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He's so cute! He looks like he might take after you, is this what you looked like as a baby? Adam so clearly looks like Marko.


He is delicious!

Love it! That Max clearly has character. He'll fit right in, eh?

what a sweet, sweet boy Max is!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Aw, so cute, and already past the newborn look. He seems a bit offended, maybe because we caught him in the bath! I see a lot of sister Kate's looks in him. It will be fun to watch his looks, and moods, evolve.


Too cute...guess he isn't to thrilled with his bath, is he?


What a great picture! He looks very put out!

so cute!

He is stunning!

Clearly unimpressed with the media intruding on this privacy! Poor famous Twitter baby! I think he looks like Adam ;)

To these eyes. he's a mini-Marko/Adam clone, almost. Beautiful, beautiful baby boy; you two do make lovely children.

He is SO adorable!

He's so cute!!!

absolutely gorgeous. love the "am i concentrating or am i taking a poo" face.

Now THAT is cute!

Beyond delicious! And he looks so amusingly disgruntled. I don't know how you stopped kissing him long enough to take a picture!

Love his cute little lips. He is radiant.

Imagine how disgruntled he would be if he were in the tummy tub!!! He is so definite and distinctive looking. Bless him the beauty. Ixx

He is very obviously a male child. No one will ever think he's a girl baby.

Botox for babies? Nah. So cute!

He is sooooooo cute, Tertia. We want more pictures. He needs to be shown off :)

Tertia, he is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen! Gorgeous little mouth. Too cute for words! You have been truely blessed, as you've said in today's post. I am very, very happy for you & Marko. Enjoy making precious memories with your wonderful family in your new house! Love from (an icy, windy & wet) JHB. XX
PS: Tannie Martie dink hy's "BAIE PRASTIG"
PPS: The C/S pictures were fantastic! Such a miracle.

He is certainly G & D. What a beautiful boy he is! Congrats again.

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