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I miss him, beautiful boy.
Will pop in Saturday for a little bond.

Your children look so beautiful and happy - congratulations!

Oh my word Tertia may I be so bold as to say I really think you have mothered up and you just seem so serene. Max is totally adorable and as for Kate she looks like a real princess even though she would rather be helping the gardener and Adam is such a looker. Enjoy and even though I will miss your posts I know you will be back with a vengeance. Enjoy this really special time. Oh! wait i actually think you are.

You making sure to keep an eye out for PPDepression? (worried/nagging friend!) V nasty, that.
Glad your family is coping well with the adjustment...

Lovely pictures. Everyone seems very happy and content. You must be so proud!

Question from your post. Did you quit your corporate job or are you simply on maternity leave? You didn't mention it as a to-do, only your business. I know the leave in South Africa must be much better than in America, but just curious since I know I have read in the past when you have written about guilt about not being a full time stay at home mom how long you get for maternity leave, or if you quit your corporate job to focus on your new business.

Twins are so cute and full of personality. Max looks very peaceful and sweet. I do not blame you for going while you can. Go get 'em and when you need a break take one.

I took 8 months maternity leave from my corporate job. I get 6 months paid leave, and I took an additional two months unpaid leave, I am really fortunate

Max is just beautiful.

They are really beautiful. I crave a photo of the three of them together, maybe also one of the family, you know, like Marko holding Max and all the othe gaze adoringly....
And you.... You are the best!

just check your car insurance - with most companies you wouldn't be covered if you had an accident while driving when under medical advice not to...

wow your big kids are looking BIG these day - seems suddenly or overnight they have 'grown up' and well what can you say about Max other than 'isnt he the sweetest cutest baby boy ever?'
Well done and good luck with, well everything i know you will cope just wonderfully and ill miss you again while offline.

Your kids are just a blessing. They are so brilliant and I imagine you are swelling with pride just now!

Well done.


oh my god how cute they are!
and max... just gorgeous!
and you've sooo deserved it girl!

btw, "I took 8 months maternity leave from my corporate job. I get 6 months paid leave, and I took an additional two months unpaid leave, I am really fortunate" - so what's the 'business' then (that you have to do 2-wks post-delivery??)

and you mention adam feeding max - so you don't nurse?
and yes - so curious to know - how did your boobs behave in pregnancy/now?

so many questions, sorry...;-) hehe i guess THIS is the business ;-)

Baby Max is such a handsome boy! Congrats!

is it justme or do all your kids have perfect pink lips :)))) ????????

My business and true love is Nurture Egg Donor and Surrogacy program www.nurture.co.za There are babies to be made!! These things can't wait ;-)

I don't nurse. My operation I had 20 years ago meant I am unable to nurse. I tried with Adam and Kate and got nothing. I didn't try this time, went straight on to formula.

Boobs, like vagina, are for recreational use only.

ah - I see you are a mum of 3 now... driving after 2 weeks, kids feeding the baby etc...
I remember after my 1st born, I didn't get behind the wheel for the stipulated 6 weeks ... after my 2nd, I was driving in the 2nd week post op....after my 3rd - I drove myself home from the hospital!!! (Long story, but 2nd child was in hospital when 3rd child arrived unexpectedly, so hubby was tied up with 2nd child... I was left to fend for myself with newborn ...)
Oh - and also - with my first: sterilised EVERYTHING FOR A YEAR!! My second - sterilised for 6 months! My third?? Where's that steriliser???
Enjoy,enjoy,enjoy!! Even when the going gets tough, remind yourself to enjoy them!!!x

beautiful kids, glad everyone is home safe and sound.

You and Marko make such beautiful children.

Your kids are all so adorable but that Maxie is making me wish I were not too old to do it all one more time as well. Well, I suppose TECHNICALLY I am not too old, but considering that 5 years ago I needed IVF does not bode well for trying again at almost 48. Plus I think my husband would absolutely lose his shit and leave forever.

I will have to live vicariously through you, my dear. He's precious.

You and Marko certainly do make beautiful children! Congratulations and try to get some rest.

Oh, Max is delicious! Such beautiful skin. Twins are gorgeous, of course. However, I am a sucker for newborns.

They are so lovely. Just beautiful.

I love that Adam can already feed and burp his little brother! How sweet.

Your kids are gorgeous (but then you knew that). Love that sweet little Max. I think that Adam will make a wonderful daddy some day.

you have a handful of lovely kids. enjoy max while he's that tiny, in a few weeks you will look at this photo and wonder how he could have grown so much.

What gawjiss children, T!

I am in love with Max, he even looks chilled. I am also in love with Adam's pyjama bottoms, so cute with the wuffies. You and Marko do make beautiful children, but that's hardly surprising..... Ixx

darling T, nag alert . . . you just CAN'T drive right now, esp as you already had rupture issues with previous scar. way way WAY too much risk involved, for you and the kids and the baby.

why am i being so mean? well, if you have to slam on the brakes, or even just brake quite suddenly, your belly will be put under enormous stress. and baby, if that sucker blows, your recovery will be unbearably long. also, like a previous poster said, insurance is an issue . . . here in Oz, if you have an accident while driving within 6 weeks of a caesar, no insurance. even if you are covered, driving is unbelievably risky right now. the cut goes thru many layers, and they take weeks, if not months to knit properly.

only 6 weeks all up, and then you can take to the road with a vengeance. but until then, too much at stake to do crazy stunt stuff.

max, btw, is divine. peaceful and perfect. but you know that. and, i suspect that he is exactly what adam needed in his life at this stage. someone to love to pieces.

Of course you know your children are gorgeous, but wow, they really are GORGEOUS! I agree with the poster who says she'll have to live vicariously through you. I'm just drinking up the pictures; he is too too wonderful and I'm sure my heart would explode to see my child look after a sibling. Enjoy it (and of course moan when you need to!) and share when you can.

Gorgeous! Max is so adorable I literally want to eat him up.

(Okay, maybe not literally.)

So glad that you sound like you're doing maahhhvelously now!!

Adam feeding, Kate w/ gardener, LOL. And you can just see how utterly fabulous, G & D that girl is, in the 2nd photo. What a SWEETIE Adams sounds like!

And as for wee Max, Agh man! ANGEL.

I hope you can roll back to just a weekly blog post (if that's not too much). We'll still check in with you dear girl! You obvs. know just how happy we all are for you :-)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Such sweetness - all three of them. THREE! Can you belive it?

Carter is also more parental than Cassandra. She throws her dollies on the floor and Carter picks them up and swaddles them, LOL.

OMG, your munchkins are so adorable!!! I'm going to have to go back to your old posts to see how old the twins were when they were born. Our twin boys were just born early this week, very unexpectedly. I wasn't thinking they'd be this early, but they are doing well in the NICU and I'll be going home tomorrow without them. Sniff.

Take it easy and get some rest.

Super Adam!

Kate will get into it!

Max is so cute.


all three of them - gorgeous. very sweet twins and a super delicious newborn. congratulations on the latest addition to the family.

Love Max's chubby cheeks!

So sweet! Congratulations! He is simply adorable and looks just like the other two!!

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