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Yay for 36 weeks!

Can't wait to see the house pics cause that has got to be the coolest toilet paper holder I have ever seen.

Wonderful for reaching 36 weeks!!! If you are serious about the bathroom accessories... I know of someone in Cape Town who can possibly make them for you. I'll e-mail the details of the person to you, dont want to give out his info on the net without his permission. He comes highly recommended, did iron work for Canal Walk, Waterfront & Cullinen Hotel. Takes big & small jobs.

36 weeks? Wow. Double Wow. Hoping he stays in until Kate is feeling better. How long do you stay in for (normal, no scbu) c-sections there?

I would forgive previous owners anything if they left me that. Feast your eyes on this: http://www.metalcraftmasters.co.za/Gallery.html
(Seems they are in PE though, but big on mail deliveries).

All the best with Kate, making 40 weeks (pray no more than that though) and the last unpacking. Which, you know, is a bit like an IT project: the last 10% takes as long as the rest together and then some more...

Ok you got me started now... there are tons of these places in Cape Town:

congrats on 36 weeks! Aim high - go for 37 at least! 37 is considered full term! yay for maxie-boy!
We want to see your house like yesterday already! x

Tertia, FWIW the previous owners are not supposed to take any fixtures from the house when they leave. It's breach of contract if they do. Congrats on making it to 36 weeks. My first was born at 33 1/2 weeks and I was in awe when I reached 34 weeks with my second.

As someone who has recently seen the new house... it looks pretty darn gorgeous to me, even if it is still 'unfinished'!! You could post pics now and it would still look like something straight out of a magazine.

Have a look at "Rumour has it". They are in Stellenbosch and have the most devine range of bathroom accessories. Expensive but considering you are now living in your mansion dream home you don't want some cheap looking metal/iron shit in there. Their stuff is really gorge and they can custom design for you.


bravo on the 36 weeks! that is one gorgeous toilet roll holder. makes me feel like remodeling our bathroom...

Congrats Tertia - now, just hang on for a the full 40, ok.

I love that toilet paper holder, which is totally not a sentence I ever expected to type.

Congrats on 36 weeks!

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