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I relate SO much! My parents live 15 minutes away from me - fetch Jamie from school everyday and are just always there for me and everyday I'm so very grateful xxxxxxxx

Sebastian talks the same game. At this point I can't say I would complain! Good luck on Friday. The happy clappers will be praying for you!

So not me. I moved away from my parents as soon as I could. However, I do love my in-laws, and feel similar to them. We are two hours away, and that is close for me to be to family. I would probably move closer (I dearly love his mother and stepfather), but I despise the town they live in.

That is a really random flash pattern on your father's face. Besides that random observation, he looks young and good lookin! :)

@T - That is face paint, it is an African restaurant and they do traditional face painting for the diners ;-)

I can so relate. Both my parents and in-laws live within 5 minutes of me. My husband and I prefer it this way. They really get involved in our lives but also allow us to live our own lives without interference. A win-win arrangement all around.
All the best for Friday btw...
What time are you checking in??

I also bought a house up the road from the house I grew up in and visit my folks regularly. My own daughter moved to Cape Town. I like to think it wasn't to get away from me!

I was the same way, but I lost my dad 7 years ago and mom two years ago. (They were in their mid-30s when I was born.) And it is still very very hard. Best wishes to you all. Friday will be such an excitement! Hurray for Max!

Hi! That commenter was me... and do you know how chuffed I was to get a message from him, stating that he is still a teenager! I replied back wishing him a happy 18th!!! ;-)

my mom lives just over a mile away, i love that my kids are so close to her. it means so much

Its wonderful that you have such a good relationship with your parents.

So you are the oldest child in your family? Doesn't the name "Tertia" mean "Third"?

So sweet! I had a feeling it would be a good change for you to be closer to your parents. So glad Marko is OK with that. I wish we could move closer to my in-laws. My DH and I are very close to them and wish we could be there for them more.

I feel exactly the same way. Until I met Stuart who has made me feel safe and secure I could not go too far from my parents in case I became ill and they are the only people, especially mom, who knows how to make me feel better. At 39 I still want her around when I am sick to make me sweet tea and hot toast with marg and bovril. Dad likes to moan about the way we live being disorganised but if the washing machine is leaking at ten at night he jumps into his car at age 78 and is there to sort it out in minutes. They never stop worrying about their two girls who are now 39 and 47 and check to see that our alarms are on and our doors locked. The best thing is that my sister's husband and mine love our parents as if they were their own and I know without a doubt that when the day comes that my folks need help, our men will be there for them. Isn't just so amazing to have a mom who thinks you are beautiful and bright and tells you how gorge and thin you look! I cannot even begin to contemplate what is going to happen one day so for now I am an ostrich and will keep on pretending that it is never ever going to happen! Cool parents rock.

I am the same. My parents only live 2.5 miles away. It's great and luckily my hubby understands this.

I also live close - about 5kms away from my folks. I love that they are so involved with my children. Grandparents are so important and I thinks sometimes their connection with "youngsters" is under valued.

hmmmm, i wonder how come adam wants mumma to sleep in his bed so much? funny, you are not touchy feely, but that connection is remarkably powerful. don't hug me, but don't go outa my sight.

i used to live a few minutes away from my parents until i was 40, and they saw me thru one dreadful marriage, all the awful fallout afterwards, and the griefs of child loss. i remarried, and ended up travelling overseas a lot with the new man, and settled in aussie (mum and dad are kiwis), having the oops baby here.

i have had to really grow up being away from them - for the first time ever, but so have they, in that we used to overly rely on each other, like being way too dependant - mum was at times my only companion, so i had to learn how to make woman friends(!), and we all stifled each other. it is great that you and your parents have widely diverse interests and activities, but can still be so close. magic.

max-time . . .!

OK, I have done some calculations and I realize that YOUR FATHER AND I ARE JUST ONE YEAR APART IN AGE. Good heavens. I cannot imagine, Tertia, that I am old enough to be YOUR PARENT. Also the picture is grand and dare I say it? He looks a little like Marko there. No wonder your Mum found him handsome.

You are very lucky to have such wonderful parents!

I totally get you. My folks live about 20 minutes (in a car)away, and that is far enough for me. My parents in law also live close by and we all see each other every single week and on the weekends.

I LOVE that I have such an amzing relationship with my parents AND Deans parents.

To me, family is EVERYTHING - and thankfully Dean feels the same way.

In fact, we are so lucky that his dad and my dad have an absolute ball of a time together, so family gatherings are always loads of fun and laughs.

Good luck for Friday, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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