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Glad it went well! Sending well wishes your way!!

So glad to hear it went well. I'm keeping you all close in my heart.

Wonderful news Tertia!

Fab news!! Hope he recovers quickly!

Excellent. Your fam is in my thoughts and prayers.

That's great news! I hope he has a speedy and complete recovery.

so glad. i have been almost too scared to read your blog since you announced your dad's heart news, because i know how fiercely you love him (and the rest of your family) and wanted it to go well for you all. enjoy your new improved, reconditioned dad! happy days to you all.

Sooo glad everything went well and that that weight is off all of your shoulders!! Wishing you a speedy recovery, Tertia's Dad! Wishing all of you the best!

I'm so glad! I was praying hard. Take it easy, Tungsten Man! Your girlys need you around for a bit longer.


Thank goodness!!! I wish your Dad a speedy and painless recovery! So happy to hear the good news!

So glad everything went well! Here's to an easy and speedy recovery!

Tertia - So glad that your dad is doing well. My dad had 6 bypasses all at once this past November and he is now doing very well.

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery!

Awesome news!! SO very, very pleased.

Hooray!!! One big obstacle knocked down. Holding thumbs for the recovery.

Brilliant news!

Such good news! I hope the news gets more encouraging from the doctor tomorrow. That is a funny, small world about her having twins and read your book. Crossing my fingers and all other bits for you. Take care.

Hey Pops, well done on the op! You are a champ.

Now, get well soon - I miss your comments. :-)


Glad it went well. Was praying lots and will continue to do so. I've read quite a bit about Dr Vosloo and have followed her career via the media over the years. Pops is in excellent hands.

What a relief!!!! You've had quite a year!!?!

Oh gosh, Dr Susan Vosloo did your dad? He is in the best hands ever! So greatful aal went well - please tell Mel - can somehow not comment at her place this morning

So glad Dads op went well,sure the family are all very relieved.

So glad it went well. He is in excellent hands. Dr Vosloo operated on my son when he was 5 months old, and she was outstanding. I was so grateful to live in Cape Town so we could have the best surgeon.

So glad to hear the operation went well. I hope he's out and home in no time, and that he feels terrific now that his heart is all fixed up.

(PS - you should add a "Pop's heart designed by" and link to her. :) )

Very glad to hear all went well! Dr Vosloo is the best, so he's in great hands!

ha ha! boulder is best!

wonderful update. praying his recovery goes well.

Praying for you and your dad!

That's a long surgery time. I'd go crazy too. So glad he's doing well. I hope he has a very speedy recovery.

Good news! I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts. I hope your dad has a speedy recovery.

Great news! I am sorry I did not read about this sooner...I could have offered some words of encouragement and filled you in on all my Googleing I did when my dad had a by-pass a couple of years ago. Glad he is well!

Glad to hear all went well. It's so hard when parents, our protectors, are down and out.

So glad everything went well Tertia. I am reading this late, did not know about your Dad's heart attack. Keeping your family in my prayers. Hope your Dad has a fast recovery.

I am so glad it went well!

I am so happy it went well. Thoughts and prayers to you all.

I'm so glad to hear this news. How wonderful that he wound up with such an experienced doctor.

Glad to hear the news. May he stay well and improve steadily.

Good news! Keeping him in my prayers..

So glad to read that things went well with the surgery. Wishing your Pops a speedy recovery.

What great news that all went well. I hope that the recovery period goes smoothly & that he will be up and about chop chop.

Sending lots of best wishes.

"GO DAD" !!!!

I'm glad to hear he did well. My dad had 2 bypass surgeries, 3 bypasses, then 4. I will keep him in my prayers.

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