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My dad used to say he had the body of a 20 year old. Then we would tell him to give it back, he was getting it wrinkled.

Yes! That's the trick I've been doing for the past two weeks, maternity pants. Good luck at your meetings.

Sounds very realistic. But I am sure you still look fabulous.

Good for you for maintaining such a healthy outlook on loosing the pregnancy weight. I am SURE you still look amazing.

9 months to put them on, 9 months to loose them. I am naturally thin, but it still took me the full 9 months every time.

ok, i don't get it. i haven't even had any kids and *i'm* carrying around a whole lot of pregnancy weight! ;-)
hey us over 40-ers just need to keep reminding ourselves that we look fabulous - and f@ck those that add, "for your age"!
you look fabulous darling! and so do your kids!

Damn! My twins are 18 this year, looks like its time to lose the baby weight!

Hmm. I have six weeks to go before the 9 month deadline. And 5.5kg. Realistic? I don't think so! ;( As a first timer, I don't know, but people tell me 'you're never the same shape afterwards even if you lose the weight.' Blah. You mean this flabby tummy is here to stay?

So, at least you've now found Marko's birthday gift - the breast of a nubile 25yo. ;)

You look gorgeous pregnant, so you were wise to enjoy the treats. No worries, you'll get to where you want to be. You have 3 kids to chase after, it is bound to come off!


Shit! 9 months have come and gone.....although, this is not so much baby weight as it is "ate all the pies" weight. :-)

Some day, I am sure of it. Some day.

Good luck with the shedding - keep us up to date with the progress.

Love this post - comes at the right time for me. I am pregnant for the fourth time (have two kids, one miscarriage, and hope this one comes through) and although I am only 7 weeks along, I have gained 5 pounds already because of nausea that only goes away when I have carbs (bagels! scones! crackers and cheese!). I know I will get back to the skinny weight post-birth, but I don't look forward to losing the weight post baby. (And both times for my babies, I gained 50 pounds and this second time around, it took me three years to get rid of the last 15 ....) Anyway, your post reminded me that some of us just eat differently in pregnancy and our bodies are fine for it - and, most importantly, our kids are fine for it! Thanks, Tertia.

I'm sure you can do it in six months without too much hassle! Good luck!

I love you my little lettuce leaf eater. I don't believe you though. I wish you could be all zen about having a curvy ass but I know you.
I do believe the 9 months up, 9 months down thing too so try and remember it.

I lost the baby weight sloooooowly with the first born and quick with the twins. Thinking I had no time to eat?!?

Just be good to yourself the weight be damned. I agree, giving yourself at least 9 months to lose the baby weight is reasonable.

Just do us all a favor and enjoy that precious baby, weight or no weight!

I dont know if i've EVER commented before but i've been reading your blog forever. Anyway, you're gorgeous, you're kids are gorgeous and you're boobs are totally hot, i'm 25 and mine don't look anything like that!! Hahaha.


Lucky Wench for loosing the baby weight so soon! I also have 12 kilos to loose... want to take up a challenge?

Oh lord, well 13 months after the fact, and I have lost 30 pounds plus baby etc, so more like 45, but I still have at least 15 to go, so prepare yourself, after the second "goes til almost the end" pregnancy it seems to take longer to lose.

Or I am lazy, which is quite possible.

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