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Sometimes I hate interesting times. Hope your dad recovers completely very quickly

Glad to hear that your mum's blood test was good. Praying for both her and your dad.

Tertia, thinking of you and your family! It's crazy times I tell you.
Not sure about your mom's after-chemo pains (as I am not a doctor), but if she is experiencing joint pain, Olive Leaf extract (liquid kind) is meant to be wonderful for joint pain as it is an anti inflammatory and antioxidant (higher than all that, mangosteen and acai). It's holistic and natural too, so it isn't dubbed medicine. I use it to boost my immune system. Cause I hate getting sick!

Interesting times can seriously SUCK! Hope your dad recovers 100% and is around for a very long time.

I don't know what these meds translate to outside of the US, but here there are 2 meds used with good success for neuropathies like your mom's. One is Neurontin (gabepentin or close to that) and the other is Lyrica. Lyrica is just an upgraded version of the other. I don't know its chemical name.

Oh wow! Bummer! Hope all goes well! My thoughts are with you.

Good news about your mom. Hope your dad bounces back ASAP.

Interesting times, indeed. Personally I could go for a little less 'interesting' and a little more 'boring sh**'.

Hope things get boring soon (for all of us...)

Interesting times is one way to put it. Hope things start to be a bit less interesting soon.

Sending healing healthy vibes to both your parents. What would we do without great parents?! Hugs to all, Amy

Sorry to hear about your Dad, sure the teenager is going to bounce back very soon. I think you must take your Mom to see Vicky in Pinelands. She would be able to help her.

Good luck to you all


Yeah, I can agree on the 'exciting times' comment, not necessary at all!

All the best with both parents :( .

sorry to hear about your dad. very best wishes to all your family.

So sorry about your dad. Hope is surgery goes well, and things get back to boring soon.

Still dying for pictures of your new house.

So sorry to hear about your dad. Hoping all goes well for the surgery and he is back and fighting fit in no time.
As for what your mom is going through, I will ask my mom if she has that after her chemo. Maybe I can just hook my mom up with your mom and they can discuss it directly. My mom had breast cancer 10 years ago and had chemo for close to 6 months. So far so good for her, when she can be dragged in to see a doctor for follow up. ;) Stubborn old coot, wonder where I get it from, eh? ;0
Feel free to email me and I can get you my mom's email address so the ladies can share their stories. It is always good to talk with someone else who went through the same thing.

As the daughter of a heart doctor, Bossy can assure you those bypass operations work wonders, even the second time around.

Nothing but good thoughts and wishes for an easy surgery and fast recovery for your Dad. My Dad had his heart attack at 50 and bypass at 51, thankfully, 15 years later he's still going strong. Some men are just too stubborn to let stuff like this stop then and frankly, I'm quite glad about that!

I'm a long time reader and firt time commenter. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2007. She had surgery in June and followed that with 6 rounds of chemo. I asked my mom today about the pains and she said during chemo she didn't have any but after the chemo she did. She said she thought it was due to the steroids in the chemo. It was almost a year from the time she finished chemo before she started to feel like herself.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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