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I will be praying and wishing her well, Tertia, you can be sure of that. I am glad she has got through this hard phase and has baby Max to look forward to. Very touching post.

Beautiful post, thanks for the update, I have found myself thinking about your mother quite a bit lately.

Lots of thoughts and thanks from me :)


I am sending lots of good thoughts your way. I am so glad to hear that your mother has finished her chemo. I am sure she will pass her 3mth checkup with flying colours.

You have captured the emotion of dealing with a parent with cancer perfectly - it's a huge big scary box that is difficult to unlock.

My mother has cancer as well so I really do empathise with what you are going through.

What beautifully written update.

God it's hard watching someone you love go through this. Sending you loads of love.

I'm so pleased your Mum is on the mend and that the chemo is finishing. I know how you feel about head up and shoulders back because honestly, that's how I'm dealing with our's over here. Cancer sucks.

Your post struck home. I'm still refusing to deal with my emotions. Fuck, I'll deal with it afterwards. Not now. Not yet. I refuse to grieve yet.

[Sorry for hi-jacking the comments, I can't post it on my own blog because my Nan reads and just because we all know she is going to die, she doesn't need to read it in black and white.]

So tearful! You have been an amazing strength to her, as the rest of your family has been. Just remember you're in a good place now because you insisted she get checked out before she went away! Well done, T!

Your mum has a great chance now. You've done good by her. Lets hope it is a new start when Max is here.

It has been very hard. I have hated it and it has definately made me inside out and raw. I am also scared but can't even voice it because it just has to be gone forever. Can you believe this even happened? Insane huh!

My father was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma a year ago March. He had hardly ever been sick in his whole life, so when a "cold that won't go away" turned into "a mass in his chest" turned into six chemo treatments followed by DAILY radiation, it was devastating. I don't think I ate, slept, or even breathed for a week. My husband asked me once, right after Daddy was diagnosed, why I hadn't cried, I told him, "Because if I start, I'll never stop."

A year, two clear PET scans, and "fabulous" blood work later, I still can't even think about it. His long-term outlook is pretty much the same as any other 64-year-old man, but it is still THERE. Still one wonky blood test, one lit-up PET scan away.

Like any other traumatic event, you get through it, but you never get over it. Cancer sucks.

I am so glad to read this good news. I've been praying hard for your family.

You've all done! You've got over this hard part! I personally really dislike the check ups.....I kinda forget about when they are due and then can see the irritablilty/worry/nervousness a few weeks before each one. We have one last one to go in June and it is feels as nerve wracking as the first one.

I support also the I'm Tried of Cancer charity http://www.imtiredonline.com/

Wishing you and your family all the best, lots of strength and energy. Here's to new beginnings!

I am so glad that your mom has finished her last round of chemo. You have been a part of her battle, and may you continue to be strong for her as you face another chapter in your lives. I will continue to pray for you both.

Have been praying hard for you all. xo xo xo

My grandfather had a really sore back that just wouldn't go away (and he is one of those Rambo types to a degree -"it'll heal itself". Eventually he realised it wasn't and went to a specialist who booked him in to hospital that day because he has 'multiple myloma' and it had eaten through one of his vertebra and apparently any wrong move could have lead to paralysis. They did a transplant and it was one of the most emotional things I have been through seeing this strong man just wither away to the point that he was only skin and bone. Our family is known for its heart disease -no cancer so it came as a shock. He is doing much better and it is a very slow cancer so the prognosis is good. But I know how awful it is to see someone you love go through such a horrible illness. It is so hard for everyone but people surprise you at how strong they are and I know for a fact that a good support base can be the difference between life and death with cancer patients. I'm really glad to hear your mom is putting up such a fight but it sounds like she has a lot to live for and the will to live is your best weapon against any sickness.
Will keep you in my thoughts.

I have read and re-read this post, and it is so hard for me to express in words, what I feel in my heart. Fear - that this may be me in a few years time!
Gratitude - that it is over for your mom.
Faith - in prayer.
Love - I can just feel the love that your mom has surrounding her.

An emotional post for me, even if you didn't mean it to be so.

I'm keeping you and your family in our good thoughts. We wish her a speedy recovery.

I'm the same way with crisis. All business to get through it and then I think through the emotions later. My DH sometimes think everything is OK if I talk to him on the phone while in the middle of a crisis - like when a deer hit my car (yes, it hit me!) and I needed 40 stitches in my forehead to put me back together. I talked to him on my cell phone from the ambulance and he had no idea it was so bad until he saw me later.

Enough about me and crisis. I'm glad to hear that your mother is finished her chemo. I'm praying for her full recovery. It's so wonderful that your family is so close and I wish for her continued recovery.

I went through what you are going through. Our mum didn't make it, but like your mum, was amazing through the process. I wish you all strength as your mum recovers.

I wanted to give you the fabulous, brilliant news that we did fall pregnant with our donor's help here in Sydney. So all my doom and gloom emails about it never happening can be shelved as history. I am ten weeks now.

And today I started a blog about Bud's Spud (they call me rosemary / rosebud / bud and of course I linked my blog to So Close.

I am praying for your family.

So sorry you're going through this. Cancer is a rat mofo bastard.

Definately still keeping your Mom and all of you in my prayers. I'm so happy your Mom is doing so well. I lost my Dad last August and it truly is something that changes your life forever.

I am so glad you made her have tests! You are such a good daughter and it sounds like you have a very close family...I won't forget how your brother shaved his head in support.

The worst is behind her and she has baby Max to look forward to.

Best wishes to Mimi! :)

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