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Such a sweet picture!!! Do we get to see pics soon of the twins loving him up, trying to carry him away and feed him cheerios before hes ready?

Im glad to hear your father is recovering well.

As for the store thing, it happens over here too and its absolutely insane! Drives you batty when the kids wear out winter boots and you cant find another pair anywhere.

I don't get it either. crap huh! It is the middle of summer here and another couple of months to go and can onefind a cozzie?! NO!

Why do they do this!

Glad to hear Pops is doing well.

I am very happy to hear that your father is doing much better.

Like the pic of Max.

Max looks warm. Here in the states it's summer so let me know if you need a care package of all the winter stuff my 4 year old boy just got out of.

I have a very similar issue, in that the clothing available doesn't match the weather. In my case though I currently live in a tropical area which means it doesn't get cold, yet the retailers insist on stocking all the stuff they need for cold climates. My daughter wore out her sandals, the only shoes in the shops are sandshoes or ballet flats. I needed some new shorts, all I could find were woollen pants and jeans.

It would be really nice if they just shifted the cycle by 2 months, so that it was about to be spring when the winter stuff went on sale to be cleared out for the summer stock rather than being one month into winter when it gets cleared out and replaced.

I am nearing my first year in this country and it has caught me off guard every single time. Driving me bananas. I thought I had winter covered, but of course something unexpected happens to some item of clothing, child grows more than anticipated and on and on and it is crazy.

It does, however, keep me from impulse shopping. No way in heck I am taking off my woolen jerseys right now so I can freeze my arse off in a dressing room while trying on a summer dress.

That said, I find Ackermans, of all people, tend to hang on to things "cross season" better than anywhere else. Not nec the best quality, but it gets you through an emergency. The kids clothes are more than adequate.

Oh, Cape Union Mart tends to keep warm stuff year round - but it doesn't come cheap. Although I think their fleeces are on sale right now.

I am so glad to hear your dad is doing well. And, all I can say about Max is scrumptious - nom, nom, nom.

We have the same problems with seasonal clothing.

OMG -- I need to squish that breathtaking baby. Could he be anymore delicious?! The third is the charm, I tell you. My third child (second son) is the best of the bunch (until his older siblings teach him their bad habits)! He'll be 9 months next week and he's not really a "baby" anymore - it goes so fast, doesn't it? Enjoy every minute with your absolutely incredible children!! And let me know if you want me to pick up some clothes for your Dad. We have outlets here in the US that carry every season and they are quite inexpensive. If you tell me what he needs, I'd be most happy to go shopping for your beloved Daddy. My pleasure! So happy he's well!! Love to you, T!

Oops, sorry, I just ate up your baby. Couldn't help myself...he is *so* delicious!

Glad to hear your father is doing so well.

I wish I knew who I could write to also.

Funny you should write about this today. I just ran into this last night! I had a few rare hours to shop by myself and on my list was some pajamas for my son. It's been a cool first half of summer and he's been fine with his long sleeve ones, but now that it's hot I realized he doesn't have enough short sleeve/pants ones. All I could find last night were full priced (oh the horror) ones for fall. Not even one pair of summer styles left on the clearance rack. In July. At the height of the heat.

Glad to hear your father is doing well. Thank you for the gratuitous baby picture,smooch those cheeks once for me!

Glad your dad is doing well. Try shopping online, you may be able to find what you're looking for.

I'm so glad your father is doing well.

And that baby...OMG...that baby...simply beautiful...

Totally have that issue around here in MD - it's about 1,000 degrees out and humid like the day is long, and they are stocking sweaters and knit pants...ugh.

And YET, I tried to find a sunhat for my son for those sunny but cold days, and all I could find were beanies (in amongst the summer vests!). How does that work??

Two words; Online Shopping.

SOOOO Glad to hear your Dad is doing well!! That makes my heart happy.

Also, I have to concur and say you just can't beat online shopping, for sure: you already have your computer fired up, no wrangling twins and baby around a dept. store, you can do it any time - day or night, often a wider selection than the one store you're going to, the list of benefits goes on and on. I'm a big fan, obviously.

If you're going to buy something online, go to Retail Me Not Online Coupons first. Type in the website you're going to buy from and see if there are any coupon codes you can enter at checkout online. Wonderful resource! Here's the website if it helps you or someone else:


it's the bane of my life the way the shops change seasons before I'm ready to do so.
I bought a fab pair of track pants and P'nP - they are warm and wash nice too. So I went back to get another pair, and like you say, it's all shorts and skimpy tops! I wanted to cry.

And trying on warm winter stuff in the middle of summer must be THE most unpleasant thing out.

I do hate that shops do that! One store chastised me last winter because I desperately needed mittens for my son. They honestly asked me why I hadn't bought them sooner. I very acidly pointed out that despite the fact that I had purchased several pairs already, CHILDREN LOSE THINGS! And heaven forbid you purchase an appropriate amount of clothing for the season and then your child has a huge growth spurt and it all becomes either too short or too tight! We, inevitably, have to buy two wardrobes per season for the little guy!

So glad that your dad is doing better -- love that your mom is doing a proper Nurse Ratchet routine to keep things moving in the right direction!

move to texas. 35 degrees C is ... chilly ... here this time of year.

I bet you are totally in love with that little man! He's adorable!

I hear you on the clothing... My friend needed a bathing suit the other day (for Dubai) and I was dubious that she'd find one outside a sports shop, but she was spoiled for choice, even as the snow lay on the mountains! Shows you what I know!

Maybe you should order them from the northern hemisphere! We're having the opposite problem up here.
Sierra Trading post
Lands End
LL bean.

In case you try online shopping, before you start, check the sites shipping policy as not all ship overseas and if they do they may require a call for credit card details etc.

Um, can I squish your baby's cheeks?
It's summer here, and there is still summer stuff out, but also some "fall" things...I live in the southern US, where "fall" doesn't hit until late October...which is many moons away.

Can you go to an outlet retailer or end of season retailer? They often have all seasons at a much cheaper price. May be a bit of a drive but your parents may enjoy rootling around for bargains. As for kids clothes - can you shop online, often places like Pumpkin Patch have all seasons online at at good prices (NZ online Pumpkin Patch has everything on sale at the moment).

That's why Al Gore invented the internet....find something online!

Max is looking wonderfully chubby and sweet.

If there's a petition, I'll sign it over and over again!!! We came to Joburg (from Limpopo) for 2 days and have had to stay for 10 days unexpectedly. Do you think we can find warm clothes anywhere?? I do agree that at least Ackermans had a few things for my son. The local laundry is smiling at least - they're making a killing out of us! Most very very annoying. And cold.

P.S. Your baby boy is just absolutely beautiful! *mwah*

MAXimum cuteness! Glad to hear your dad is doing better.

On the clothes issue, I buy a lot of on-sale out-of-season quality clothing to save money and have it when I need it. Although it is getting a little tougher now that our ds is getting older (the same age as your twins). Possibly on-line shopping? Good luck.

I know its ridiculous - we are having the coldest spell in KZN and I just bought my son a Ben10 sun suit! Only because I know the Big W will sold out by the time summer rolls around and all his little friends will have Ben 10 swim suits and he will want to know were his is?

I'm having the same problem! I have never experienced it this badly before, but this is the first time I've had to clothe a baby through winter. Can't find 12 - 18 month fuzzy sleepsuits anywhere.

A heads up.....Pick 'n Pay Centre Graanendal currently have a SALE on their winter stock, go have a look there, hopefully your mom will find something!!

Max is looking just too gorgeous!!! House pics, please!!!


My mom and I was also complaining just this week about this wrong-way round retail thing we have going here in South Africa (although from the comments in seems it might be world-wide). Both my kids have grown tremendously for some reason this winter and all the things I bought at the beginning of winter is now getting to small! However there is very little winter things left in the stores! If you find out where we can complain, please post it. I will sign a petition!
(Pep Stores still carry some winter clothes. Not quite the quality of Woolies of course, but it will keep you through the rest of this winter.)

I went to Meltz Mega Factory Store about two weeks ago, and they had piles and piles of winter clothing. In the mens' section you are spoilt for choice for tracksuit pants etc actually. They seem to have things like tracksuit pants etc in stock all-year round, so maybe give them a call. There is a branch near Builders Warehouse just before Diep River. They also have childrens' clothing, but not a huge selection unfortunately. It's also good for a bargain hehe

Glad your dad is doing better.

Max is gorgeous!

Same here. If you don't buy bathing suits for the kids by early June, you are just about out of luck. I had to buy most of my kids' swimsuits on line because there was nothing left in the stores. It is truly ridiculous. I'm just not a plan ahead type and the same thing happen sto me every year. I think about buying the kids new summer things when it actually gets hot and the town pool opens, and camp begins. By then, it is scrounge for a bathing suit from the clearance rack here, get the last one available on line there.

Glad your father is going well, and when are we going to see pictures of the new house!!??

errgh - I hear you T. It is 15 degrees (in Aussie temps) and we are so cold the snot that hangs from your nose turns into a frozen moment! And, yes, they have bikinis on the shelves. I am so furious - stupid people!

Try Meltz too - they are also having a sale on all winter stuff. Saw lots of tracksuits there (men and women) earlier this week.

This is my pet hate! I went looking for long sleeved body suits for Isaac today, only to find a shop full of shorts and shortie tops. Seriously, it won't warm up until November at least!

Try Woolies and chat up someone and tell them the problem and ask for an inter-store transfer, you do not care if the trf comes from Alaska! They will do it for you.

Have you tried a factory shop for the track suit pants?

They have weird stuff, like our local one has Christmas print long sleeved polo necks - when did you last wear a long sleeve polo neck in Africa?

Oh, you know what I mean!

Second hand stores. These can contain some real gems - at ridiculously low prices. These stores usually follow the seasons to some extent, but not nearly so rigidly.

Gorgeous baby! Keep those pictures coming!

Yes they do that in the US too. I was shopping for some more winter clothes in February last year only to find that their spring line was already in. Now, spring in some parts of the US (like southern california) might be warm, but in northern california it is cold until August, with a few warm days here and there. Why were the stores selling tiny skimpy shorts and bathing suits already? It drove me NUTS!!

So glad your dad is doing so well.

Sweet Max is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it...almost as cute as my boy was at that age...

I hear you. It is July here and the stuff on the racks is clearance summer stuff and fall/winter clothes. The weather baking hot. Nice if they have your size on the sale stuff but RARE.

What a gorgeous little guy :)

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