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That was very big of you.

Wow...I'm really impressed she manned up and apologized.

Well done to her. It's easy to hide in the internets.

Hope your dad is doing ok lady!

haha. i saw it! nanananan

Hahah, I saw it! Now, where is my award? I was thinking of a nice silver cup engraved with "dutiful checker of Tertia's blog" engraved on it.

That's funny, it's still showing in Google Reader.

I just do not get why people do this... what's the point? Do they have so little self-esteem that they think their own life and ideas are worthless? If that's the case, why blog at all? I would think people blog because they enjoy talking about their life, and "thinking out loud" to an internet audience, not as some sort of competition to be the best. Anyway, I'm glad she apologized and has, hopefully, removed all the posts she copied from you.

i was outta town for the weekend. *sigh* glad it was all cleared up!

oy veh, no wonder i couldnt see it yesterday when i cam back to check on the progress of the comments. FUNNEEEE. yeah, good for tertia-twin to man up and admit she plagiarised you - it IS a compliment any way you look at it (that she imitated you in the first place!)

Ah, I missed it, but curiosity got me to Google "site:tertia.org plagiarizing" and you should check out the post that came up... http://www.tertia.org/so_close/2007/06/things-i-am-goi.html

My computer got a bug that would not let me leave comments lately. It seems to be behaving right now so I just wanted to say that I am so glad for you that your father is doing much better. What an emotional year!
My parents are here with me (we are also a very close family, even when living far away), helping me with my baby, and I will miss them terribly when they leave in a couple of weeks... (after 3 months). I am 43 years old and I still rely so much on them and their wisdom! I hope I can be around (without being a nuisance) for my child when he is 40... (hey, my grandmother was a strong woman until the day she died, at 93!!)
Hurray for your strong parents!


I saw it from Google Reader! But that was very noble of you to remove the post and even more noble of her to own up and say sorry...impressive!

I missed it. I've been a useless blog reader, of late.

I have no idea what went down, but honestly... plagiarizing a BLOG post? I actually laughed out loud. Why bother? I know that you are fabulous, darling, and all that, but come on.

It made me think about an art class that I took, back in the day, when I noticed a fellow student trying to copy the way I was drawing a still life. Copying thoughts and still lifes are truly useless, self-defeating activities.

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