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ooh, ooh, how exciting! All the very best of luck :-)

Nobody said anything about *not* sitting on your new couch with a laptop and a glass of wine, right! Enjoy your last days with your they'll-seem-so-big-with-Max-in-da-house children. Smooches :-)

Good luck! You have done extremely well and should be very proud of yourself. Now kick back a little and coast to the finish line. Someone else can do everything else, this is what you need to do now. Enjoy! Can't wait for birth announcement and pics! :)

Are you going to plan to have your c-sec earlier, or just wait and see, and if you go in labour then have an "emergency" one?

Just being nosey. Ignore if you fancy. :-)

Can't wait to "meet" your new little guy.


Oh I can't wait!!! Take it easy and rest up!! xxx

I'm very excited for you :)

maaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxie . . . come on in buddy, the water is goooood.

hee hee, can't wait!

Good luck!!!!

Good Golly Miss Molly! How exciting!

All the best. Hope you have Markus or Mel ready to update us out here in cyberworld.


The last few days of waiting are the hardest, aren't they?

I can't wait to hear that he's here!

Oh, so exciting! I can't wait to meet Max!

Hi, best of luck, I hope it all goes much smoother than you expect it to. I dreamt last night that my baby had arrived and was having problems feeding. And then the cat tried to eat him and I nearly killed the cat!! Inner anxieties coming out already?? I am 25 weeks and feel huge, can't imagine another 3 months of it.

Good luck and keep us posted.

All the best. You deserve everything to go down smoothly!

All the best adn take it easy now - enjoy your time of being mom to 2 pre-schoolers, until it all changes for you.

Oh wonderful! I hope you manage to find your off button and just get some time to relax before his arrival!! And it'll definitely be MUCH easier this time, I guarantee it!

All the best, hope someone updates us on this side!!


Exciting, scary and riveting (business as usual at Ché Tertia).

Crossing all appendages for you my dear because you deserve an easier ride this time!


I take it the bag is now packed?

Enjoy the rest and hopefully he stays put for as long as is needed...

*I* told you so.... exciting,exciting... chill for the last few minutes, hours, days... however long maxie-boy gives you! Put your feet up with a largle glass of chilled white...you've earned it! x

Yay, Tertia!

I know it's against your personality, but a little coasting now will be good for you....Look! This is what your house looks like in the daytime!

(That's what I always thought when I was home from work unexpectedly!)

Best of luck and love from Canada -

Oh, this is exciting! Will be checking back often for news! :)

Hello Tertia

Just discovered your blog not long ago via a link in Dana's blog. Good luck on Max' arrival!

I am also expecting. My second one, as incredible as it may sound. First one was a miracle who came totally unexpected after years of struggle with infertility. He was born at 33 weeks.

This is my second pregnancy, another very big surprise. From 33rd weeks onwards I have been waiting for any sign that indicates labor has started. But finishing the 34th, baby No. 2 is still in!

Your Max waited until you moved and everything was

(My hospital bag, by the way, has been packed for almost a month now. You made me smile with your last post......)

Hey T - I haven't commented for a while, but am still reading every day. I completely understand why you would be so anxious about tackling another newborn! When people ask me if I love having twins I always think, "Hummm....should I go with the socially acceptable answer or the truth?" And the truth is the first 4 months were the hardest and in some ways the worst time of my life. Of course I loved my babies, and my dream of a full family came true blah blah blah, but holy mother of god what a hell of a lot of work! Dealing with twins was FAR worse than when I had my daughter. One newborn at a time is definitely the way to go :-)

Good luck over the next few weeks. I hope you're able to be gentle with yourself. Also know that your blog readers are perfectly okay with less posts, short posts, point form posts, or whatever else you need to help you through this time - just don't disappear on us forever! (as if you could, you're as addicted to us as we are to you :-)

Almost 37 weeks! That's amazing. I bet you he will stay in for another 2 weeks, just to drive you crazy.

i think my cervix shortened just reading this

All the best...

Try to rest up. Can't wait to meet Max!

Good luck! We are all excited for you! Can't wait to see pictures of little Max.

Rest, rest , rest. There is nothing in that hospital bag you desperately need. What, you don't have your nightgown and you will die? Your husband and family can always go back to the house and fetch what you need. It makes them feel useful and you do not need to worry about "being ready." I hope you make it to end of 37weeks, for the lungs. So get some cheesy movies and rest!

I hope he hangs in there another week or two. Hey, Miss Plan-everything-or-I-will-go-crazy, are you really going to take a wait-and-see or do you have a c-section already scheduled?

I am so glad that this pg has been so easy for you. I would tell you to relax, but...um...yeah...do your best...

Yay! What a thrill and we look forward to seeing beautiful Max. Take care!

glad to hear you're finally taking it easy. those "driving black-outs" you mentioned in your previous post can be pretty scary when you come to and realize you just "lost" x number of miles. hope the move wasn't too hectic. kry nou 'n bietjie rus! x

I am so excited for you all!!

I am thinkg he will be in for one more week! OMG, how exciting. You better take a belly pic. every other day now just in case! Can't wait to see the little man!

I'm about 9 months late on this, which is clearly my fault for, ah, never reading anyone's blog anymore, sheesh. BUT
OMG! You're pregnant! Congratulations! I'm SO excited for you. Stumbling back into your blog today and catching up has totally made my day. I'm not staying tuned for the arrival of little Max!

Big moments ahead. Good luck babes, to you and the whole Albertyn bunch!

Tertia, good luck and good rest. How about you have your fabulous and organized husband pack your bag for you? You don't even ask him what he puts in it. A surprise bag!
All the best,

Good luck to you!

Wow...how exciting! I can't wait to hear the wonderful news.

Hi honey,
sounds like Something is taking back control from the omnipotent Tertia, lol.
It's all going to be fine.

Kiss Adam, Kate & Max-in-the-tummy for me :-)

*Holding thumbs*

Yep - time to slow down and try to rest before lil Max makes his grand appearance. Keep in mind, Max will be half as exhausting as A & K. You will still be tired, but hopefully you will think it's a breeze compared to twins!

Well I just hope THE BAG is packed. I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. LOL Seriously though, I am praying that everything goes well. How exciting! Pretty soon the baby will be here!

I know you'll come through in the end with a lesson learned and to be shared. It's why I love your blog so much :) Be gentle on your mommy little Max.

Very excited for you and your family!

hey, you should really run the contents of your bag by us, your devoted readers . . . that way we can make your last few days really difficult as we tell you all the stuff you forgot . . . lol.

a couple weeks before amelia was born, we realised that we really had very little for her, and the bag i packed was pathetic in the extreme. in the end, she wore her post-caesar clothing for a day and a half (she had a low temp so they kept her dressed, and andrew stole it - putting it in the going home bag :P) she survived that, and my late-forties mothering style, even the incredible fatigue where i would sleep bolt upright in the bed, holding her at arms length, and wake to find my arms still extended with this teeny weeny little baby swaddled like a mummy dangling from my hands - major black outs . . . i was post-op, horribly swollen, so my 'hospital clothes' didnt fit me, and i had to wear my tatty old pregnancy jammies and underwear, like a hobo, over my groovy white support stockings . . . and twiddling around with my drips and things.

can't wait for that boy to pop out and start up a whole new fan club.


Hey Tertia

Well, I know you want him in longer, but it looks like he is not hearing that:) But at least you have beaten all your previous pregnancy records and you are ready for this new little miracle.

I wish you all the best of luck and lots of love!


You have just been awarded an Awesome Mom Award! Happy Mother’s day on Sunday!


This must be so much worse than the 2ww? All the best! Phew.

I can totally relate! I remember being up late the night before my scheduled c-section (which I didn't want!) with my 2nd making lasagna for pete's sake! I just *needed* to have it done so that my husband could eat while I was in the hospital and I froze some for myself for those first few days/weeks when cooking is impossible. Everyone was sleeping, while I was sitting there staring at the oven waiting for it to be done. I was up so late that I almost missed my own delivery! We were running around that morning and almost ready to head out and we got a call from the hospital - "Um, you're schedule for a c-section this morning. Are you coming?" We're the only people who almost miss our own c-section!

All to say, you're completely normal! I've been following you for years. My daughter was born just before Adam and Kate, so we've had the same phases and stages along the way. I'm thrilled for you about Max. I haven't experienced twins but I have to believe it's going to be significantly easier with only one. Plus, I think it's just easier the second time around in general.

I'll be watching and waiting for the good news. Good luck! Enjoy!

Best wishes to you all for a safe labor and delivery! Can't wait to see Max!

Every good wish to you and yours.

Praying for you and thinking not a lot of pain thoughts and that it's over soon and your smiling wow this was worth it.

Dorothy from grammology

Haven't heard from you for a couple of days, so assuming little Max has decided to join you all in the new house? Hoping the c-section is a breeze and you heal fast.

I've had twins and a singleton...the sinngleton was a doddle compared to twins. You'll handle it with your unique, wonderful style + sense of humor as always.

All the best wishes in the world and special hugs for the older bro + sis of Max.

So exciting!!!! Good luck; I will be thinking about you!

I wonder if he has made his appearance????

All the best, Tertia! You'll be D&G!

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