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Love the wig! Love the color and the cut and it makes your blue eyes stand out! As for the hair straightening - it's exactly like a perm (same chemicals), but rather than put your hair in rollers, they straighten your hair. I had a friend who used to get it done and it killed her hair. Plus, as the new hair grows in you look like you have a reverse perm (if your hair is really curly...the new hair is curly and the end is straight). But if your hair is slighlty wavy, you might be able to get away with doing it maybe once every 6 months or so - less damage. Just a thought.

PS - Meant to say that I am happy to hear your father is home and doing well!

So happy your dad is home! I love that color on you! Maybe just go for the color at first and then slowly start lopping off a few inches here and there? My sister has the half wavy half straight problem you mention and she basically gives herself a blow out every. single. day. I would think I good stylist could give you a low maintenance cut that would work with your texture.

I have the same exact confused hair you so. Half straight, half curly and SO thick. And my 'do' is a ponytail everyday. I had my hair thermally straightened, also called Japanese hair straightening here, and I LOVED it. Talk about wash and wear! It was about $200 us though and can run up to $600 in certain areas. But it is so worth it and it never fades. It has been the only time in my entire life that I loved my hair.

I also had a friend who did the treatment, and it worked like a charm! If you decide to do it, maybe think of keeping the length but adding a few layers so that you don't end up looking like Morticia Adams, the Brunette. Oh, and i'm delurking by the way. May i be so cheeky to ask for more pics of beautiful baby Max?

I love it! You should totally go for it...Marko will come around. One of these years anyway.
As for the hair straightening thing, I have naturally wavy hair and it is cut very very short, even kind of spiky at the crown of my head, so not a good look with waves. I just use a straightening iron on it after I blow dry it. Takes 5 minutes. Depending on how often you have to wash your hair, this might not be a bad option. I have had friends who have had reasonable success with the chemical straightening (it worked, but it was bloody expensive).
So glad your pops is home!

I had confused hair, then i stopped using shampoo and only using conditioner, and suddenly i had tons of frizz-free curls.

But i'd just wear the wig for about 10 weeks until he got used to it, then get my hair cut like that. But does look like work though - but it's adorable.

Glad you hear that your dad is doing well!

love the hair . . . perfect colour and cut for you! why not get the colour done (and book in colour refreshment appointments so it stays good and shiny), and also get a REALLY GOOD stylist to start cutting your hair in a long version of that style? i.e. keep it long, but layer it around your face a little more. make sure you dont get front layers too short or they will fall out of your 'DO' a real pisser. and get them to show you how to use a 'product' to shape the hair each day that you are not wearing it up. you can sneak the length shorter each time . . . gradualisation is GOOD!
oh dear, how shallow, i dealt with the hair first and your dad's return second - altho', he will understand, you being a woman and all. glad that adventure/trauma is over love him up, and enjoy your family being around you!

I love that style on you! And the color is just perfect!

I like your hair long better honestly. What about getting some bangs? Although, I have confused/retarded hair and bangs do not like to work so I'm not sure if your hair would want to cooperate or not

I am so happy about your dad. Your post about how much you love your parents was really touching. I really like the wig on you, too. You have a long face, and long hair tends to make it look longer and narrower; shorter hair looks cute and youthful on you and sort of "lifts" everything. (I have the opposite situation: a square face with a wide jaw and must find something other than my current blunt bob ending at the jawline because it makes my face look way too boxy.)

I honestly think you should do what you farking want to do with your own bleeding hair because it is YOUR hair and Marko has just got to get over it already. Keep babying him and he'll reward you by acting like a baby -- and about WHAT? Your HAIR? Grow up Marko. (End of rant.)

Congrats again on your dad's recovery! Celebrate with a trip to the salon!

I was going to suggest what ruth suggested... Go gradual: get a trim, but just a bit shorter than usual. Next time, another inch (half-inch if you're very patient). And so on and so forth! It allows for you to adjust to slightly shorter hair as well - it's a big change.

Congrats on your dad being home! I hope he keeps improving.

I just had a dream a few nights ago that you chopped your hair off. No joke.

The wig looks fantastic! Three cheers for dad!

Personally I think that you look like a supermodel with that wig. However, I do not think that it is worth battling hubby for. A good friend has had the Japanese straightening and it looks fabulous. I think you should start there, really easy to maintain - allows you to wash and wear and still look like you have spent more than 2.5 seconds styling it.

Marko doesn't wash, style, or highlight your hair. It's yours, so cut it if you want. That really chaps my ass when I hear about someone who doesn't want their partner to have a haircut. Hello! You just carried your husband's *child* around for the better part of a year. When he can carry the babies, he can decide what you do with your body. Including the styling thereof.

So glad your father is better, and HOME! That's good medicine in and of itself. The wig is OK I guess but that style WOULD take work to maintain. Tell Marko you are sick of working on your hair and want to try the shaved head look...

I like the new style... but I have the same confused hair, had a fairly similar in length style cut as you as although I loved it on the days it went well and I had some time, it was a pain because I HAD to do it every single day as it was not long enough to tie back.

I am curently growing my hair which spends 99% of the time tied back!

We girlies are never happy with our hair are we?

So glad your Dad is home.

Good to hear your pops is coming along. As for the hair, that style, although lovely, will be a great deal of work to maintain and cuts needed every 3-4 weeks. Maybe a bit of long layers (how I have mine) that when freshened allows for a pony tail with only a little bit around the face falling out, but is very wash-and-wear when left down. Especially if you find a good stylist who knows how to work with YOUR hair.

Oh cut it off! You look gorg with the wig. It'll give you a whole new perspective on life - which might just be beneficial for the old boy too.... :)

Yay for dad!!

Okay, you know I will be truthful about hair; That style makes your face longer and thinner. Not what I think you are going for. And that style looks like a ton of work. Why not gradually take off some inches, first time about 5 inches, then after that 2 inches a time, until your hairdresser thinks this is it?

See the problem is, like me, you do not want to spend time on your hair, but want it to look like a supermodel's.

You / I cannot have it both ways. Sigh.

I wash and run, fortunately it is curly, and frizzy in the front, so it looks like a permenant perm! Or a poodle if you are feeling uncharitable!

I would start with a GHD flatiron first to straighten your hair. It is quick and easy to use, and your hair will be beautifuly straight. It doesnt damage hair as much as chemicals do, and you always have the option of having curly hair when you want.

I've been a regular reader of your blog, never commented before, but just had to share this....The bestest ever invention (besides disposable nappies that is) is the GHD (Great Hair Day straightener). Gosh, it's awesome! I use it every single day and it takes 5 minutes to do my hair. It's not just a straightener, you can do curls, "the blow dry look" etc. Just be aware that it is big bucks, around R2500, but totally worth it, quick and easy to use. You can buy it from most hairdressers (well here in Joburg, I don't know about CT). What you could do if you're not sure about spending so much money without trying it first, is to make an appointment with a hairstylist and ask her if she could demonstrate it and then you decide whether you want to get it. If my house burnt down, this is the one thing that I'll try to save!

Long hair is for little girls and teenagers.

Shorter/bob like styles make women look soooooo much better, and definatley MUCH younger.

I am so glad your dad is back home! On to business - I also have confused hair and have settled into a low maintenance shoulder length, well cut, but requiring no blow waving or irons etc - I just can not do that.

And Kate and Adam looks like one person with the wig on - I never thought they look so similar. Amazing!

First of all, very happy to hear your father is home. Second, love the wig and style on you. Your mother was right, makes you look 10 years younger. Third, it is your hair, do what make you happy and beautiful. If Marko throws a fit, he can suck it. LOL

I think that style really suits your face but as so many have said, it will require maintenance. I think you should keep the wig to wear whenever you feel like a change.

My sister had the straightening done and she was really thrilled with it, it looked absolutely stunning. And her hair is really kinky. The only problem obviously is that it grows out and is a bit pricy. Also, as far as maintenance goes, you must use a certain shampoo, I think, and you have to sleep on a silk pillowcase (I kid you not). But she was really happy with it. I can ask her for more details if you want. She had it done here in Cape Town.

Yaaay for your dad being better and at home! :)
That is MY hair Tersh! You wanna beeee me. Hahahhaa. Well it used to be my hair before my hair got confused and became someone else's hair. I now wake up looking like Elvis. Hmm. Not a good look. Just a warning: Yes that hair IS divine but it is NOT low maintenance. Straightening iron helps but is damn hard work - works those arm muscles tho. My answer would be: a definite maybe. Hehe. So glad I could be of assistance. Love u madly xxxx

Also, you have now inspired me to go to the hairdresser. Feeling v old n ugly and need a makeover. Appt at 3.30pm. Winnerrr. And I think you look divine with MY hair - hehehe. So DO IT!

hi tertia. very thrilled your dad and the kids' pops is home! what a relief! strength to him now for a recovery back to full health.

i too have mixed hair and hubby likes a "curl" so i have to scrunch dry with curl activator but also bought a hair straightener - do not spend R2 500 000 on a GHD, the R300 - 500 ones at clicks are just as good AND book an appointment with your hair dresser to try it out first because it is flipping difficult the wavier your hair is AND it does mess with the quality of your hair - even my hairdresser uses her GHD only once a week on herself - NOT every day becos of this.
Also then you never get wavy body when you want it cos your curl has been streeetched. Also little girls (my kids) then want straight hair and I cant bear the conspiracy- that we must all loook the same like Barbie.

On the cutting issue, hubby was adamant the girls and i all have long hair but when the girls were little i made him do all the combing through of hair conditioner for all 3 of us and he quickly relented.

One more thing my friend with sim hair got a shoulder length cut that could still tie up - just shorter and claimed the hairdresser cut it when she was bent over and she didn't know how short it was - then it grew on hubby so to speak and he loves it now.

I love-love-love-love the style on you, but I agree it's way too long to keep it that way every day.
In other words, I am soooooo happy for your family, for your dad... What an ordeal!

I just noticed how similar Kate and Adam look - same jaw, similar eyes. I thought Adam was Kate at first. I'm not sure about the color of the wig though for you. I think you suit something with a little bit of blonde

Thrilled to hear that your father (and the rest of you!) have made it through the terrible situation with love and good humor intact. I'm glad that all of you have each other and that your kids will grow up in such a wonderful extended family.

Short hair is waaaay more effort. Just straighten it and keep on going. Glad your Dad is ok.

Go for the Japanese hair straightening (or 'rebonding' as I've heard it called) because after that it's wash and wear and you never have to think about waiting for your GHD to heat up, spraying your hair with some sort of heat protectant, pinning your hair up into sections, and straightening each section ONE BY ONE.

You look fabulous with the short hair, but from one person with long hair spending .01 seconds a day getting it whipped into shape to another: short hair requires a bit of blow drying to make it look nice. Otherwise it is very droopy and tired.

Ditto what cat said - I never thought the kiddos looked so similar but with the wig on? They are identical!

You look AMAZING in that wig. Marko should lighten up and give you chance to work your look ;) It's just hair after all, you would be able to have it long and back to the old you in a short time.

And OMG K and A look so much alike with the same hair! Who knew? I wonder if I put a wig on my twins if they would look related? Nah.....

So glad to hear your Dad is back home.

Don't do the chemical straightening!!! It fried my hair. I had stubble the next day around my hairline. Took over 2 years and cutting it much shorter to get rid of all the damage.

Totally agree with Meg's suggestion. Try going shampoo-free. I wash my hair only with conditioner. Trust me it gets clean, and my hair is so much healthier and easier to deal with. For more info on this method, see if you can get a book called Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey.

As for Marko, your hair, your decision. IMO, he doesn't get a vote!

hi,ur story seems to be very interesting.cool.tq

Firstly.....glad to hear that your dad is doing well.
Secondly...WOW!!! You look even more gorgeous than you already are with that wig!

Granted I have not been married as long as you, hopefully I won't kill him before we get that far either. ;) But my husband wanted me to keep my hair long. I offered him a solution, if he wanted it left long then he would either get up in the morning and fix it for me, which is a wee bit difficult since he leaves for work before I roust my arse out of bed or he could pay to have a permanent hair dresser at the house to fix it for me. That changed everything and I cut it all off. ;)
Plus, it will grow back, it isn't as though you were born with long hair and it just stayed like that until now. Change is good and if it makes life easier on YOU, it is your hair after all. Did he marry you for your hair or for you? Was it in your vows that your hair must remain long until he dies first, of course? ;)
I got a million replies back on the hair thing if you want more just email me.
I loved the wig on you, that color and cut looked divine!

I own the same type of hair.

With the exception that I need bangs.

That is even more high maintenance, and it doesn't always look good up, if the bangs aren't cooperating at a specific angle. It's confusing.

Now... I am not sure about a hair cut. I think us wierd-hair gals needs to keep our look. You know.. the oh-my-god-it's-still-the-same-gasp-but-looks-not-too-frightening-maybe-if-she-brushed-it-for 3 1/2-seconds longer. It's challenging... you might like it for about an hour, and then you may also be in front of the mirror trying to figure out how to bundle it back up again.

I for one have concluded that I can not have shortish hair.... as it goes poker straight, and sticks out. Currently it's half straight, half curly, sticks out with a bit of a frizz happening around the edges, and bangs that need a quick blow (dryer). I couldn't imagine trying to tame that sort of hair into a semi-style... because I know I couldn't put it into a whole style. That would just be so wrong.

I think deep down your husband is saving himself by saving you. I mean hey... don't they know how it's all done... them with their 1 inch hair and all.... they really know what makes a woman's mane tick.. do they not? ( I own they same type of husband.. except he has less square footage of 1 inch hair left on his head).

Ok.. so good luck... I am not saying don't get "the do" cut.. but then again... sometimes miracles do happen..... RIGHT!

Nice to hear that the father is home!

There are a couple of options but both require effort. Japanese straightening is good but a PITA as your new hair comes in you have to deal with it and the only way to get rid of it is to grow it out. Also, for me, I have hair like yours (at least in your facebook pic) I had to blow it to make it look like nice straight hair. I think the better option is a keratin treatment that gets rid of frizz but keeps body and wave and it easy to straighten when you want but looks good naturally. The keratin is great for your hair so that's a plus. Downside is that it is expensive (in nyc it costs $500-600 per treatment) and takes 3hrs. Lasts 4-6 months. I think your natural hair looks great. Not a fan of the wig so I am siding with Marko on this one. I also am a fan of long.

Ditto on the Japanese hair straightening (Yuko is the company that started it, but there are others now). I just had it done this weekend for the second time and it literally changed my life. My hair was partially curly, mostly frizzy and I used to spend an hour and a half blow drying/straightening ironing it. I now can let it air dry. No damage at all and, in fact, made it really soft. I've got a great (cheap!) place here in L.A. if you want to come visit.

Hi Tertia!

i feel most relieved that ur dad is now home with you guys! this is the sunshine after the rain, thank God for that.

first of all, i think u look great with short hair and a new hair colour!!! i think u should definitely colour your hair =)
as for the thing we call "rebonding" here in singapore, which many others calls "ioning straightening" or something like that, well, it makes your hair silky straight. it makes ANY hair silky straight. poker straight. unbendingly straight. you get the picture...
it can look really good but the thing is, when your natural hair grows out, its going to be really obvious and in order to get out of the top wavy and bottom poker straight look, you may find yourself doing the rebonding over and over again.

ps: they are going to use a really hot iron to iron ur hair straight and it had been one of the most terrifying things i had to go through in my life. did it at least 12 times now and have decided to never do it again. had been successful for the past 1 year.

i tink you can try a new colour and a trim. it doesnt have to be really short but a new colour usually makes us more radiant! =)))

Congrats on your dad! Hope the rest of his recovery is quick and uneventful!

You might want to check into a new process called a Brazilian Blowout. It doesn't get the hair quite as straight as the Japanese straightening, but it doesn't change the chemical structure of the hair, either (no damage to the hair). I haven't had it done (yet), but my stylist swears by it...says it won't completely straighten the hair but will make the curl much more manageable.

Just food for thought. Have a great day!

wow. everyone else has been very respectful, so I will not come across well.

Why does Marko get a say in the matter? It's your life and your hair!

I just can't imagine asking permission to cut my hair!

I like the cut but the colour's too dark.

sorry for being blunt.

How wonderful that your father is doing better. The wig looks great on you and you all look happy. I will say I had hoped to see Max in the wig too!

Can I put in one lone vote for "you have gorgeous curly hair, don't you dare straighten it"? Harsh chemicals will do a number on your hair, there's no avoiding it. Different haircuts, conditioners can help control whatever is bugging you about your hair, but personally I think those ringlets are really cute and suit your face.

Hi Tertia, I am glad to hear your Dad is home and doing better! I have to say that I like your hair as is!

I can recommend Tosca Hair Design in Cobble Walk Durbanville, use Cindy (my stylist and she is seriously good at what she does). She has used Bionic Hair straightner on her own hair and I have seen her do other clients and she has told me about it as well.

Its expensive and it takes long to get done so be prepared for that, it works amazingly on any kind of hair and it grows out (i.e. like a perm would), I know alot of woman that have it done and not one of them has looked back.

Good luck and I prefer your hair the way it is, sorry but I agree with Marko - the wig style doesn't suit you

Take care

yay..cut it cut it. I say go for it. if the short bob worries you..go for shoulder length..and i've had 2 friends do the bio-ionic thing..and it looked FABULOUS!! worked like a charm! plus when the wavy hair started growing out..it actually gave her hair some lift and the roots and it look amazing! go for it!!!

So glad your Pops is home. :)

I am sorry, have no hair advice.

Tertia, you look GORGEOUS with the wig on! My opinion: Ignore Marko's request, have your hair cut & styled in that way. He'll get used to it - quicker than you'll think. It's very similar to my current style & it takes me about 10-15 minutes per day to get it in shape with a "hot brush" (not the old style hot brush - more like a round brush that blows hot air out through little holes from within - available at Clicks stores). I say: GO FOR IT! "A change is as good as a holiday". Enjoy the weekend!

Very glad to hera your dad is home.

I have also had the same style for AGES (tie up and go) but wanted a change that required little to NO maintenance. I went to the hairdresser and he said he had the perfect style. No work required, just a bit of gel and go? Hmmm, that worked for about a month! Then it grew a bit and became too much work. I am now trying to grow it back to a length where I can tie and go again. Even "easy" styles still need styling.

Good Luck.

Glad your dad is back home. As for the short hair, it looks good, but you may have to get used at being confused with the actress Edie Falco of the Sopranoes.
all the best

I have no suggestions about the hair (Mine is pathetic and fine and flyaway and I HATE it), but I just wanted to say how alike the twins are when they get the same hair!! Amazing I thought.

I have no hair advice at all, but I missed the Pops crisis and just read all those posts, and I have to say that I am SO GLAD that he is doing better and is home at last!!! I hope your tungsten man lives up to his name and bounces back from this nasty episode to be stronger than ever.

I agree with the other comments about the GHD - its the best invention for hair! You can let your hair dry naturally and then use the GHD if you want and it will look perfect. I use an oil (Kerstase) in dry hair before I use the GHD and I have no damage. Your hair dresser could recommend one. Don't buy a cheaper version, there are none as good. The cheaper ones catch your hair and burn your hair too!

So happy about your Dad. BTW, the wig really suits you!

It's so funny how you can see even more of the similarities between Kate and Adam when they have the same hairstyle! Too cute!

I'm in the "it's your hair, do what you want with it" camp. I also think a fringe (or "bangs" here in the US) looks really good on you.

Am I the only one who doesn't like the wig? It makes your face too angular. Maybe if you had more weight in your face, but, really, you look better with the long, curly hair. And, you may feel younger with the wig, but I don't see it.

This coming from someone who spent several years highlighting her hair, thinking it looked good only to be told by an honest friend (after I stopped all the coloring) that it didn't look good. Why did everyone else tell me it looked good???

I've got the same hair as you, but I don't bother to comb it often before I put it in a ponytail. It is quite long. I have a friend who mentioned once that he thinks long hair on 'older' women is not a good look. So every year on my birthday I ask him if it's already time to CUT IT OFF, and he looks majorly embarressed and we all have a big laugh.
If I'm honest, your long curly hair looks nice, relaxed and natural and 'European'. The wig style is quite artificial, high maintainance. You must be a busy girl, I can't imagine you want 'straighten hair' on your to-do list every day?

I also don't like to spend more that 2 minutes on my hair so I went the ionic thingy route. It's amaazing!!! super expensive (at least in my country it is) but my hair shined like crazy and was super straight, like i had used the flat iron every day but i had to do nothing. No damage at all. BTW I have tons of hair, it's thick, heavy and tends to frizz and curl in some selected places.

You have great hair. Every now and then I book in for a wash and blow dry at my hairdresser, I feel pampered, it's not very expensive and I come out looking good. Wear a shower cap to avoid steam in the shower and a blow dry will last at least a few days. The other trick is give yourself a quick blow dry, sectioning your hair as you go, then twist the lot into a bun while still warm, this smooths the hair really well. A good cut that takes the weight off while keeping the length makes maintenance a whole lot easier.

My hair and your hair must be twins. I have been thinking of doing the permanent straightening as well. I am hopeless with styling my hair and it always ends up in a pony tail or the odd combo of puffed and flat.

I'm so glad your Dad is home and doing better.

My hair is also wavy and frizzy. I've heard bad things about chemical straightening so have never tried that. But 6 months ago I started doing the keratin treatment someone else mentioned. I get the Coppola Keratin treatment done for $290 in the US, and it lasts about 4 months. It essentially seals your hair so it is straight, thinner, smooth, and doesn't get frizzy. The nice things about it are that 1) it is actually good for your hair and conditions it, 2) my hair is much faster to blow dry and super easy to take care of, 3) it just fades away after 4 months or so and there's no line of demarcation or change to your hair structure. I highly recommend it. The one thing is that you have to use special keratin shampoo and conditioner, because regular shampoos will strip away the keratin and then it won't last as long. Here's the one I have done:

Being totally honest for the sake of you potentially avoiding hair trauma, I think that wig is too harsh a cut and colour for you, and is actually ageing you rather than taking years off.

Your hair in its current long, wavy style (as per your facebook icon on the sidebar) looks youthful, relaxed and really suits you. Gorgeous hair, in fact!

I can understand yearning for a change of style, but it just looks to me like you'll be going from a lower maintenance and flattering style to high maintenance, much less flattering one.

Finally - YAY that your dad is home! Wishing him a quick and complete recovery.

I love it! Agree with Ruth - perhaps just go a little shorter & then a little more, and a little more, etc... The colour is also nice but perhaps have it slightly lighter than the wig. I love the style - it certainly does make you look young (note to T - I didn't say "younger") and your eyes sparkle.

So glad to hear about Pops! You must be over the moon!

Would it be horrible if I said I don't like the wig? I absolutely LOVE the colour. But I think the cut makes you look older, and it isn't as flattering. The pic you have in the next post though, (with you and Kate) is utterly beautiful. You look so lovely in that.

Am I horrible? I can delete this.

It's good to hear that your father is home now! :D
If you want to have your hair straightened, you can have it rebonded. It lasts for 6 months or more depending on your hair. You will also need treatments. Hair iron and blow drier will make your hair brittle.
Whatever style you may want to do with your hair, it will need maintenance every once in a while. It's either you let it be or cut it short so you don't have to maintain anything.
You know what? I like your hair, that style you're wearing on your Facebook badge. Beautiful.

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