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Wow. I'm speechless. thank you so much for sharing all of this.

Wow, wow, wow

stunning,stunning pics! I have also had 3 c-sections now, 2 of them emergencies and one planned! My planned section was by far the easiest in comparison to the 2 emergencies!! The surgeon even dropped the curtain so I could watch my daughter emerge... who, incidentally started screaming as soon as her head was out! That was a beautiful sound compared to the deafening silence when my 1st son was born.
AND - I got a glimpse of the new house in that last piccie... come on now, we've seen Maxie, we want to see the other new thing in your life... your new house!!

I think the picture with Max on your knee is cute :)

Wow! Those are wonderful pictures. Thank you for posting!

Great but I thought we were going to get a gruesome picture - like when the uterus was outside or something like that. Even though I did feel a bit woozy in the pic where they were pulling the head out. I also had a caesarian and it was not nice.

Thank you for sharing your amazing story, personality and pictures. I'm all tearing up here. What a lovely family you all are.

Oh WOW! Those are GREAT pictures!! I've had 4 sections myself, and I've always wished that they could have been filmed, just so I could get a chance to see my babies being born.

My third section was the worst as well; the procedure was fine, but it took so so long to recover from, pain-wise, and even to lose the weight afterward.

Congratulations on your beautiful and healthy little babe!

Holy crap. Great picks, but I am soooo glad I had both kids vaginally. My word, it is a damn, "let's slice you up and take the kid out" procedure. Well done Tertia and Max.

Oh wow...thank you so much for letting us share in that moment. Truly amazingly, beautiful pictures.

Amazing pictures! Made me cry... Yes, you are blessed! Thanks for sharing, Tertia!

That was a lot less gory than I thought it would be. Quite beautiful and moving actually. Thank you for sharing.

what amazing photos, what an emotional experience for us woman!! well done!! you really are so blessed

WOW! Incredible pictures! I had a horrible csection for my last one (it was my fourth) and had someone take pictures for me. I cherish them. Max is beautiful.

Beautiful! The story, the honesty, the pictures (amazing!!), the laptop...everything!
Well done for doing it all and remaining so in touch with us too.
Can we see a pic of the "big" kids with Max too??


P.S. Pushing out a full-term baby through the vagina isn't all that bad...And it does get back to its recreational status sooner or later...

Amazing! Great pictures.

Amazing photo's Tertia! Thank you for sharing.

Those pictures were amazing! How wonderful for Max that he has those, too. I go to alot of c-sections for work but it always always awes me. There is a person who will live and breathe and walk around this earth for potentially the next one hundred years. A son, a brother, someday a father or a grandfather. Someone very special to his parents now and to many people throughout his life and we get to see that all begin. We get to see the very first of so many breaths. As gross as it admittedly is, what could be more beautiful? Congrats on baby Max! Thanks for sharing his beginning with us!

What an amazing process. Thank you for sharing Tertia. I'm so happy you have a happy ending to this chapter.

Very cool- thanks for sharing!
Such a beautiful baby- wonderful indeed :-)

Beautiful, stunning photos, thank you so much for sharing! And my goodness but Max looks HUGE -- definitely a good thing your vag was spared! (I pushed out a 9+ pounder and uh, let's just say it was a little rough on the parts.)

Hope your recovery continues well and you enjoy that delicious new addition to the family.

Those are incredible pictures T!

T! Great photos! THX for sharing w us!I can only imagine what the recovery from a c section is like. Although for those of us who have given vaginal birth recovery ain't too pretty either! Wearing huge ice pads in your granny panties isn't the most glamourous!xoxo

Thank you so much for sharing this! I have been on the receiving end but have never actually been able to witness it in the way everyone else in the room did. They look like they dud a great job, it wasn't at all messy and Max looked beautiful from the get go.

I too remember some moments of terror through the process and day 3 after the op was especially bad but look how lovely you and your son look sitting together at the laptop.

It is an honour to know you Mrs. Tertia!


T! Great photos! THX for sharing w us!I can only imagine what the recovery from a c section is like. Although for those of us who have given vaginal birth recovery ain't too pretty either! Wearing huge ice pads in your granny panties isn't the most glamourous!xoxo

Loved them! Made me all teary! The close-up of the 3 of you... priceless. Congratulations on your beautiful son!

Wow Tertia - that was amazing. Amazing, amazing.

Wow, so so so so so amazing. What beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.
P.s. your hair colour is lovely! So suits you.

Wow, I had no idea that's what it would look like! Neither did my husband, as he was sitting behind the curtain with my head and didn't see a thing. Thank you for sharing. And I'm glad you got to have a delivery free of all the medical drama (me, I've had just the one, an emergency C-section).

Marko looks over the moon with happiness! He doesn't usually look so ecstatic in the pictures we've seen here on the blog. Fatherhood suits him.

WOW! Thanks so much for sharing with us. I have never seen it from that view, just from the table twice.

Those are amazing pics. Even having been a nurse, birth fascinates me. I wish I could have seen my twins born. What awesome detail.

He is so beautiful.

I agree though, we need pictures of baby and the older two.

I can't say I know what more than one c-section is like. I do know that having the scar revised was worse than the original incision.

This entire sequence of photographs is just inexpressibly beautiful, illuminating and uplifting, Tertia. I cannot tell you how moved I felt when I looked at them. The sight of your little naked boy, so small, so perfect and so dear, and the look on your face as you held him for the first time, made me remember how the earth moved for me when my three children were born. They're all grumpy teenagers now, but these pictures have catapulted me right back into those wonderful moments, and reminded me of the three happiest days of my life. Thank you!

thank you so much.

i had amelia by emergency C, after a week of pre-eclampsia illness, and five days attempting to induce her. i was tired, distraught, and almost crazy by the time the C was decided upon, and it had to be quick because she was distressed.

i had to ask for something to be added to the drip to calm me down, as i was having waves and waves of enormous panic attacks, and was almost unable to stop myself from screaming out loud - it was touch and go - just as the surgeon prepared to cut, a fire alarm went off, and we had to wait in total silence and stillness until the okay was given to proceed - TEN FARKING MINUTES. i was numbed up, so lay helplessly on the table trying not to go to pieces publicly. during that time, amelia's heart was not being monitored, so i could not hear that reassuring beat. i felt as though i might die from fear.

i begged the anaesthatist to hold my hand while we waited, and burst into loud roaring sobs as soon as amelia cried. i was third to hold her, and was barely able to let her go once i had her.

because of the 'valium' (or whatever) i was very dopey when i got to hold her, so felt like i had not 'been there' for her entire birth.

seeing max born has really helped me connect with her birth for the first time in almost two years - as i have been 'numb' about so much of it, and i can hardly see for the tears coursing down my face at present. i had vb's the other three times so found the caesar distressing and so very remote.
thank you thank you thank you.

he is so delicious - how do you manage to stop looking at him and get anything else done?

WAIT! Marko has grown his hair longer than I've seen it in pics before!

Thanks for sharing the pics. Seeing Max arrive is really an amazing thing. But, I'm not the squeamish type.

And that last pic? Is EXACTLY how I picture in my mind that you are going about things. V v funny to me. :)

Thanks for sharing T! And I love what you say at the end, indeed, you are rich in so many ways! And Max is beautiful!

I love the pic with his head out and shoulders emerging. Who took the pics? Did I miss that? If this pg goes well, I'll have another section in December and I'd love to get pics. My husband is a worthless photographer during delivery. :) Congrats again to you, Marko, the kids and your whiole family. Yours is a beautiful story.


p.s. can't wait til we see max's head up there at the top of your blog page, next to his big brother and sister where he belongs.

damn it - I'm crying again. these babies, they really get to us don't they?

now, goddammit, at 48 years plus, i am clucky just looking at your boy. amelia is 21 months; shouldn't she have a close sibling?

rich we are, indeed.

First things first, I am glad you are healing and it is over. Second, holy crap! I am so glad you shared your pictures. I have had two c-sections and although we did take pictures these views were awesome. I do not mind looking at blood and guts, but I do mind handling bodily fluids. Thanks for sharing Max and the facts.

tears. crying. amazing.

Wow.. It must have been so frightening in those last moments.
I was frightened in both my c-sections (i am such a ninny) and the second one which I was prepared for was more traumatic because the epidural didnt take that well.But thats a long time ago.. and all but forgotten already.

The photos are truly amazing.. because being the birther means never getting to see the head crown! (unless some truly thoughtful person takes photos).

Congratulations on your little miracle!!

You never fail to delight and amaze me, Tertia! Your newest son is devine and the look on Marko's face took my breath away. I'm so happy for you both!

Great photos, I was there with Coralie and all the blood terrified me, I had to trust in the Dr's. Really there were puddles under the op table - yuck!!

You both look so comfy with one another.



I am about to have my 3rd C-section and I am trying very hard NOT to think of it. I am TERRIFIED - for all the reasons you were.

Tertia - what a special occassion to be sharing with the rest of us. Thank you so much - I'm due for my c-section in about 4.5 weeks time. It'll be my first and I must say I am more than a little anxious about it!!
I'm glad to hear that you are recovering - albeit slowly. Love hearing your progress and it offers so much inspiration to people like myself.

Wow! I'm honoured to see your pictures - it's a privilege to have sort-of been present at the birth of your wonderful son Max.
I really wish I had photos of the C-section birth of our triplets - I hardly remember anything about it. And we won't be having any more children, so I don't get a do-over!
Congratulations, once again, and best wishes to all of your family.

wow! thanks for sharing! I had a C-section, but in my hospital in the Unites States no one is allowed to be on the 'other side' of the screen except the doctors. I always wondered what happened there! Congratulations again!

The first time I looked over the photos I was amazed at how stunning they were. Then, I went over them again, looking carefully at each one, thinking about the moment that was being captured in each one. Two words.


I had an emergency c-sec with B (much like an earlier poster) after days of contractions and then an induction and eventually (utterly exhausted and near hysterical) a c-sec.

Hannah was a planned one becuase she was breach. These photos have made me think about my births again, and the wonder of it all.

Thank you so much for sharing them.

Wow, thanks so much for sharing, these are gorgeous ans Max is beautiful

Love Avril X x

Wonderful pictures! Isn't technology amazing? In the good old days, you would be lucky to get a picture, or even have your hubby with you for that matter.

V-jay-jay wins, quick recovery, totally mobile.
Still, the pics are amazing and I am glad he is here safely.

how wonderful!!! Darling little boy. You are lucky to have those pics...everyone forgot my camera when I went in to have Jake so the first pic I have of him is having his bath with me when he was 3 days old....Dad did the first bath up in the nursery. I still remember every single second of the night...from waking to my waters breaking to the mad dash to hospital with contractions every minute...unfortunately they did not check me when I got there they just took me straight to theatre. Turns out if they had let me go he would have been born naturally with no problems. He came out with a bizarre shaped head with a circular bruise around it....cervix was at 10 cm and they had the devil of a time getting him out!!!! Ah scary stuff. I don't care...so long as he got out safely it doesn't matter how he got out! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful adventure with us all. I wish I lived closer so I could actually meet you in person...I think you are totally amazing and I am just so glad and happy that your life is now so wonderful after what you have gone through.

big hugs


Fantastic. I had a Section when I was 25, and let me tell you, it was the worst thing ever. My next baby was pushed out the way nature intended and let me tell you, it was MUCH easier!!!! I bounced back straight away, was up walking within 20 mins. I would NEVER advocate for caesareans, mine knocked the stuffing out of me! (No pun intended!).

Pictures are fabulous, thanks for sharing.

Debbie x

Those pics are amazing and thanks for sharing them. Congrats on the birth of yet another beautiful Albertyn and my he bring you much joy and happiness in the years to come.

Congratulations! The smiles on both your faces in the photos are worth a million dollars!

amazing. like you are.

Well done Tannie T. You ARE the reason we all know dreams can come true.


fabulous pix!

now we just have to get miracle max to hold on to mummy's glass of wine! (since he's clearly advanced that obviously will happen soon).

smooches from hk

Oh wow - beautiful pics. Not gross at all, even for me who practically passes out at the sight of blood :)

he is so beautiful....sigh

Hey, I like this over-sharing business! Very moving to see those photos, but the happy ending is simply over the top. Congrats on your newest babe.

I think these photos are AMAZING. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Enjoy your beautiful children

tears, it brought tears to my eyes to see those photos. Thank you.

Sheesh .. I am very squemish so i proceeded cautiously. Great pics. awesome in fact .. wow.

Hello Tertia, congrats from Carlene with the IVF twins, Adam and Kayla. My little Robyn (#3)also natural!!!! is divine - it is really wonderful to have 3 enjoy every minute!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics!!
Love Carlene xxx

Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures, Tertia -- although I have to say they make me glad I was able to do it the old-fashioned way :-)

Absolutely wonderful of you to share this with all of us! I've had 3 c-sections, too, and my 2nd one was the most horrifying (shared a lot of the same emotions/anxieties that you had with your third). Can't believe I did it again, but my 3rd one was marvelous! Go figure! I am just as happy that I never gave birth vaginally, since I'm fond of telling "close" friends that no vagina was harmed in the making of these three children! But I am going to feel free to steal your hilarious line about the vagina only being for recreational use! SO happy for you, T! Long overdue and well deserved!!! Enjoy your three incredible children!!

Absolutely beautiful! I have pics of my c-sec in a baby book and my three year old wonder baby (frozen embryo transfer) is now very interested in the fact that he was in "Mommy's tummy." He was a bit disturbed that he had 'stuff' on him, but has taken some relief that the kind nurses washed it off. LOL...
Max is beautiful and I love the picture of you, Marko, and babe. Wow!

Those pictures are AMAZING, Tertia. What a wonderful record for you & your family to revisit. I'm glad both you and Max are well. The last line is gorgeous and true. As the lucky mother of 3, I can totally relate. Our cup runneth over, no? Many blessings to you and your beautiful brood.

Tertia, thank you for sharing that beautiful moment with us. How incredibly beautiful. You are truly blessed indeed!

these are the most beautiful pictures, I teared up a bit at the one of you, marko, and max all together! thanks for sharing with us!

what beautiful and amazing pictures, thank you so much for sharing them!! what a awesome paed to take them!

love the pic of him sleeping on your knees while u work


Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

Totally awesome!! My favourite is the halfway-out shot. Does your paed do this for people on a regular basis or was this a special favour? What a treat for you to have these.

Absolutely beautiful, Tertia. I am beyond thrilled for you and your whole family. Congratulations!

Will have to read this later. I'm lying in the hospital bed with a catheter and drip waiting to go for my third c-section.

Amazing!!!! Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful moment!

So happy for you! What great pictures! And you are rich beyond measure.

Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us! What a wonderful family you have; you're a very lucky (and G&D!) woman :)

He looks HEE-YOOGE coming out of your mid section. So perfect,though, and I'll bet his Apgar score was an 11!

Thanks for sharing those - truly amazing.

Wow! I had a c section and so wanted to watch. Thank you so much for sharing these. The one of you holding Max in the OR is fantastic.

that was beautiful. Enjoy your little man...he is perfect.

thats incredible..wow..I've never actually seen pics like this. who took the pics? marko or the doc? amazing actually.
You're a very lucky mommy to have 3 amazing beautiful children :-)
thanks for sharing tertia.
p.s. am craving to come and hold that little one...when when when???

Those pics were great!
You done well...you really have.

I have goosebumps. So proud of you, Tertia. I know that "beyond your wildest dreams" feeling - it is AMAZING!

Thanks, Tertia! For the pictures and the honest self reflection. Now,as I go ambivalently into my own c-section, I know that I am not alone in feeling that anxiety.

Thank you for sharing those great photos!! Max is gorgeous!

INCREDIBLE! My fave is of the 3 of you, however; Marko's smile is infectious.

Long time reader, rare commenter.

Just had to say those are beautiful pictures!
Also, I didn't realize how much Adam looks like Marko until I saw that picture of you two and Max.

Beautiful pics, Tertia! Thanks so much for sharing your special moments with us. I'm so happy for you and Marko! I've been praying (because I'm clappy like that) that you'd have a miracle and so you have. What a lovely miracle he is! Smooches to all of you divine people.

(Good idea with the watermark, too. You never know what nutso lurks out there.)


My gosh, what incredible photos and what a beautiful child Max is. Thanks so much for sharing the pics with us, I had tears in my eyes from the outset and when I got to the final picture of you and Max at your laptop I had a huge grin on my face. I am so pleased and happy for you, what a wonderful miracle he is for all of you. Well done Tertia!!!!

Now I know what mine looked like. Pretty darn cool and thank goodness for them as 3 of mine were Emergencies...I would still rather have a c-section than doing the vagina way,which I have done too.

Those were awesome! Thanks for sharing. I had a cection myself and wondered what it looked like.

Congratulations! I have been following your blog since you were pregnant with Adam and Kate. My first was also born January 2005. So happy to see your family home, together. Best wishes to all of you!

Brilliant photos, thanks for sharing them. I had 4 c-sections and have never seen pictures like that. I didn't think they were gross at all. Your son is just beautiful. Best wishes.

Absolutely incredible.

Maybe NOT having the adrenaline of the emergency C-section was why going in was emotionally harder? And with Kate and Adam, as I recall, it's not like just going into labor was emergent, you spent that entire pregnancy so, so afraid. Which seemed better this time around.

Marko looks so happy.....

The pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing. Happy parents holding the little miracle in their hands... such a touching moment!

I do believe I'd take forceps again over a c-section. Of course my 2nd almost fell out so that is the ideal thing (as long as you're in the hospital!) You are the woman, T!

Made myself look----tensed up for the horror----and now have a tear running down my face.
So, so wonderful.
Now, pictures of Max & siblings together, yay!

My favourite is the 2nd last one of you kissing your boy and of Daddy Marko just beaming.
Congrats Mom of 3.
ps I agree with a previous commenter that, because of you and all that you've been through, we all know that our dreams can come true.
Enjoy this time and try to take it easy.

Stunning Tertia. I'll just go and have a good cry now from joy. Who needs post partum hormones to sob every now and then?!

wow, wow, wow! thanks for posting these. i get chills looking at your pix. so glad you guys are all doing well.

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