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Happy Birthday for Marko for tomorrow,try Home Baked at the Red Cherry in Koeberg road her cakes are devine and very reasonable.Hope kids don't infect Max

Weevils = extra protein. True.

Actually, a little known symptom of Man Flu is that they are PERFECTLY FINE at work. In FACT, they will perform normally, not moan or cry or even tell people they are sick, but the very second they come home, they are unable to function. 'Tis true! My husband is a police officer and goes to work with Man Flu all the time. Fights crime, arrests bad guys, responds to emergency calls all day long, but when he gets home, he's so "sick", he can barely wipe his own bottom.

Further reason for me to have absolutely NO sympathy for the Man Flu.

As for the nekkid post, I wondered why there was no poll with that one... it would tell you definitively upon whose side everyone is! (Is it too late?)

LOL, happy birthday to Marko!! Hope he at least feels better on his birthday, or else you're going to have to eat his cake ;)

Men are totally pitiful when they are sick. Hope Marko has a good birthday despite his Man Flu.

Happy birthday to Marko! And I think you have many more things to do these days than bake a cake from scratch. A store bought cake is much more sensible.

"Man flu" is hilarious.

Happy birthday, Marko! Your gift is that yes, really, I do think more people agreed with you about the inadvisability of spousal near-window nekkidity.

I baked cookies with flour that expired in Feb '09. (No bugs!) It's a clear sign that one doesn't bake much when the flour package is half full but 100% expired.

you have a toy boy as a father only 19 years between

Yup, these men have a talent for getting sick when everyone else in the family is sick. Maybe its sympathy sickness? Who knows. Who cares.

Something I am struggling with at the moment - just wanna put it out there: Does it make us bad mommies / wives to get someone else to bake the birthday cakes besides us? I feel like I will be letting them down if I don't do it myself. Something to blog about Tertia. Would love to hear thoughts

Tertia, since you are in the midst of dealing with a sick husband, you might appreciate this video about the "man cold" :)


So Tertia, did you ever expose who "A" and "B" were in reference to the nekkid situation(s)? If so, I missed it.

At the risk of sounding ignorant...what is a weevil? And how does one tell if they have any? Am creeped out and going to check my flour, I didn't KNOW flour had an expiration date. I just used it the other day to make cookies. EW.

'Man Flu'...hehehe...'woe is me' medicine...hehehe...you crack me up.

...didn't know flour expired...*scratching head*

Man Flu! I love it! Although, my husband is more stoic than a cigar store Indian and refuses to complain when he gets the flu, or any other nasty condition. Some days I just want to stick pins in him to get a reaction! Of course I'll kiss it better afterward!

You go girl - that is why we have the great tradition of Tuisnywerheids.

Have the kids confine their smooches to his feet or the top of his head. My older kids had the flu when my youngest was a newborn and it let them dote on her without sharing the germs.

Man Flu...now I know what my husband gets all the time. By the way, with two kids in preschool it is impossible to keep the rest from catching their bugs, I gave up even trying.

just do like russel crowe and choose the lesser of two weevils.

and just fyi. us guys really do get sick, even if you cackling hens don't believe us.

I love it! You cook so little that you have flour that expired last year.

I am so glad Gaby sent you that youtube link - it is the funniest ever. It's gone around our office so many times, that when one of the boys gets a bit whiny, we just say "Lauraaaaa, Lauraaaaaaa", and they shape right up.

One more reason to like Marko......same birthday as me.

Happy Birthday Marko! Father of Tertia's beautiful babes.

Now excuse me as I check the due date on my flour. Could have sworn I bought it only 3 years or so ago... (really, home baking a rarity in this home!)

Oh my goodness, I read this yesterday without even realising but it just clicked: Marco and I share a birthday. Happy birthday Marco!!! Hope your Man Flu gets you breakfast in bed... uhm, ok I hope it's a breakfast take away from Woolies...

Oops, sorry, keep misspelling his name... MarKo I meant.

Love this post - you hit the nail right on the head about Man Flu! Happy b-day to your Gemini Man!

If you only use your flour occasionally, keep it in the freezer. I do that with some of the specialty stuff, i.e. pastry flour for pies (usually made by my mother-in-law), rice flour for Christmas shortbread.

Sorry to Marko, but more people definitely were on the nudists side!!!!

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