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OH MY WORD you sure do crack me up!!! xx

you are hilarious - as a fellow infertile at the beginning of her long journey ... I LOVE reading your blog. It gives me hope and makes me belly laugh, all at the same time. Keep it up!

Lisa in Canada

You are so funny!

Please share some of your baby info: type of bottles you use, type of formula,type of nappies, how much he drinks per bottle, etc. Love to hear more about the little guy.xoxoxo

Give old maxie-boy a bag of cheetos...they should dissolve easily so he does not have to chew them. See, they are just like those "yogurt puffs". LOL :)
Seriously though, PICTURES, please!

I am not sure which is funnier, the idea that your dad doesn't know that you get your period or that he doesn't know that you and Marko have sex! You are too funny. Isn't it weird how the body can reset itself after you have a baby? It does explain how some infertiles do manage to have a baby the old fashioned way right after they have done IVF, etc. and given birth.

After years of infertility and a complete lack of ability to ovulate on my own - 3 years post hysterectomy at the ripe old age of 40, I now ovulate every 28 days. Lovely, just lovely.

Wow, talk about a late bloomer :)

What?!? Sandwiches for the baby? No way. He'll get fat. Give him a salad.

You know Tertia, I have "heard" that "they say" (i.e., don't quote me, but I think this is the case) that as some of us PCOS-y ladies age, and our whacked-out hormone levels start to dissapate, they actually approach normal levels for awhile on our way through perimenopause. That is, it is the actual aging process that decreases the abnormal levels, and makes them how they should have been all along. It can be the most fertile time for some of us!

Welcome to the real world. I really had to work hard to conceive, (which is not as much fun as it sounds) because I ovulated so sporadically and without any pattern or consistency my whole menstruating life. I was however successful, twice, and since having my children, my wretched eggs appear like clockwork, every month. You could set your clock by my period arriving. It's a sod.

Orange - LOL! that's hilarious :-)

Yes, I would call that ironic! Just as well you had your tubes tied...

Hilarious and ironic for sure. I too have in vitro twins and the surprise baby after and now tubes tied. Tying tubes after infertility feels so odd, but nature has a funny sense of humor.

away to the couch with you, girl!

I had my tubes tied over two years ago and since then I have a had a period every 28 days. I ovulate every month around day 13. I have to find it amusing because for years I only ovulated twice a year and had multiple miscarriages due to a short luteal phase.

The body is a crazy thing.

You totally crack me up. And......I wonder if Pops did carry on reading......you know......just out of curiosity!? :-)

Orange - you also crack me up. A salad for the baby! Bwahahahah!! But surely he would choke?

My fertility doctor told me the ironey of struggeling to fall pregnant is that pregnancy cures most ills of infertility - the trick is to GET PREGNANT so that the body can get back into "sync". It seems to have worked with you!

You AND your body are amazing! Thanks for the chuckle, I can always count on you!

you have benjamin button ovaries.

Tess - that's was a brilliant comment. Imagine you just decided to "let it be" and didn't bother with the tubes, discovering a six weeks little 'accident' a couple of weeks from now.

"The doctor said that as I wasn't breastfeeding, it could possibly be a period."

For the record, it can also be a period if you ARE breastfeeding on demand a baby who never once would give you a break and suck on a bottle or a pacifier or a hand or finger or ANYTHING else. Just in case anyone reading is under the impression (as I was, until it happened to me at 6 weeks post-partum!) that it cannot.

Tertia--and Orange and Tess--you are hilarious! I needed a little comic relief this morning. :)

Dude. Biology is a cruel mistress.

Well isn't your body being bloody ironic with you these days?! ;)

A relative of mine has two children in the same grade in school. They are not twins. Enough said. Good for you for doing what needed to be done!

When I was in school one of my best friends was an only child for 16 years, her mom was told that it was a miracle that she managed to concieve. So for 16 years her parents used no contraceptives. Then in her early 40's the mom thought she was in early menopause, no suprise she was pregnant. Dr said that was total fluke. So Baby boy made his entrance, within a year she had another "fluke" this time tubes were ligated!!!

I am so happy to hear that everything is fine with you and yes, I would also been dumbstruck by the fact that I am ovulating after so many years. But at least you know that you are healthy.

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