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Aaah! Falling with style. So carefree yet exciting.

Oh man...that looks like somethig that would be happeniong in my house.

LOL, looks like he enjoyed showing off for the camera

:-) Love that movie. Love these photos.

Where is that child's helmet? LOL!

Kids and couches - jump fest 2009 and to infinity and beyond!

This blog always cheers me up, nice one

I think I shall jump on my couch. Sounds like a good way for me to lose weight, the "couch jumping plan".

Letting your child jump off of the furniture like monkeys in a jungle shows bad judgment.Furthermore children need boundries no matter how much money you have.

Is this comment from Marie a serious one???? I really, really, really hope not .....

I was wondering the same as Ann?

Nah, I think Marie's just stirring. "HIS TV room". How big is your house?

Yes T..do tell. Does each child have their own tv room? Lol. When are you going to show us the indoor bowling alley and fitness room?

So I thought that since a lot of parents / families are looking for 4th of July / Independence day events, they might find this site helpful.


It has a comprehensive list for all of the neighborhoods around Dallas (Highland Park, University Park, Lakewood, Addison, Dallas, Plano, etc.) as well as photos and maps for each event. I found it very useful in my planning so I thought that I'd share the news. :)

Love the pics. How did it go with baby's 6-week check up?

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