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Good for you! If you're in the 'misery loves company' camp, check out this site (I am completely and utterly unaffiliated with them):


LOL Legwarmers? You gonna wear your hair up big, too, right?

Seriously though - good for you!

If you wear legwarmers, I want to see a picture.

LOL, well done on losing the 5kg's :) and good luck with the training

I went to the gym for the fitness (fat-ass)essment thingie too... wow that sucked... went 2 times after that and gave up...

You will be amazed at how quickly you progress! Good luck! I'm knitting you some leg warmers as we speak...

go you!!!! please please PLEASE put some photos up. p.s. if you have lost 5kg without trying, it confirms my suspicion that you have an amazing metabolism and that the gym will simply speed it up even further. looking at sister mel's surfie body, she has the same kinda metabolism.
good luck!

Well done!

take pictures.

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