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Very fond of you, too. As fond as one can be of a blogger she's never met before who lives on the other side of the earth. Cheers to you, and to you being the bigger person - encouraging all of Satan-esque defenders of your honor to calm down and play nice.

Also, though quite annoying, it is kind of cool to get a multi-post day from the ever busy blogger!!!

You are such a good egg.

You are a good person Tertia.

We totally have your back!

Can you put a copyright on the top of your blog? May help people realise that these are your 'works' and action will be taken if you are ripped off in the future.

I agree that it's more a reflection of what's missing in their lives more than anything else. I just feel sorry for someone who feels the need to copy someone else's work. And I completely see why having someone copy passages about Ben would be so upsetting. His death and your feelings about losing a baby are sacred to you. No one should even think about using what you've written about him for their gain, even if the gain is just to get sympathy or attention from others. It's completely unfeeling.

Good for you for rising above. Now go on with your full, interesting life.

See why the happy clappers are so different here? I wish I was surprised by all her holier-than-thou and hypocritical commenters but I'm not. Back when I went to Sunday school (admittedly a LONG time ago), stealing was very very wrong. Apparently times have changed.

Think she figured no one would read some book or blog from South Africa and she was free and clear to just pass it off as hers? Boy did she ever pick the wrong blog (and writer) to steal from. You are too good a writer and your words and your story have touched too many of us to not be immediately recognized.

Hoping you're having a better day.

i haven't commented here for a long time, sorry about that! just piping up to say love you to bits.

I am very late to this (as I am to virtually everything these days), but I just wanted to let you know that I get it too. This is essentially Munchhausen's by internet, but with the added very special feature where the perpetrator can't even be bothered to get authentic emotions about the personal tragedy of their invention. To steal your words about the tragedy that was only too real for you? That's lower than low. And yes, I agree, advertising oneself as a Christian (or any devoutly religious representation for that matter) does make it worse.
I am so sorry this happened to you.

The scary bit is, how many more people are doing this?? She is probably not the only one.

Tertia. Your response is impressive - you still have some space for empathy, which is wonderful. Ah well, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all, you might feel a teensy bit flattered (*I've* never had a plagiariser, sniff!)
But I'm actually writing to suggest you put a Google Alert on a random phrase in every one of your blog posts - I read that in a blogger's help post once on Afrigator I think, and have been doing that ever since. It helps you find out if anyone is passing off your work without you having to rely on readers to tell you. Just a suggestion, hope it helps.

Hi Tertia,

I am so sorry about all the bad news and other things you had to deal with! I feel for your friends who are going through all those things as I myself went through 12 years of fertility treatment and I am lucky to have a beautiful little girl after all that! I admire your HEART and thank you because you gave me hope when I thought I couldn't carry on and I wouldn't have my little angel if not for the hope you gave me!

I am sending you a virtual Bottle of Wine as a thank you and a cheer up!!! enjoy!

And we love you sooo ;) Whohoo !!

I haven't had a plagiarizer, but I've had a trademarked logo and company name ripped off numerous times in the last twelve years. It really pisses me off. Even if I don't feel like doing anything about it, I do because the offender is much less likely to do it to someone else.

Tertia, you truly possess grace and forgiveness.

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