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So sweet! What a lovely baby.

Oh but he's just too precious! Look at that smile!

This picture is a keeper, Tertia! You can show it to all his girl friends when he's grown up!

MAXimum exposure! Love it. He has such personality already.

Looks like your son is the sunshine in that picture. :)

I hardly ever comment on "so cute" pics - but this one got to me - incredibly adorable.

Hey look! The sun shines out of your kid's arse :D

Love the little dimpled bottom! Looks a lot like mine.... but mine is definitely not that cute!

Aaaaaw...so cute!

We did the same, expect mines 10 months old and has nappy rash- she's teething, so we thought we'd air her bits! One wee and one poo later...

Like two scoops of vanilla ice cream!! I'm dying to take a bite!

What a sweetie! I'm loving the baby tushie...

at least he has a good sense of what to wear.

I love me some baby tushie. Super cute.

he is the cutest!!!

he is a honey, and does he know it or WHAT? tons of personality there, i can already see the 'help' posts ahead as that personality starts to assert itself as it has with the other two.
what a perfect time in your life, your dad well, your mum as well as she can be, your kids beautiful smart and funny, and your hair getting in order!

Is it wrong that I want to pinch his little booty? So cute!

Oh, makes me want to take and bite and plant multiple kisses. He really is sooo adorable. Fits in quite well with the other two!

Ha! My first reaction was to reach out and tweak his butt cheek, then the ones on his face. Too precious.

I might have looked like this today. Or not, if that bothers you to hear it.


Oh, he is a sweetheart!

I agree with some previous posters.... it looks like your kid craps sunshine. :)

so,so cute! I could almost have another one.... but then I'd need to give it right back when it starts waking at night...

That delicious bottom needs a love spank... (love spank: approach the bottom as if to spank, then put on the brakes and give them both a good bum-in-hand squeeze as if they are a little ball of dough). He's a good looking chap, isn't he.

That's MY neph, isn't he too cute!

He is delicious!! I want one!!!!!!!

omg, that's one of the cutest baby pictures I've ever seen... He's such a doll Tertia...

That is one bundle of cute baby you've got there. I've got my own adorable bundle of cuteness, but this picture makes me want to have more. Scary! :)

That just made my day! What a cutie!

That is one cute little baby. I, too, just want to pinch those cute little cheeks...both sets of them!

Oh MY what a delicious looking baby!

Hello tooshie! Does he want to be my Allison's first boyfriend?

what a doll? If you get tired of him, ship him to us! LOL unless he is not sleeping through the night, then you can keep him!

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