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thank you for the update, we continue to pray for your dad and his loved ones. also for his medical team, that they make the best decisions and deliver news in a compassionate and clear manner. much love and many prayers from hong kong.

oh honey. i'm invoking the universe on your dad's behalf, sending all healing energy. heaps of hugs to you, my friend. strength.

I just. I just send you so much love. So so so much love. Keeping your family in my prayers X

i know you hate to be held, or hugged, but we your readers, your invisible friends, your sisters across the world will stand shoulder to shoulder around you, forming a 24 hour guard to protect and watch over you.

we are here for you, in thought and spirit, and just wishing that we could make everything better.

we won't reach out and touch unless you ask for it, but we will be as close as you need us to be, holding you in our hearts and minds, and willing a good outcome and a safe return home for your darling dad.

Hang in there.

Thinking of you and your Pops. Sending lots of healing vibes and love to help him in his recovery.

Thinking of you! (With no hugs involved)
Remind your dad that he is still a teenager!! x-x-x

Thumbs held for better news for your family.

Keep thinking of you and your family.

sending goooodddd wishes for recovery!!!! Hope he is home soon.

thinking all good thoughts for your dad.

I hope that he is better soon. I am thinking of you.

My mum has just been diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer and a brain tumour. No child should be where we are right now despite the inevitable circle of life. Am sending you, my mum, your mum, your dad and everyone's special person that may be ill, much love and light x

Sending out good and healthy vibes to your dad, Tertia, and to Cam(^)'s mum. And my brother-in-law, and my friend Susan's mom...

Oh T. I'm so sorry for everything your family is going through right now. Wishing you and your Dad the best...Hang in there!

I don't think it's uncommon for there to be "hiccups" right after such major surgery, Tertia. I seem to recall the first couple of weeks after my (former, dear) boss's triple bypass that there were some very tense moments. Which is why they keep such patients in the hospital for a couple of weeks afterwards.

That being said, it's a different matter (emotionally) altogether when it's YOUR loved one experiencing those "hiccups." Incredibly terrifying! I'm so sorry that your dad didn't skip out of the hospital 2 days post surgery, with nary a backwards glance. But I will continue to say prayers that his recovery is quick and complete, so he can be home - safe and sound, for ever and ever! - soonly.

{{{big cyber hugs}}} even though I know you loathe such things IRL,

Sending you and your dad healing, positive, healthy thoughts.

I'm praying hard for your dad's recovery.

Oh, Tertia, I am so very sorry that your Dad is not at home with all this scariness over. I am hoping with all my heart that he improves again and comes home to be with you all. Big big hugs from here in Ottawa.

Sending your family all our love and well wishes. I have no doubt that the Tungsten man will be up and back to his fabulous self soon.

Sending positive energy to your Dad, and thinking of your whole family in this emotional time.

Lots of love and prayers coming your way

Also sending some healing vibes and prayers for your dad's full recovery.

Thinking of you all!

Sending good thoughts to you and yours from across the miles.

Holding your dad in my thoughts and heart...

Sending healthy vibes to your dad and strength to the whole family.

Praying for healing quickly!

Keeping you (all) in my thoughts and prayers.

Oh, Tertia, I am so sorry. This sounds terrifying, for all of you.
Best wishes to your dad. May his recovery be as quick as possible, and with no more surprises.

thinking of you and your family. Sending some healing thoughts your Dad's way.

Thank you for the update. He and your family are in our prayers.

Sending healing energy to your Pop - he can do it!
So sorry your Pop and whole family are going thru this.

And for Cam,
So sorry about your Mum. My advice, learn about Gamma Knife for her brain met. My dad had Stage 4 Non-small cell lung cancer and a brain tumor and had his entire right lung removed and the brain tumor killed off with Gamma Knife radiosurgery (they don't actually cut the brain for this - it's pinpointed radiation).
He lived another 5 years.
Never give up hope!


Terrible, terrible, terrible. I know just how this feels. Even us non-Lordy types have you in our prayers. Thank god he's in a good SA cardiac unit.
((((( Tersh )))))

& ((((Cam))))

My thoughts and best wishes are with you all.

I got chills reading your post, so scared that something really really bad happened. Can't wait to see your dad's post telling everyone not to worry so much about him.

My heart and thoughts are with you and your family.

I'm so sorry, I know that's scary. I hope he's on the mend and home very soon.

Thinking of you all. sending good thoughts

Tertia, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. Hugs and strength to all and huge wishes for a full recovery for your Dad.

Sending my best wishes and HEALING vibes over the web miles. Can't wait to read your Dad's post :)

Keep strong and be good to yourself Tertia. Try, try, try to not overdo..

O Tersh - Sending lots of love n prayers to all of you right now. Love u my friend. xxx

Hey, T. My dad had a heart attack and stroke last year May and he is doing brilliantly well. I am sure yours will be fine too, though I know how scary it is to see them in ICU like that (especially when we don't have very good relations with ICU in general ourselves). I will be thinking of you over the next few weeks.

In other news, my doc has said I could go in any day now to have this baby. I am 35 weeks along and he just wants out!!

You have had an insane year! I have as well, but not in the category of life and death as you have. Best wishes to your dad for a speedy recovery.

Your Dad is in my prayers as is your whole family & you. Stay strong Tertia. I know how hard it is to see your parents so ill. Sending you lots of love & prayers.

Thinking of you and hoping things are better.

Thinking of you and your family!

sending you and your loved ones good energy and kind thoughts.

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