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Too cute! I wish my almost-9-year-old were still small enough for that.

So, does Marko always clutch his lovey with his right hand when he sleeps?

haha-I love the hand in the pants, too!!

Men and their weiners. Geez.

I had no clue that it was an inherent trait until I had my little boy... at 17 months, he is full-on in love with his penis.

Maybe he's having a nice dream.

wow, marko and mini marko. what a lucky lil boy to have such a huggable daddy . . . arsehole or not . . .

very cute and funny but oh is he gonna kill ya!

Aaaahhh - that is heart melting stuff. :-)

How sweet!

I bet you T didn't notice the hand. What's a bet. She wouldn't have posted it if she did :)

What a cute picture, how comfi they are!

I have tagged you in a meme that's going around, hope you don't mind. Please pop over and visit my blog to check it out when you have a chance!

Wow, he's grown tall. I wonder what you would have done if someone could have showed you this picture a couple of years ago.

Ja, what is it with men and there hands in their pants.

OMG I already loved Orange but that comment sealed it for all eternity!!! HAHAHAHAAAA...his lovey...awesome.

That's a really lovely pic though, so sweet :)

That is so sweet. Nothing sweeter than a boy and his daddy. Except maybe a girl and her daddy. :-)

hahaha!! Marco is soooo going to kill you... But then, why oh why do men do this????? (Hope he washed that hand when he woke up....)

sweet photo.
(what is it with men and their privates? woman don't sleep with their hand on their crotch...)

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..classic. better than gloves. :-)

This is fabulous! Love these moments, and yes, the hand in the pants is darn hilarious. My husband tells me it's a comfort thing..

adorable pic!! and i'm dying at orange's comment! lovey indeed! :)

Ha! Did anyone happen to notice how close Adam's knee is to daddy's privates? I can't help thinking it's survival of the species that has men so adept at protecting them, even in sleep.

This is completely adorable!

so sweet!!

Heh - sweet picture. My husband naps with his hand in his pants too...


Haha! Marko has his hand down his pants!!!

Awuh! So sweet.

the women who comment on marko with his hand down his pants have obviously never had a child that size fall asleep on their chests (i have) and then had said child move suddenly and knee them in the nads (i have).

it's very possible that marko simply fell asleep while protecting the family jewels. falling asleep in that position is better than waking up because they're unprotected.

So sweet! So lovely!

Forget the handling of privates, I'm blinded by the ohmygodhowWHITE belly skin....I always thought Marko was swarthier than that!

A very sweet photo.

This photo makes me remember when the twins were infants and Tertia was predicting how awesome Marko would be as a father once they got a bit older. 'Tis true!

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