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Yip by the third one you do chill out and enjoy so much more.
Have a great weekend

I doubt that any amount of therapy (or meds) could bring as much peace to your soul as Max has, merely by existing!

And you are totally right, Tertia. THIS is how it should be - from surprise miracle conception to easy pregnancy and delivery, all the way through to a happy, laid-back child. Max is truly a blessing, and I couldn't be happier for you, my dear friend.

May he (and Adam and Kate!) continue to be a balm that soothes your spirit.

Those milestone books stressed me out so much my husband implored me to please stop reading them. I don't think I looked at them at all after the first child and we all fared better.

So glad you're enjoying yourself. I sometimes want to have another kid just to experience what it's like to (a) have a singleton and (b) experience the newborn phase when I'm not going through the most stressful, harrowing experience of my life.

What Woody's Girl said. I am so pleased that you are having such a lovely time with your Miracle Max!

glad you are enjoying your max. that said, you will tell the internets when he rolls over, right?

Hi, I totally agree, I keep on meaning to take out my series of "what to expects" from in the womb to puberty, but just haven't gotten around to it with the girls!

That is great to know & I am so happy for you. We just found out that we are expecting. We had a long 4 yr infertility struggle that blessed us with our now 2 yr old B/G twins & this just happened....It is goood to know that it can be easier!

excellent... plus, you have more time to bite his cute tush when you are not worrying about the b.s.

I so agree and understand. With baby #1 I was glued to the books on what I should do, expect and plan for. Talk about setting yourself up for stress.

With babies 2 and 3 (twins) it was SO much easier. Guess I knew what the heck I was doing! (And bonus that babies 2 and 3 were not colicky like first born).

Much easier 2nd time around! Found a lot of what learned with baby one was VERY beneficial to our sanity the second/third time around!

Ja, your sister said mos!

SO unbelievably well put! Thanks Tertia!

couldn't agree more! Luke (My 3rd) was practically born making his own bottles and changing his own nappies!
Same goes for the pregnancies:
1st: I knew exactly what week I was in, how big baby was, what was developing ...
2nd: Knew what week I was in, but not reading anally about baby being the size of an orange or a grapefruit now...
3rd: Oh yes... I'm pregnant aren't I? Just one glass of wine for me then, as I am... um...yes, about 5 months pregnant I think...x

I think this is why the first kids are so anal! LOL WE screw them up.

I am so glad you are enjoying things so much this time.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! So happy you realized this!

I'll try to do that with my first baby. =) But really, I'm so nervous and excited.

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