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Beautiful hair! Love it!

Sorry, forgot to add that you look 10 years younger with the new hair!

Tertia - Great picture with your daughter. Love the hair - beautiful dark and so straight!

Not too shabby on the ol' to-do list.
Sweet pic of you and your dd. I don't know about you, but there are very few pics of me with my children and I'm the one always with them. She'll be happy to have that mommy and me pic someday.

Nuh-uh, you totally look awesome brunette! Younger, I think! Kate is so gorg, just like her Mama!

What an absolutely STUNNING picture of you and Kate! Well done on the list. I need to make one ... for when we're done with all this adopting number two shite ;-)

You look fabulous. What a great photo!

Fantastic on the to-dos, but I HAD to comment about all of the BEAUTY in that PICTURE!!!! (insert whistles and catcalls here)

Love the dark hair!! You look gorgeous!

I LOVE the dark hair!! And your daughter is just gorgeous too!!

That is a wonderful picture of you and Kate!! She looks like a little lady!

Oh, holy mother of god, how much do I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog? Let me count the ways:

1. Your life is amazing, filled with surprises.
2. You are a go getter and a dynamo and you get so much done. Kind of inspiring.
3. You are a nice person.
4. Your long dark hair is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the hair drama with us!
5. Your kids are adorable.

I am just so thrilled to be included in all the extraordinary, surprising, amazing developments in your life. Thanky ou, Tertia.

GORGEOUS pic!!! And wonderful to-do list. I'm too far behind to start one!

Beautiful photo.

Oh my god, Tertia. The hair is insanely gorgeous. Is that real? Its not a wig? You should never be blonde again :)

You like gorgeous and divine with dark hair! (obviously)

another vote YES for the hair. and if that pic isn't the best then the best must be truly beautiful:)

well done on the list. am currently procrastinating too, but where to begin on a list...

Def. keep the dark hair. You look fabulous and younger, too!

You must keep the dark hair you look even more gorgeous and divine then before! Kate is looking so grown up with her long hair!

You are stunning as a brunette! If that isn't the best picture of the group, the others must be amazing.

Love your hair dark and know what you mean, I have stopped getting blond foils. Much easier to color it myself for $10 a pop!

You did good. And that colour suits you.

Seriously, you should never do blonde again. Ever! The brunette brings out your eyes so much.

Kate-ee (does she still call herself that) is just g&d, just like her mother.

Well done on the list. I seriously need to write one up for myself, but I don't even know where to start.

Love the hair! WAY better than the wig.

You do look amazing with the darker hair, much younger and even rested. And Kate looks so grown up! What happened to your little girl? She could be a model, she is so G&D, as are you! I would keep the dark hair for sure.
That color does suit you, I thought that your sister was wise to go back to her natural color from blond and I think you are as well, you just have the skin tones for darker hair, you can just carry it off, not every woman can.

a great to-do list! my god tertia, you've done so much in two years!!! wow... what a go-getter!
(in particular the unexpected additions to the list!
i am in awe...)
and a wonderful photo!
kate is beauuuuuuuuutiful!

but can i disagree with everybody else about the hair?
dark blond with highlights just looks so natural on you... the sunny SA girl... iykwim ;-)

p.s. of all, i think i like this one most:

Pack away all the baby stuff for good. Sob.
Done, and gave away all the baby stuff. Because you know, I was done. Not suspecting I would have a baby ever again.


For the list: WOW!;
for the hair (boyh you and Kate):WOW!

I like the dark colour, not that I hated the lighter colour though.

You look fabulous! I love that picture...

And I think you did great with your list!

Beautiful!! I hardly recognized miss Kate. She looks so grown-up!

OH MY WORD!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dark hair! So stunning! Also found a pre-Sarah to do list the other day- made me chuckle!

GORGEOUS picture of both of you! Good job on your accomplishments as well!

Wow! What accomplishments. To look back at a to do list from two years ago and see all that you have done (AND MORE, quite a bit I might add)!
And that photo? Love it! Kate is getting so big. I'm lovin your dark hair. Looks great with your light eyes!

Love the hair dark and long. You be gorgeous!

Wow, what a lovely photo of the both of you, the girls of your family!!
I love the dark hair, it looks in great condition too!!

I think the dark hair looks great!! And nice job on working through that "to do" list.

Your eyes look so pretty with the darker hair. Great choice.

I love the dark hair. It suits you perfectly and like you say, it is not so much maintenance then.

Love the dark hair - it's very striking!

What a deeeeevine photo! I really like you with dark hair! Very stylish and sophisticated :)

Love the picture! LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair dark and straight. Absolutely "gorgeous and divine" as you often say. Wow!

Yay! I was hoping you'd post something like this :) wow, far too many done's, geez, even the tax got done. Goody goody girl.

OMG, Gorgeous! Both of you!!
(XOXO to your mom & dad, oh jeez, all of you!)

Actually, I think the dark hair is very becoming, more so than blond. You look fabulous!

Absolutely love the dark hair....looks awesome.
You look great and u do not need to loose weight

Your dark hair is gorgeous. Really sets off your eyes.

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