or DOS "her" blog?

Hey, Matt?
What are you, the "husband"?

When your emotions about the deaths of several of your children are used to fake someone else's emotions or life, simply for their need for attention, you'll have something to whine about.

Completely gross, this is.

I don't recall addressing my comment to you, Molly. And how presumptuous are you in asking whether or not I am the "husband" and in asserting that the author of the other blog is trying "to fake someone else's [sic] emotions or life, simply for their need for attention"? Making wild accusations without the proof to back them up? Now that's something that is "gross," indeed.

Based on the comments on her current post, I'm guessing Matt is the brother. Matt, it doesn't matter if she apologized. Had she done what she did in a university setting, she would have failed the class or been expelled, and no amount of "sorry" would have fixed it. "Sorry" does not cover the theft of someone's intellectual property. And it doesn't matter if it's "many" times or if she did it once, or if she went back AFTER the fact to offer a disclaimer. Using someone's words as your own is THEFT. And it is WRONG. And, your sister ought to know, the theft of intellectual property is actionable.

Have you read her "apology"? Have you read her "brother's" response? Did you notice all the deletions from your readers calling her out? She thinks that by placing an astericks at the bottom of ONE post makes it okay. All the Happy Clappers are coming out and saying she shouldn't have to apologize on "her blog, her outlet". Um really? Really! So breaking 1 of the 10 Commandments isn't part of Christianity anymore? Really?


You seem to be confusing me to say that I am excusing her for what she did. I am not. I simply said she apologized and made an attribution on her blog. And as for the "many" issue, I'm just issuing a call for Tertia to be more precise with her language. Saying that this blogger has plagiarized "many" times and then providing two examples is misleading.


Placing brother in quotations as you did above, i.e., "brother" is presumptuous, as you are assuming the blogger to be faking when you have no verifiable proof that she is.


Are you comment streams normally so "peanut gallery"-esque?


When people are upset over plagiarism, a stream of responses in support of the author is not "peanut gallery-esque". I can certainly claim the same towards your "sister's" comments. How can a group of Christians claim that they are okay with someone stealing the property of another? Her asterisks are listed under one posting. The one below that is an exact copy, minus changing the word "shit" for "crap", of Tertia's words from 2004. Shouldn't she acknowledge that as well? Besides placing an asterisks, in this case, isn't correct. It isn't giving proper credit to Tertia. It isn't acknowledging Tertia's direct words with proper grammatical acknowledgement. Clearly, you have good use of the English language. Perhaps, you could use this time to show her how to accurately quote someone?

Better by the minute, hahahaha!!!

TERTIA should "be more precise with HER language"??!!

We've already seen previous blogs about her plagiarizing. The Real Tertia Person knows that, too.

Address the issue I directed at you. Someone's expressions about the deaths of several of her OWN children.
You apparently have some kind of family illness.


Tertia is in South Africa and so there is a time difference. There is no point in endlessly commenting asking where she is. She is likely asleep right now and will deal with comments and updates when she wakes up.

As for volume or incidents? It doesn't matter how many there are. If the number of uncredited words is over 27, then the other blogger has committed intellectual property theft under US law, which is a violation of the terms of service for both Blogger, her service and Typepad, Tertia's.

It is also a violation of the Publisher's rights, to take parts of the book. I've told Tertia to take legal action, hopefully she will. A quick letter sent to Blogger is likely enough.

Oh, boy. "...good use of the English language".

But he actually wrote "peanut gallery-esque"!

Oh, boy. Way too generous of you.
Seem like a pack of hounds, to me. Unless there's just one of "them"!


The "peanut gallery"-esque question was in reference to the responses I have received in this comment stream, not the typical behavior of Tertia's readers towards her. I am not responsible for what others say in the comment stream of Sarah's blog. I am in perfect agreement with you that she should attribute Tertia's words to Tertia every time she has used them.


Yes, Tertia should be more precise with her language. And to what previous blogs are you referring? Could you link to them, please?

Perhaps I can extend the preciseness request to you, as well, as I cannot see in your previous comment any issue which I was to address unless it was your presumptions, which, by the way, are continuing, i.e. "you apparently have some kind of family illness."


I have no intention to bandy with you over my use of the English language. When you start having something substantive and germane to say, I'll address that.



Oh, God. Give it up already, man.

I have a presumption that you may be related and may all be crazy. In a highly offensive and actionable way.
Got it now? Clear?
Wait-----are you under the age of 14 or something? If you are, I take it all back. It's understandable.


See above. Until then, goodbye.


I have not "endlessly" asked where Tertia is in my comments. She can address them at her leisure or she can ignore them.

I was not claiming that it mattered how many instances there were. I simply said that Tertia's statement of "many" instances is misleading since she provides only two. A simple edit providing clarification would suffice.

Matt, you're a piece of work. So is the person who ripped Tertia off.

Go ahead and get into a snit about semantics. You're not likely to deflect the real issue by making your own fuss. Hmm, reminds me of a quote I heard somewhere--If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.

Tertia has loyal readers, and Sarah is a hack. BTW, having a strong sense of right and wrong does not make us Satan.

This seems to be happening more and more often. Another friend of mine has stopped internet activity because someone was ripping off her scrapbook designs, without acknowledgment of any kind. You have to feel sorry for people who don't have any imagination or lives of their own. Very sad.

Who cares about all the legal crap!!!! Taking someones hurts and pain that was written down and passing it off as your own even briefly shows a total lack of humanity!! How sick do you have to be to do that? Tertia, I hope you will be able to deal with this in a way that will make YOU feel better! Just know that we are all here for you.

Btw. Seeing that not all Muslims are radicals I suppose not all Christians are like this woman!!!

Wow. Tertia, this type of comments don't belong on your blog. All riled up by Matt's comments - suddenly it is a war out here. Nobody needs to defend whether what happened was right or wrong - international copyright states what happened was wrong and whatever people feel on the matter is irrelevant, especially if it turns this nasty. It is good that your readers are spurring you on, in a similar way this woman's readers are egging her on for being right. In the end, legally, she broke the law. It is theft. Maybe the "devil made her do it", you know, like Hansie, but she can perhaps explain that to the Blogger authorities or whoever else still wants to listen to her. I hope you take action, especially since she is doing it with other people's material also. I'm rock solid behind you. Just ask if you need help.

Geez, and this is the third time I'm posting on this thing. Promise it is the last. Just realy pissed, as this seems to happen so often, and it seems to just carry an inherent blessing that it is ok to do it, as long as your reader following tells you that it is.

Wondering if something like this might help the ones who aren't really thinking through the whole stealing of content, particularly if you change the wording to something that screams "Tertia" and makes the point that they are stealing.


Also, I concur with the commenter saying something about setting up google alerts for parts of your text. It is amazing how well the alerts work.


"Trying to deflect the real issue"? Do you have problems with reading comprehension? I suggest you go back and read all of the comments I have left here. Are all of Tertia's loyal readers as presumptuous as you and the several others with which I have dealt?

You people can make all the ad hominem fallacies in argumentation you want. When you get back to addressing what I've actually said rather than what you think I've said or what erroneous motives you believe me to have, let me know.

I, too, have been a lurker for some time, but I have to say that you need to deal with this. In a big way. As a writer, I would absolutely flip my shit if someone was stealing my words and pretending they are her own! How dare she! Get a lawyer, get someone and MAKE HER PAY!

There is an interesting blog, exposetrolls.blogspot.com, that has outed some bloggers whose stories have been fabricated or more. I'm sorry this happened, Tertia. There is something crazy-making, beyond infuriating, about having someone use your personal material, especially about a devastating event, to garner some response for themselves.

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