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I run into this with my husband ALL THE TIME. Not just with respect to dressing/undressing in front of windows, but with respect to EVERRY sort of self-display, self-expression, speech, gesture, contact with others, honking of car horns, disagreeing with someone else, asking a question of someone else -- basically ANYTHING that might attract attention from any person other than very close friends or family.

Essentially, my husband is a very, very private person and I am very extroverted. He's constantly whispering in my ear, "Don't say that," or, "Shhh," or "I don't think s/he wants to be asked that."

We've reached a sort of detente where he'll just pretend not to know me when we're in public together and actively dissociates from me at parties.

Partner B: Their body, their choice. The end, period.
Partner A: Needs to respect the fact that partner B has made that choice, I am sure partner A would not like it if Partner B started to tell them that they couldn't wear something as it exposes to much skin.
And really, what is partner A getting bent about? Is partner B sticking genitals in the window? Or in the case of partner B being female their breasts? Oh wait, if B is female and breast feeds, then chances are that the public has already gotten a glimpse. In addition, breasts are to feed babies, they just have the added bonus of pleasing partners and owners.

LOL - You are so funny! In our relationship, I am definitely partner B and hubby is partner A. It doesn't happen often, but I'm totally on board with the fact that it is unlikely the neighbors will see, and if they are staring into my window from strange angles for some reason, they are working hard enough to deserve a show. :)

i often walk around the house in my panties (with a top on) and forget that my neighbour can see, but you know what i don't actually care, firstly neighbours shouldn't be poking around and spying and secondly if they see something then good for them, seen one seen them all

why be a prisoner in your own home???

Think it is a fantastic problem to have. To worry about such a mundane and harmless matter means that partner A has a partner. Partner A is not widowed, divorced or alone. Partner A has the freedom to argue without being on the receiving end of a back-hander, be it verbal or physical.

B'sides, if B is buff enough to be confident about being seen nekked, then B probably is in OK shape. Lucky, lucky A. Draw the curtains, whip out the strawberries and cream, and remember why you fell in love and married B. Was it that same adventurous side that is driving you mad now, A?

This exact conversation has occured in my home and I am the naked one so I guess I have to agree with the window dresser...because if I didn't then I would have to stop dressing in front of the window.

Gotta go with partner A on this one.

I just emailed this post to my husband. So funny. I don't know what partner you are but I am totally partner b and husband is partner a.

I side with partner 'A'. Partner 'B' should not make this an issue .It is too silly. Have peace with Partner 'A' , Kiss and make up with curtains closed !!!!

I'm one of those 'pick your battles' people. I'm sure there are bigger issues to worry about.

Having changed so many times in communal dressing rooms in stores, the gym, etc -- I'm not sure how in heck Partner A could determine who sees Partner B either naked or mostly there. Partner A would have to be there 24/7, on every shopping trip, gym visit, dash to the loo (if B is a man and whips it out to pee).

I'm also married to a B-type, who used to stand in front of his window fan naked in the summer, when he had no a/c. Am sure his neighbors got quite the show. But hey, he was in his 20's and pretty hot at the time, so added bonus to neighbors. :-)

If this really bothers A so much, s/he should consider different curtains, that require no effort to close. We have these little half-curtains in our bathroom, which are constantly closed, to give some privacy while letting in light.

Is anyone here *really* not sure which partner T. is? Really?? Just tell Marko that your blog readers know all, anyhow, so it's not like you're showing anything new! (-:

Partner A is insecure, maybe even jealous.
Partner B would like to be more respectful but does not want to feed A's insecurity or give in to his/her jealousy. In the end A's conclusion is very likely 'If you can't even do this for me it means you don't love me'.
I think the same pattern will show in other issues between the partners too. To keep things in check a bit of couple's counselling won't do any harm.

Please close the curtains! Perhaps your neighbors don't WANT to see you in the all together but just happen to be looking out at the right moment. I had a neighbor who used to walk back and forth in front of uncurtained windows in various states of undress, and while it wasn't the end of the world, I would have really appreciated him being more considerate of everyone else. Also, my mother used to shower/dress/put on makeup in the nude/near nude with the bathroom window open. This was a huge source of embarrassment to me as a kid when the boy who lived behind us told me he saw her once.

Ha! I am Partner B around here. I close the curtains with a roll of the eyes. Things changed a little when our neighbor went from being an 85 year old lady to her scary bachelor son, but he'd have to put some serious effort into seeing anything, and I say, damn, if that's all the guy's got, then more power to him. It's more of a joke than anything, and I do voluntarily shut the blinds when I'm taking a shower...

Methinks partner A needs to see quite a bit more........of a therapist, lol!

Seriously, if B isn't flaunting her bits in a manner to intentionally cause distress in a *reasonable* partner, she should not be pressured in this way.

V. funny post.

I can only say what I would do and have said.

I could live in a t-shirt and panties when I am home and have often walked to another room nekkid to get something(with the curtains open). However, if I thought someone could actually see me and start some freakish fetish and gosh forbid take a pic of me and post it on the Internet I would be more discreet.

If I knew it bothered my DH and he kept saying something about it I would use it as a great excuse to go shopping for a (few) comfy and luxurious bath robe(s).

I might as well add that my DH has (from time to time) walked nekkid in front of opened curtains. I do not like it because I would not want a young child to see him.

We have this situation and Partner A can stick it! haha!
It's MY (Partner B's) house and I'll do as I damn well please. And if I caught the neighbours going to ridiculous lengths to catch a glimpse (and they would have to) then I'd call them out on it. What I do in my own home is my bidness!

Well, the blinds in my bathroom are a little see through so the neighbours could be getting an eyeful whenever we go into the bathroom (though the loo is behind the wall so they can't see that!). We both tend to be B's so to us it is not a big deal. Sorry, not much help here! Whether partner A or B compromises and A draws the curtain or B draws the curtain there is probably going to be resentment anyway from 1 or the other.

hAHAH...I like this, I'm definitely a partner B. Funny though how it's only a problem for Partner A, but yet my partner A can turn into a B and then it's no problemo.

I think as a B, we do know where the neighbours can see and where they can't, we aren't that dof.

I guess it doesn't hurt to close the curtains. My Partner A has learned to accept this a little and not make such a big fuss as he has noticed I don't just prance around where the neighbours can see.

(Why should it only be partner A that is respected or comfortable, as a B we are comfortable in our own skin and with open curtains)

I side with Partner B - shouldn't matter. BUT, all the nagging that partner A is doing would drive me crazy and if I was Partner B I'd end up shutting the curtains just to shut him/her up! :)

Same situation over here, I'm B and the boyfriend is A. If we're in the same room and it's bothering him, he can close the blinds himself. I will continue to roll my eyes and 'expose' myself to the neighbors.

Whatever the outcome, partner B should definitely moon parnter A at some point during the argument.

dont undress in front of the window - you (or he) is just looking for attention and it is a small thing to make your partner happy. better things to fight about

Im the person in the relationship that couldnt give a rats ass if the neighbors see me naked. hes sure that they can see in when Im sure that its impossible, due to the angle of the shades or whatever. he walks around in a bathrobe even with the curtains shut and just the two of us here... I always thought it was because hes English and a bit uptight.

I am Partner B (and my husband is A) I have had this dicussion many times. Who cares who gets a peek, it's nothing special to see and great if they get some enjoyment out of it.

If there is a chance that someone might be seen nekkie nekkie by the neighbors, and it clearly upsets your spouse? Close the curtains!

if it bothers a that much, and doesn't really matter to b, then the emotional cost of closing the curtains is signifigantly less than leaving them open.

If A really has a problem with it, then B should try harder to respect that. It is akin to my feelings on p0rn: If it feels like adultery to ME then it IS adultery. The logical reality of whether or not it SHOULD bother partner A isn't the issue, IMHO. The FACT is that it DOES and partner B should be willing to make the other one more comfortable.

I'm a B married to an A, and I am flattered that he thinks all and sundry would spare no effort to see me naked. Maybe so. But remembering to close the blinds is like remembering to push back my cuticles: I get why it matters, I know it doesn't take that long, and it is still beyond my most of the time.

Also, not nearly enough photos of Max.

Partner B should go outside while Partner A stands nekkid in front of the window. If B can see the nekkidness, then B must concede that A has a point. While it's not A's right to tell B what to do, if I were B, I would not want the neighbors to see my nuditude. However gorgeous and divine that nuditude may be.

I try to respect my partner on the 'small stuff'. closing the curtains or not dressing in front of the window is pretty easy and small -- in other words being naked in front of the window isn't so wonderful that I'd risk making my partner uncomfortable, you know? Now, if it was something I cared about -- say partner thought I spent too much time with friends, well then we'd have to discuss and come to a compromise because that matters to me. But standing in front of window? No biggie not to and it makes partner feel heard and respected.

I think if A is that concerned, A should be the one to close the curtains. If A isn't around to see then there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

i have been in this situation, almost exactly. i am the nekkid partner. i make an effort to be modest when my husband is home, and the rest of the time i don't care. nobody wants to see my post baby shrapnel anyway, and, if they do, have at it.
in terms of acquiescing -- to the extent i do -- to my partner's prudish concerns, it is strictly a "pick my battles" decision. it isn't important enough to me that he be not bothered by it. in fact, i suppose i think it's appropriate for it to bother him; it just doesn't bother me. and that sentence pretty much sums up our relationship. isn't marriage GRAND?

I am with the privacy nut :) Live next door to my sister and her family. I don't think they need to see ALL!

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