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Have no idea about any of your questions. Am totally distracted with cuteness!

Oh Tertia, the "Oink" just cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh!!!

Lovely picture and even better that he has a pink towel framing his hed. you are so cool with this babe.

Ps - to be fair, you should have posted a pic of ADAM holding Max.

I can't imagine having to stretch my lad 4 hours, when he wants the bottle he WANTS the bottle and nothing else will do. How dare I suggest a dummy? Milk does not come out a dummy. William gained 1lb 4oz in 7 days last time the health visitor weighed him and she never had a problem, so if he doubled that in 2 weeks he would have gained even more than Max. She's coming again Monday to weigh him, we'll see what she says about his gain then *shrugs* personally I don't think you can over feed them at this age. If they're hungry they're hungry..end of for me!

Ummm. I was under the impression at this age babies self regulate and there was no such thing as 'overfeeding'. I could be way off base...but seems to me that if he isn't vomiting up the formula and acts hungry he should be fed. Growing is tough, hungry work! Listen to your instincts as you know him best! Congrats!

1. You make gorgeous babies, Tertia. He's got a look that is wise & zen & terribly, terribly cute.

2. Laughing at tess, up there commenting on fairness. She knows life is not fair. ;)

i would definitely NOT try to stretch to a 4hr routine, if anything you could try feeding him a little less in one go (amount wise). babies that age have very small bellies, and there is absolutely no use filling them to the brim and then waiting until they're starving to give more. less more often makes much more sense to me. i also don't agree that you have to wait longer between feeds during the day to get them to sleep at night. i did exactly the opposite with our boy, cluster-fed in the evening (i.e every 2hrs or so) and he slept beautifully because of it. most of all though, i recommend you do what you need to to keep max happy. babies are pretty clever, and if they're hungry, well, they'll let you know. i doubt the nurse knows more about when max is hungry than he does himself!

He is adorable! I never heard that a baby could be overfed, even on formula. I'm not a big fan of putting cereal into the bottle, which I hear some people do and I think that can make a baby overeat, but that's not the case here.

let me get this straight.. you are happy, max is happy, so the only one with a problem is the nurse? get a new nurse. with mine, once i started them on formula and could see how much they were getting i stopped the regular weigh ins. if he's growing, happy and developing on track then relax. if it aint broke, why fix it?

I'm with deb. (No kids of my own though). My cousin worked to get her two girls on a schedule from the start and had a book that recommended feeding every three hours during the day and stretching it to 5 hours at night. Maybe it was just personality but it worked for her and her girls.

Best of luck with your cutie!


I'm not sure you can overfeed a four month old. When he's hungry, he's hungry.

As for stretching out the feedings, as his little tummy gets bigger and he can eat more in a feeding, then the feedings will happen less and less often. You can't really force that to happen.

Are you giving him a pacifier? If he's not truly eating during a feeding, but just seems to need something to suck on, that might hold him off.

But if he's eating his food, then I think the reason he has an internal timer go off is because he's hungry! :)

There's nothing crueller than denying a baby their most basic need. Feed that darling boy as often as he wants.

Hmmm, I breastfed my daughter and she gained 1,1 kg in two weeks... I was told that you can't overfeed such a small child. If they eat too much they simply regulate the food intake by vomiting...

Get a new nurse!!


Mother of Two

Feed the baby when the baby is hungry. End of story.

Can't comment on any of the questions as i have not yet been blessed with "Mother" status yet. But he is absolutely GOURGEOUS!!!

I overfed my one triplet. She cried alot and groaned at night in her sleep. How was I supposed to know that because she weighed 200g less than her sisters she had to drink less - goodness!! Anyway, I think it is time for 4-hourly feeds. Why don't you give him some boiled (cooled down) water if he cries before a feed, sometimes babies are just thirsty and not hungry.

Overfeeding a baby typically causes them to hurl. If he's not ejecting the milk, this must just be how much Max needs to eat. Each child is different.

I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. He's thriving and happy. Carry on.

Hey Tertia,
I have 7 year old twins and I work as a pediatric/NICU nurse. Personally, I believe that if a 4 week old is not vomitting or acting uncomfortable after feeding, then you are NOT overfeeding him. Honestly, it would seem cruel to me to hold back on his bottles if he is crying for a feeding. (and feeding a young infant water (boiled or not) is EXTREMELY dangerous, as it can easily throw off his electrolyte balance. I had a 2 month patient when I first got out of nursing school that required weeks of hospitalization after his mom gave him just a few ounces of water throughout the day for a few days!) Max is a gorgeous baby and you guys seem to be doing a fabulous job! Keep up the good work and keep in mind that you know your baby better than anyone else, so trust yourself!

Maybe you need a new dr.? My "little" girl was born at a whopping 9 lbs 2 oz. By 6 weeks she weighed 12 lbs 9 oz. And she was breast fed, every 3 hrs or there would be hell to pay! I got a serious finger wagging for missing several appointments, but as I explained to them "my baby is big, healthy, and happy and feeding well, so what's the problem?". I know the docs are concerned with childhood obesity these days, but I've never heard of not feeding a baby when it cries to be fed.

God these baby nurses/midwives blow my mind. My son was 4.4kgs when he was born, and had lost 600grams before we left hospital (he was 2 weeks overdue, so must have just lost the extra weight he put on in those 2 weeks) I tried to exclusively breastfeed, but at 2 weeks old he hadnt regained his birth weight. So the bitchy baby nurse told me I was starving my baby and to immediately start supplementing him with formula. It worked, his weight came up, and then shot up the centiles, and then I was getting moaned at becuase he was too fat. I was told he would end up obese like me. (Cow!) He was a chubby baby until the age of 1 and now is 5 years old and is the tallest in his class, but skinny like Adam. So who gives a damn if he was chubby for his first year, It didnt cause any long term affects, and he wasnt happy if I fed him less. Max is only 4 weeks old, she should just monitor his weight gain over the next month. And feeding him less during the day will have the exact opposite effect on his sleeping though the night. He needs a certain amount of milk throughout the day, and if he doesnt get it during the day, he WILL wake up at night. Do not give him the cooled boiled water, he is too young, if in doubt rather ask the paed, he studied for 10 times as long as the "baby nurse". These women rile me so much!!

My guess is that if he was nursing every 3 hours she would not be telling you to stretch him out to every 4 hours, so I think perhaps there is a little reverse bias by the nurse going on here. And let me say that I taught breastfeeding classes, nursed my own children and am a retired labor and delivery nurse. You are an experience mom and you should go with your gut, and do what you think is best. If Max is happy right now then leave him where he is with a eye to stretching out his feeds as he gets older. His stomach is still very small, at birth was the size of a golf ball, so now still much smaller than your fist. I agree totally with everyone else that he is fine where he is, you will know when he can go further between feeds as he will.

I was also told I was over feeding my baby.
I tried to stretch him and gave up after 15 minutes of listening to him wail.
He got fat, very fat... he was over the 95% at 3 months -but now he is 13 years and slim and well adjusted.
Keep on doing what you're doing, you know him the best.

I did breastfeed - but I also pumped & bottlefed that way (working mom). My son was born at 8lbs 1oz and at his appointment at 10 days old, he weighed 10 lbs. Doc said not to worry. He ate every two hours (and continued to do so for months and months and months). He was 20 lbs by 4 months. He is now 20 months old and weighs 24 lbs (after getting up to 26.5 lbs at 9 months - then learned to walk & dropped some el bees).

So, I think you should continue to feed on demand.

Tripsmom, are you kidding me? You do not give a 4 week old water unless it is 100 degrees outside and the kid is sweating and not peeing. No no no hell no.

Tertia, as others have said, you cannot overfeed a baby that small, they will puke it out, they self-regulate. Tell the nurse to put a sock in it. I breastfed both kids, sometimes they "cluster-fed", meaning they were eating every hour. Their bellies are small, the milk gets digested quickly. Don't make the boy miserable. As he grows, he will eat more in one take and stretch them out himself, around 3-4 months, not 3-4 weeks.

Don't listen to the nurse. It's not true. My oldest ate a lot when he was a baby. They told me to stretch his feedings because he was eating too much. He is 21 now and is not fat. He was never fat. Actually he was thin. He has my metabolism and can eat all he wants without gaining weight. When he was a baby he slept through the night by a month old. And I did feeding on demand too (bottle fed) I would try to keep him up for a while before 7pm and then he would have a bath, bottle, and go down for the night. Giving them a bath keeps them up for a bit so save that for before bedtime. Some babies are just hungry more than others.

I subscribe more to the idea of "get as much into them during the day and they'll sleep longer at night."

"Doc said not to worry."

That's how my second pedi was. The first pedi for my oldest wanted me to stretch the feedings. I switched pedi's and the second one was of a totally different mindset. My kids are 21, 19, and 15, and the 15yo still goes to the second pedi. I am going to miss that dr when my youngest turns 18. He had all the same views I did.

Tell that nurse to suck it. Babies know nothing of schedules – they just know when they’re hungry. I don’t eat at the exact same interval every day. If I’m hungry, I eat. If I’m not, I don’t. If his tummy was too full, he’d spit the milk up. Just my two cents. :)

so you have a gorgeous fat healthy happy baby and your nurses advice would turn him into a hungry cranky skinny baby? Are you sure your nurse isn't a blog troll in real life trying to ruin your life?

Feed the baby. :) And then smother him in kisses - he's gorgeous.

A baby can't be overfed. They reject a bottle when they are full, so if he wants it he must be hungry. All babies gain weight at different rates.

Another vote for feeding him when he's hungry! It doesn't make any sense to me to stretch out his feeding times during the day. He's only 4 weeks old for goodness sakes. Like the other commenters said, if it ain't broke, why fix it? If nighttimes become a problem, then you can work on the nighttimes.

The worst advice I EVER took was 13+ years ago when my son was born. The nurse told me that he should only eat every 4 hours. I didn't know any better so I tried to follow her advice....for 1 whole day. It was the most miserable day. Finally got up to the city to see my father and grandmother who was in visiting and had 4 children of her own. My grandmother took my son from me and held him for a moment. Then she gave him back and told me he was hungry ... "feed him". She told me then that I knew my child and that nurse saw him for 15 minutes total in his life. I listened to my grandmother and continued to remember her advice for 3 more children.

Feed him when he's hungry, Tertia.

I breastfed my daughter and my twin boys. I think any mother should be free to choose formula, breast or a combination; I chose to try breastfeeding and continued because I found it both convenient and pleasant (I am also very clumsy and felt more confident not having to mess with sterilizer etc). Plus, the boys stubbornly refused the bottle :-).
If Max is healthy and happy, I would suggest you follow your instinct. And congratulations!

three to four weeks is a very common period for the 1st growth spurt. It may well settle down in a few days. I agree with the last person. You feed the kid when it says it's time to eat, unless he's yacking it up.

Damn the nurse and her stupid recommendations! You and Max are happy so keep doing what you are doing!

He is adorable!

I have never heard of stretching a month old's feeds to four hours apart. That nurse is just plain wrong. A 2 lb. weight gain is perfectly normal.

I agree with the others. Ditch that nurse or tell her to zip-it.

I appreciated the space between feedings and extra sleep at night is great, but he's a growing boy and if he's hungry you should feed him. A 4 week old can not be too big short of him being 30lbs or something outrageous.

You could try giving him an extra ounce or two and see if that helps with spacing, but his stomach is only so big. Do what you think is right and don't listen to that crazy nurse lady.

My oldest was 9.5lbs when he was born and 11 lbs at 2 weeks. My second was 8.5 lbs when he was born and 11 lbs at 2 weeks. They all grow at different rates.

I agree with the chorus of nurse haters... and I've actually found the opposite to be true for day vs. night. The more my kids ate during the day the less they seemed to need to eat at night? but who knows.

PS - Max is *scrumptious*. Seriously. Beautiful, beautiful baby.

I'd like to add to the chorus of Feed That Baby! Mine put on loads of chub in their first four months and it was perfectly normal for them. If Max wants to go longer between feeds, he'll let you know. Kisses to all!

That is one adorable baby you've got there!

I have no idea about the feeding thing, but my reaction is if he's hungry, why wouldn't you feed him?

::sigh:: Here comes the assvice. Take it or not, I won't be offended.

I worshiped at the altar of Penelope Leach, and she said for a bottle-fed baby, put 2 oz. MORE in the bottle than you think he'll eat. That way if he wants more, it'll be there. So if he's CONSISTENTLY taking 4 oz. (or whatever), make 6 oz. bottles. When he starts draining the 6 oz., then bump up to 8. (She never said what happens when they drain 8 oz., but by then most babies are eating solids.)

But yeah, feed him when he's hungry. Maybe make sure he has a little more if he wants it.

Feed baby

Ignore nurse

Post more pictures


I think the nurse is full of baloney. Think about it this way...did cave women worry about overfeeding babies? Did they set their clocks to four hour time frames? Nah.

Babies have built in systems that help them regulate their intake. Let Max tell you what to do, not the nurse.

Sorry to go off on a rant. We were given the same advice once and ended up UNDERfeeding our DS to the point where he lost too much weight. When I let myself think more rationally, I realized that I should have never listened!

Ignore her. Feed him. He's just a big boy (as was mine) and he's fine. Of course with the caveat that I have no medical training to speak of....

ARGH! Why do people ALWAYS want to over-involve? Drives me insane! I think there's a type of healthcare provider who feels they can't just say: you're doing everything right, well done. No, they have to amend one of your behaviours to keep their self-esteem up - to feel like they're doing a job.
Max doesn't look fat, BTW.
If I knew when I had Felix what I know now I would have discarded 95% of all the asshole advice i ever got and trusted myself more.

Okay, total BS. I've never heard of "overfeeding" a four week old baby, and I would totally ignore that nurse. My first was a super chunker, gained weight at a ferocious rate, and was such a roly-poly fatty-baby we laugh at the pictures now. He at like a giant piggy (he was breastfed, so I don't know how much he was actually eating, but I certainly felt like a cow!) I was never ever told to deprive him of food, or to stretch out his feedings because he was too fat, so he ate when he was hungry.

He is now 7 going on 8 and a skinny boy.

AND, MOST importantly, he slept through the night by about 11 weeks, despite my "overfeeding" him.

He's probably eating because he is a growing baby. I *really* would not listen to the nurse, though I am completely talking out my ass because I do not have kids. BUT my gut tells me that a baby eats as much as he/she needs to.

SCREW THE NURSE...babies will only eat when they are hungry. Ignore her

Overfeeding??? That's malarky. Everyone can see he is perfect. Besides, here we're taught that if you feed your baby really well (i.e. every 2 hours BFing/ 3 hours formula) during the day the baby will start sleeping through the night sooner because they aren't needing food then- they've taken in their daily calories by bedtime.

Another voice in the "you can't overfeed a baby that young" crowd. It has also been my experience with three babies that the more/better they ate during the day, the better they slept at night.

You have great instincts, Tertia, and you are an experienced mom. You know best what to do with your baby. And, by the way, that is one gorgeous baby!

Have not read the rest of the comments but I'm sure I'm reiterating what others have said...
If Max wants a bottle after 2 or 3 hours... give him a bottle! There is no such thing as overfeeding a baby at his age. Geesh. Kids self regulate at this age. He's a growing boy, he's bulking up, he needs his nutrition!

My 2nd DD is 3 weeks and I'm getting the advice of, demand feed, always. I don't think our pediatrician said to start spacing out feedings at night until DD #1 was maybe 6 months old.

That's insane advice. My daughter gained a pound a week or more till 4 months. She weighed 25 pounds at 4 months. HUGE! And then didn't gain much more and is an average sized two year old.

Starving a newborn is nuts. You could try offering a little less at each feed and then offering a pacifier. he may have a need to suck and not really need all that food. But if he wants more food, then that is what he needs.


Just kidding. It's ridiculous to base feeding advice on a single weigh-in. If he's gaining 1 kg or more every single week and he's threatening to weigh as much as Kate or Adam by age 3 months, then you should be concerned. But one weight measurement is completely unreliable. Maybe he had a big poop inside and a full stomach when he got weighed, and a few hours later he would've been lighter. You know?

It's cruel to deny a newborn what he needs. If he's hungry, feed him. If he's hot or cold, adjust his clothing. If he's sleepy, put him to bed or rock him to sleep. These are the basics. I don't get the impression, Tertia, that you've been setting an alarm and foisting a bottle on Max every 2.5 hours. He wakes, he cries/stirs, you wake and feed/change him. This is as it should be. Follow his cues and the rest will work out.

I think it's bunk. There's nothing wrong with feeding on demand. I'm nursing my daughter on demand -- she was born the same day as Max! -- and she's sleeping for 4 to 5 hour stretches some nights even when she eats every 2 to 3 hours during the day.

I think there are a lot of nurses out there that have "doctor envy" that would like to tell you the slightest thing that would make them seem really knowledgeable and, you know, the expert. I think it is a bizarre statement to make, if the kid wants food, it wants food, feed it. None of your family has weight issues, it's not like you're fostering a genetic obesity or something!!! I would take that nurse's advice like I'd take my MIL's. With a nod and a thanks and then do my own thing.

Good luck with the sleeping through. Maybe I'm naive, but wouldn't a well-fed baby sleep better than a hungry one...?

I second that! ARE you kidding me?! Babies do not need water, nor is it good for them. Never water. No water.

My little girl had reflux and feeding issues. I've spent a lot of time with feeding experts who say that the baby will regulate the amount of food they need. If he was 6 months old and still feeding every 2 hours they would probably work on changing it, but he's still so young. I am also for getting a new nurse. :)

Nope, you can't overfeed a baby that small. If they are eating too much, they vomit, if they aren't getting enough, they cry and let you know. His belly will grow in a few months and he will be able to go longer between feedings. He is soooo adorable!!!!

You know how niggly you get when you are denied the bottle!
I agree with the others, if he is hungry, he needs to be fed.I too had a sarky nurse tell me I was starving my child and to supplement breastfeeding immediatly. Still getting over that one. Wish I had had the confidence to trust my own instincts then.
He is absolutely gorgeous!

Get a new nurse, Tertia.

If he insists on being fed every three hours, how about giving him a little less at each feeding?

You cannot overfeed a baby, esp. if he's not spitting up. Odds are he might be getting ready for a growth spurt. My son was the same way and now at 5 he's extremely tall and the chub disappeared as he stretched out.

I think the lady is full of crap. The only way to stretch a baby to 4 hours is when their tummies grow bigger and can handle more formula at one time.

It's amazing how different professionals can be on this topic and how long the it's been going on. My mom talks about how one doctor accused my mother of starving my oldest brother (now 49) because she wasn't giving him cereal yet. He was fussy and acting hungry. Yet, he was 4 months away from when her original doctor told her to start feeding my brother any solids whatsoever. (She moved from Washington DC back to Wisconsin at the time). Needless to say, my brother started on cereal at a whopping 8 weeks of age and the rest of us (three kids), started on cereal at about 6 weeks. We are all alive and don't have a food allergy among us.

You cannot over-feed a baby, especially one that young! He is too young to go four hours during the day (unless he wanted to, which he obviously doesn't), and if he is going 2.5 to 3 hours right now, that is great! When I read what that nurse said, I was so furious I could hardly stand it! Babies gain lots of weight at this age - it is normal! You cannot force-feed a newborn. It's great that he wants to eat so much - I struggled to keep my daughter awake long enough to take anything at that age. 3 hours between feedings is absolutely normal for his age right now.

Also, the more he eats during the day, the longer he can sleep at night. The more calories he takes in during the day, the better. What she is telling you to do is stupid! If he eats less during the day he is going to be hungrier at night - wouldn't you be?! Plus, if he gets plenty of milk in the AM hours, you will feel more comfortable stretching him out in the PM hours.

Please DO NOT listen to such an idiot nurse. You cannot overfeed a baby (unless you were literally force-feeding him, which - how would that be possible?) and a baby cannot be too fat. How ridiculous. Keep doing what you are doing - you are doing great!

That is silly. He is still so thin! My nephew was born at 10 pounds. He is now 19 and not fat in the least.

If Max was a rolly polly baby then I would think you might need to feed him less but right now I don't see that at all. You know your baby that nurse does not. Keep doing what you are doing. You know best in the end. :-)

My baby (who is nearly 7 months) gained 500g a week for a long time, and shot from the 50th to 97th percentile in about 4 weeks. I fed him every 3 hours or less til he was about 4 months old. He is now slowing down with the weight gain since starting solids at 5 months. I think it is quite fine to feed every 3 hours, and be grateful for a chubby baby. In contrast to yours, my clinic sister said if he fed often in the day he wouldn't need so much food at night, and he went to one night feed fairly early on. (PS I bought a babygro like Max is wearing from Woolies for my boy but guess what? It wouldn't fit over his rather large thighs and I had to take it back!!)

Too damn cute!
Feed him if he's hungry!!!!

Hi Tertia.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I think this nurse does not know what she is talking about. This is bad advice. My pediatrician, who has had a well-recognized and award-winning practice for many years (and is a father of five), does not recommend putting any baby on a schedule before 4-6 months. And in fact he does not even mention the word 'schedule' to breast feeding moms. This is just common sense. What is the most important job for an infant? It is to grow. Grow to become strong. And to grow he needs to eat.

You are an experienced mom and you are clearly doing a fantastic job with Max already, why second-guessing yourself? If you are going through a period of self-doubt, I would recommend to read the information on La Leche League's website and in the meanwhile to keep feeding your growing baby whenever he needs.


I have to agree with just about everyone else- if the boy is hungry, let him eat!
My daughter gained more weight more quickly on the bottle than the boob (same milk, I pumped). BUT, if she didn't want the whole bottle, she would refuse to drink it. Max is doing just fine- cute as a button! If he's hungry, feed him :-)
My daughter always ate every two hours @ 4oz a feed, cause that's what she wanted.

Ignore the nurse. Feed the baby. Trust yourself.

He'll let you know if he's overfed by returning the excess. He's happy, healthy, and growing. Why would you want to mess with that?

I haven't bottle fed, so I don't know that this is soud advice...but in my opinion, why shouldn't you feed someone when they are hungry ? It sounds like someone is just jealous that Max looks so good chubby ;o) I say if the boy is hungry, feed him- who cares what the nurse thinks....I'd like to see her make HER hungry baby wait an hour to be fed.

Your nurse is insane. At this age it's all "need" and no "want". if your little man is needing something to eat, you feed him Mama! If you're really concerned, cut back on how MUCH you're feeding, but not how often! Instead of 4 ounces, offer him three and see if he's satisfied. But when a baby cries for food, you feed it. Period.

I'm with Deb. Keep on feeding often but reduce the amount slightly, he doesn't seem than interested in the last bit anyway.

Absolutely not! My second son was born at 8lbs. He gained a pound and a bit every week for a month. Now at 10 weeks he's 15lbs. He eats every 3 hours (usually) during the day, sometimes more or less, and he sleeps 12 hours a night with one wake up. He started sleeping through the night with one wake up at 3 weeks. Babies eat when they want, how much they want. Unless a parent is force-feeding them, which you're not. I wouldn't worry about it. Max knows when he's hungry. I say "whatEVER" to the baby nurse!

My son (he's almost 10) was born at an even 10 pounds. At his two month check up he was 15 pounds 6 ounces. No one had a problem with this. He took 7 ounces every 3 hours at that point. The pediatrician joked that he was likely eating us out of house and home. He was very healthy though. Off the percentile charts for years. At almost 10 he's extremely tall and is very thin. As soon as he started walking and running the weight fell off.

You know best, follow your instincts. Was told cannot overfeed a baby that young.

I agree with all above that say you cannot over feed a baby at this age. My second son was 10 lbs at birth and gained a pound a week for the first 4 weeks and was a round chubby baby until 3 or so. Now, at 7, he still eats like it's going out of style but you can easily count his ribs he's so skinny.

Hi, I have an 3 month old adoptive baby boy. He still drink every 3 hours during the day, but recently started to sleep from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m ! Jay !!
By giving him less food during the day will not make him sleep longer at night. I would not go with what one nurse say, there is so many different opinions.
good book to read : Baby wise by Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam

no no no! That nurse has been smoking her socks! Max is an individual and deserves to be treated as such, you can't put babies 'in boxes' and make them follow a formula. Let the boy eat! My kids all demand fed and i have 3 happy, healthy, well adjusted children with no food hang-ups.

I agree with the rest: feed your young infant when THEY want to be fed--they haven't been conditioned like adults to overeat even when they're not hungry. I breastfed my daughter on demand, which was sometimes every 2 hours (oh, the sleep deprivation!) and she was sleeping through the night at 11 weeks.

BTW--if you ever get any other "assvice" from medical professionals like this again, sweetly ask them to provide the research studies from peer-reviewed medical journals that back up what they're saying. Bet you anything they won't have jack.

Fuck that nurse.

Pardon my whatever, but somebody has decided that sleeping is for assholes, and doesn't do it anymore. Period.

But fuck that nurse. Just feed him. Aside from the whole "You can't overfeed a baby," thing, what's the point of denying him a bottle at this point? You're just going to end up arguing with a baby over whether or not he wants a bottle, and who wants the aggravation?

He wants the bottle. He's not exactly going to join the debate team so that you can logically explain to you exactly WHY he wants it, so he's going to be miserable, you're going to be miserable, and that stupid nurse won't even care, because SHE'S not going to be within earshot of all that crying and frustration.

Now, on the other hand, if she wants to come to your house and take a shift...? No? Then she doesn't get a vote.

I'd wait until 12 weeks. My lovely and wise ped. told me that trying to reset that internal clock before then is rather useless. She says that a switch seems to go off at 12 weeks and the day/night/longer sleeping thing just happens like magic. No sense in making yourself, or that adorable little chub, crazy in the meantime.

FWIW, my little (now 5!) chub weighed more at birth than Max does now at 4 weeks so I would hardly classify Max as hefty :-)

He's adorable! I don't think you can overfeed them at this stage. My baby is now 9 weeks old and I've just gone through the whole 4 hour thing. I tried to stretch her to four hours but if it was 3 to 3.5 hours I would feed her. Sometimes they will go three hours between one bottle and then six hours till the next. (I'm doing formula too!). Have you tried increasing the amounts in his bottle so that instead of say six 4 oz bottles a day, he'll have five 5 oz bottles? That might help him go a bit longer.

Oh, the other thing, she sleeps really well at night now - up to 12 hours, but then the next feed is usually within 3 hours. For example, she feeds at 7am after 12 hours, she'll be hungry again at 9.30 or 10. She has to catch up!!!

Check out Baby Wise - a great book.

I had a porky baby boy who loved his milk. I was told by UK Health Visitors you can't overfeed a baby of that age, and that some just have bigger appetites than others. Actually, they only worried about underweight babies, not the "overs" - and my son was up around the top 3rd percentile.

He stayed gorgeously chunky until around age 3 1/2. He's worked it all off now (age 7) as he's so active & has a great physique plus still a good appetite.

I think Max is gorgeous & you should relax. Actually, bigger babies are far less worrying as they have strength to fall back on should they get sick.

Only reason for stretching feeds is if you need more sleep at night.

Hope this helps!

If you overfed him, he would throw up. What I tell new moms is to wake the baby to feed (every 3 hours) during the day and at night let him wake you. I say go by Max. He knows when he is hungry better than the nurse does.

Do what you feel is right.

I only had one hard and fast rule when parenting a newborn and it was a simple one-- feed the baby when it's hungry. Some babies gain quickly, some gain slowly. My assvice is don't over think it and do what feels right.

I say amphetamines & possibly gastric by-pass are required here!

Max is perfect; do EXACTLY what my ped said: You're doing fine, keep doing what ever it is that you are doing.

As young humans we don't have the ability to over eat like we do as adults. Babies and toddlers eat when they are hungry. You aren't overfeeding him at all, what rot. If you filled him up too much it would all come back out the top. Tell the woman to wind her head back in. Weight gain is normal, it will even back out in time - he's only little.

Keep doing what you are doing! As Tara above said you know him best. Beautiful boy!!

What everyone else said. If he's not sick, you're not overfeeding.

Heck, the best way to get them to sleep through the night is generally to feed them more closelty together during the day so taht he gets the cals he needs and then doesn't need to nurse at night.

But I think he's too young for that, too...

As long as you are not feeding him solid foods (I know you aren't) than there are only two ways to over feed a baby, and neither is feeding him when he is hungry. The ways you could be over feeding him is by trying to get him to take 'that last little bit' that is left in the bottle. Ummm, you have two children...they are healthy weights, you are a healthy weight, and so is your husband. I really can't see you being one them. Nor can I see you being one of the 'the baby hasn't eaten in 3 hours! Wake him up!' types which is the only other way you can over feed a baby. Again, you have two children, you know if a baby is sleeping, you let them sleep!
He crys and wants to eat, FEED HIM! and get yourself a new nurse, that one sounds like an idiot!

Oh geez, ignore the nurse. He's happy, you're happy, don't create a problem that didn't exist in the first place.

I agree with Kathy B...feed darling Max when he wants, ignore uptight nurse, post more pics so we can relish then.

Maybe he is just a little bit too perfect??

The nurse is an idiot. If he is happy, stick to thinks the way they are. He's WAY to young to play around with sleep. 6 months old is the earliest the recommend.

Ignore the nurse and continue being a good mommy.

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Good heavens what odd advice... I'd feed him when he's hungry... he's a tiny infant... and doing just lovely... more photos, pretty please...

Nah, we were always told you can't overfeed a baby, they stop when they've had enough. At his age I can well imagine he wants 3-hourly feeds still. Go with your gut, it's your baby!

I think you should go with your gut on this one. 10 lbs at 4 weeks is not a huge baby...healthy, but not an oinker by any means! But even more importantly, he tells you when he's hungry (I don't believe for one second that a 4 week old is going to eat when they are not hungry), and it sounds like not only is he tolerating the timing of those feedings well, he sounds very healthy as well. I always demand-fed my babies (breast-fed mostly, but it's really all the same to me), and they learn to sleep through the night when they learn to sleep through the night.

Another question I have (but more out of curiosity than anything) is just how old is this nurse? If she looks super young (and possibly without kids, or maybe only one), she could be going by book knowledge, or her *vast* experience of one child. If she's much older, she could be stuck in an antiquated way of thinking where you have to abide by a set feeding schedule. As it is, they are very strict (around here at least) about feeding schedules while you are still in the hospital with your newborn.

Just a thought. But I still say go with your gut!

I forgot to add...that is one seriously. cute. baby!

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