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Cool, learned a new word today. Hate to say it, normal function of brain will never be back at 100%. I do those sorts of things all the time.

Don't worry, I have no kids and I already have porridge brain myself! Example: Today I was happily surfing the internet, when my laptop says "preparing to hibernate" WTF? I am angry, I think something is seriously wrong with it!...Then I notice the power cord on the floor. The dammned thing hadn't been plugged in all morning! Oops.
I love K's monster picture, especially the teeth. I think I prefer a toothy monster. :)

I giggled at your name/credit card mix-up. Your doffitude is most entertaining! We need more Tertia's True Tales of Doffitude.

haha, yes i know this porridge brain thingy for sure

just to warn you, it won't stop anytime son - 22 months after birth, i am still struggling with similar problems, getting a warning that laptop will soon run out of power, plugging power cord into socket on said laptop, bloody thing dies two minutes later, then i realise that i havent plugged other end in. using a phone on charge the other day, it cut out in middle of call . . . plug had been placed in 'close proximity' to power source, not even turned on. putting baby teat on bottle from fridge, and screw cap on baby's bottle . . . etc etc etc . . .

maybe you could give kate's monster one of your extra toothbrushes?

that would be a very thoughtful regift.

Happens when you adopt, too. Kids suck the smarts right outta ya. :)

Too funny! I have always called it "Oatmeal" brain. Once I put bird seed in the cat bowl and left the wrapper on a piece of cheese for a sandwich. I also admit it is the try and try again with confidence and persistence (and get wrong) that truly gets the best of me. I tried to justify it by convincing myself that the child (baby) was getting the focused side of me.

Love the artwork! And, sadly after three kids (the youngest is now 3 1/2), my brain is still mush.

Am now 43 with 3 kids and fear my brain will never recover! Long term memory excellent; short term, uhm what was I talking about?

More pics of the divine baby please!

Huh?! You mean that stuff's not normal?! I've been doing crap like that most my life and I'm a man!

I am so glad to read that even though 23 months have passed since I last gave birth, I can still use this an excuse. I thought it was just me.

That reminded me of the day I took my ten day old son to work; my BEST FRIEND was there yet when it came to introduce her to my (ex) husband I COULD NOT REMEMBER HER NAME!!! I will never forget that dreadful feeling; I guess that is somewhat how people with early dementia feel....terrible! My friend and I laugh about it now but my gosh it made me feel really awful!!

LOL, sounds familiar.
Love the big teeth

I'm there with you! I can't remember things, so I write everything down. Even then I'm still only running at 50%.

i can remember that my sister was obsessed with monsters (and goblins) for a while when she was about 4. very cute

Tertia, I have a 5-month-old son. Before he was born I had never left the car lights on and drained the car battery. I have, to date, left the lights on 6 times; and 2 of those were on the same day. This kid will know how to jump-start the car by the time he's in kindergarten!

And did you know, that you one actually loses 4% of your brain mass during and after pregnancy?

Tertia - I am SO glad to hear that I am not the only woman who feel's she lost the majority of her brain after pregnancy. By the way, I would have flipped if I were you, dealing with that internet situation. You handled it well! I am only 35, and ever since I gave birth to my firstborn 3 years ago, my memory has been half as strong as it used to be. Anyone know why that is? I would love to know the science behind why I am feeling the way I do! Believe it or not, I am now pregnant with my second child - I hope it doesn't get worse! I don't know what I'll do. Oh and I have to attach the link to this video I just saw on You Tube - all pooridge brains (and moms in general) will appreciate the video about this "pregnant" mom. I almost peed myself when I watched it for the first time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iURGJpoEcn0

I have this. Didn't get it with my first, but the past six months since my son have just killed me.

My life is like that every day. My family want me to have a brain scan cause they think I have early onset Alzheimers. I had two babies in my 40's. hmmm, not advisable!

hate to break it to you, but after #3 the brain is gone for good....

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