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Hahaha. Snigger. Giggle. My daughter does the same with her favourite stuffed snowman toy.

No, but apparently your dogs should be. Have the dogs been eating toys or anything that would put them on notice with the kids?

My aunt keeps telling me to never have boys!

Nah - the toy just got tangled but maybe the dogs get walked by Daddy for a bit just to be on the safe side. Very cool adventure playground to have in your garden. I want one of those.

I used to do all sorts of crazy stuff when I was a kid.
Ya know, typical heads off the barbie dolls.. but other stuff to.
And I promise I did not turn into a serial killer..
IM a little odd..
but over all just fine.

Bwahahahaha...nope. totally normal kid behavior.

Absolutely...lol. My older son does this to his younger twin siblings ALL the time :)


Nope! My 4.5 year old son is really into tying knots, wrapping & taping ~ developmentally NORMAL :) T

His head is still attached. It's when they dissect them and then hang them like that that you need to worry. Bwahaha. Got two boys, if this is the worst of it, all's well....

jaclyn , what makes you think this was Adam? From what I've read, seems more like tom-boy Kate to me!!!
(and thanks for the chuckle!)

Hey, for all we know, that dog is just doing his circus routine.

DEFINITELY poor thing, although agree with earlier comment about at least the head is STILL attached - very funny indeed !!!! will be interesting to see what Max adds to the dynamics of the current duo .........

Bwhahahaha as stated above - the head is still attached - nothing to worry about!

Only if Marko did it.

Tee Hee - gotta love kids!

No, but your dog should be cautious. Very cautious.

That is funny. :)

Of course you shouldn't. Not at this age... now in a few years if this keeps happening.

you amaze me on how you try not to hurt feelings!!!! i would be worried

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