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Hahaha I do that too sometimes, without thinking about it. And I didn't even notice it when you posted the picture

My husband sleeps like that too.

It's a man thing, you never know when you need to scratch so it's best to have your hand in your pants just in case.

Awww, Congrats on 9 years!

hahahahaha Happy Anniversary to the Cooch and the Lovey :-)

May you have many many more!


Must be a guy thing, mine does it too. In fact, he got after our son for putting his hands down his diaper the other day and I replied that he (DH) does all the time. He was totally shocked! He had no idea that he does it.

Happy 9th Anniversary. Hoping you have many, many more happy years together.

I got sprung doing that AT WORK today by the chief neuropsychologist. I ran away before he could go all Freudian on me.

And happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to you and Marko!

It is important to keep one's hands warm, and the belly zone is always toasty warm.

My husband does the same thing! Happy anniversary!

happy anniversary... very touching journey in battling infertility.. can i feature u in my blog?

Happy anniversary!! My hubs does the hand thing all the time too. I have been guilty of it myself. It keeps your arm from falling off the couch while you are napping.

There's an anchor beneath every wasteline. Its important to maintain an even keel...

Happy 9th Anniversary. We just had double yours last week. We do buy cards... because we have to keep someone in business... surely the local restaurants share none of our love when it comes to events such as these.... mind you ... we did take the chicklets and went out for sushi. I wonder if that marks an event.. or that we just wished to feed the family that night?

happy anniversary! here's to the next nine years...

Tell Marko he is not alone. I unconsciously rub my belly when I'm sleepy and my son now does the same. It's a great lovey because you can take it with you.

Happy anniversary.

It was our 8th yesterday. No cards. No flowers. No gifts. Just the way we like it. :-)

The hand in the pants is quite clever --it actually keeps his arm from falling off the couch while sleeping.

Happy Anniversary! Our 9th is next Wed. and we have no plans. The way it should be.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy, happy!

LOL- didn't even notice! Happy Anniversary!

It's my man's preferred way to sleep and sit on the couch. Funny thing is I've seen my daughter sleep that way once in a blue moon too. Too funny!

Happy Anniversary!

LOL, happy anniversary!


Anyone who thinks there's something wrong with sharing the pic should get a grip. Like Marco did... HAHAHA! (Sorry)
My brothers have lazed like that on couches since I was a teenager so I noticed it immediately but thought, 'Oh, so they all do it.' ;)

Hi there happy anniversary. It was our third.

Billy Conally said in a comedy sketch that "god invented the scrotum so that men wouldn't have to carry their balls around in their hands all day, but it didn't work".

It is a man thing.

Happy Anniversary.

Ours is next Wed (we were thinking of your date but I'd started "going out" with another boyfriend on 22 April so didn't want to muddy those waters) - 14 years for us

Too funny....I never even noticed!

Happy Anniversary by the way.... :)

I think 99% of guys do that. Seriously. I would too, though if I had a built in lovey like that.

Happy happy happy happy happy anniversary!

My husband sleeps like that on the couch too! But not in bed... Strange!

Happy anniversary (belatedly)!

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