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Hi there ahve missed you last few days at school.No worries about your book reviews as your book is amazing,i mean who couldn't love what you write and fork the lot of them that don't.See you soon,pack a bag and get maxs room sorted out ASAP.XDebbie

Right, now it is very annoying to get a comment that's not related to the post in question, but stuff it, I've been looking for the answer to this quesiton all over the magical interwebs for days wityh no luck. Tertia is far too busy to respond but maybe one of the readers will know - how do you get a headline ticker/blogroll type thingie like Tertia has just below the title So Close on her blog? I wannnnnnnnnnt one, am using Blogger, and none of the gadgets I can see to add to my blog do this presumably very basic thing? Anyone? Thanks if you do know and sorry for being a pain Tertia. It's been a complete pleasure reading your story and good luck for the next few weeks! You do know everyone will be worrying that you've gone into labour if you don't blog for, like, 5 minutes. How will you let us know???

Tertia, I think you are a star!

Thanks for the link to the other blog. I will check it out.

oh darn, i just came online to 'rip a new one' for the silly troll who wrote the rude ignorant response yesterday, and you have erased it . . . good for you. what i can't figure is why people feel the need to attack on someone else's page? like, you actually have to choose to come to the page in the first place . . . so, why even look if it upsets you so much. am counting the days til you deliver my 48th birthday present, altho i prob will never get to hold him in person. warm fuzzies coming your way.

You are awesome! Great job on the book ;)

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