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That is pretty much exactly how my two kids are. (Boy/Girl 19 months apart)

He's a boy and she's a girl! That's "generally" how things are in my grade 2 classroom.

i love children's drawings. especially the ones when they are still creating 'freely'. these are great.

HOLY MACKRELLLL.....kate is blooming brilliant...I'm totally blown away by her drawing tertia!! crazy hey! Ethan's drawing was a page filled with different coloured circles! lots and lots of circles and ovals..isn't that meant to signify insanity ;-) shame...with us as parents!!! heh heh...I think adams drawing is colourful and full of life..plus he's a boy..i guess thats the difference!

Typical boy/girl developmental patterns. Not to worry.

Definetly a boy/girl thing. Statiscally speaking, boys catch up and pass girls in 3rd grade when it comes to standardized testing in math and reading. No worries - he's normal,T!

My son is completely uninterested in coloring and drawing. Unless there is the bribe of sweets...

Oh, my 3.5 yo DD is so far and above where my DS was at 3.5. She can write her name, write and recognize most letters, loves to draw, etc. etc. At that age my son could do none of those things and didn't care. Was way too busy being boyish. But he's smart as a whip now (age 9), you just wait. They develop very differently. Just today, my DD cleaned her room during quiet time, "for fun". I went and told my DH, "Boys and girls. They are different. And it's not just the genetalia!"

Totally normal boy/girl thing. Boys and girls develop differently. I've been teaching/working with kids for 20 years and have a boy and girl of my own. They are just different...not better or worse, competent or incompetent, just different.

Totally normal gender differences. DH is a Child Psychologist and he often despairs what we do to little boys in school. They should be out running, playing and being boys. It's what they've done for centuries - until we invented this thing called school.

Absolutely normal differences.

I must have an abnorml son then. He is 3 mths younger than your two and loves drawing, art, colouring etc. Before the age of two he drew a picture of a persons face with eyes, nose mouth and also pupils inside the eyes. There was a body on it too - a bit like what kate drew. The other day he drew a really good picture of a pirate ship, complete with the cannon holes on the side and stripey sail etc and bright sun in the sky. He is also very much a boy and loves playing outside, running, building things with leggo etc. He is left handed - whether that has anything to do with it. Also, maybe it has something to do with being an only child as he has to entertain himself more.

That is exactly the kind of picture my DS (who will be 4 in two weeks) draws. I often worry as well about whether or not he is where he should be, but judging from the comments in this post ... it's normal!! Whew!

Well I have a friend whose son draws realistic looking motorbikes at 3,5 years old. Mine however has been into drawing spiders for the past 2 years, but usually he's more into takete and maluma type thing (google it), for example biiig mess for biiig angry thing, liiiittle careful line for a tiny silent bug or whatever and so on. He turned four in January. Doesn't show any interest whatsoever towards coloring in the lines.

I suppose they all just develop at different paces.

Wow. Adam is a gentle sweet soul and now you know who hung puppy in tree. Lol. JK.

As a mom to three boys, I can tell you this is so normal. Someone else said it above -- at this age boys used to just get to run, jump, climb and play. We put so many expectations on them in these early years... ones that didn't use to be there. It's hard on us as moms of active boys when they enter kindergarten and first grade. Basically they are expected to act like girls. They settle down eventually, but it takes longer. Best thing you can do is do your damdest to get your sons in with teachers who get it.. who love boys, or have raised boys... who appreciate them just as they are, and understand that they develop differently.

I don't think it is strictly a boy-girl thing. My older daughter didn't draw much at all until she was somewhere around 5. Once she started, she paid great attention to detail and her drawing ability far surpasses mine now (and she just turned 9). When she was 4 and not drawing, she was busy attempting to write letters, but they were all ugly scribbles, and for all that, she still has the worst handwriting in her class, although she is one of the best readers. (I cannot figure out how it is that her drawings can be as detailed as they are--eg, she once put holly leaves on a cow's head in an illustration of the nativity, at age 6---but she can't seem to form letters legibly!) Conversely, my 10-year-old nephew has had impressive drawing skills since age 4, whereas his 9-year-old brother was always more like my daughter/Adam. So, while the stereotypes about boys/girls may be broadly true, it is even more true to say that every child just develops differently.....or inherited different artistic ability genes (my husband and my sister-in-law ahve the genes; my brother and I do not!) For the record, my younger daughter, who is the same age as Adam and Kate, is somewhere in between your kids in drawing ability. She likes to draw lots of parallel lines, and rainbows, and her name, but not much else!!

My 6 yo son still draws like Adam, and they tell me he still falls w/i 'normal'

playing outside building things is THE BEST thing a child can do to develop fine motor coordination... that's what the teacher should be encouraging. set him free in the yard and nature in general and ditch the crayons if he's not interested. Really.

PS Great article on pushing academics too soon - best, most comprehensive and rich article I've read on the subject! (My daughter is the same age as your twins.) http://www.youandyourchildshealth.org/articles/teaching%20our%20children.html

I love the teeth on the dinosaur and the worried look on Kate's face. Adam's beach looks windswept - must be Cape Town then!

I'm not sure if I can confidently say it's a boy/girl thing. I know my DD loves to draw, but I'm a woman and I was never crazy about drawing, coloring or (God forbid) cutting on lines. My husband on the other hand is a great artist. I love it when my DD would come up to me and ask me to draw something. I'd look at her and say, "Which parent do you think you're talking to?" She laugh and go ask her father. The only thing I've ever doodled in my life was squares, cubes and triangles. Can you tell I'm an electrical engineer? LOL!

Of course there definitely are different personalities and talents that kids have but that is very typical boy/girl development for that age. We ended up having my younger son repeat Kindergarten because he was on the lower end of development(socially, emotionally, academically) and I did not want him to always be struggling to keep up(plus he has a late b-day and was one of the youngest in the class). There is so much pressure these days for kids to be doing things earlier. My older son and daughter were fine with that faster pace but my youngest was just not where they were at age 3-4-5. Having him stay back was the best decision we could have made. He is in 1st grade now and one of the top students in his class. He needed the extra time and that year made a huge difference. But he still seems much younger than his 2 girl cousins who are only a few months older than he is. I always forget how close in age they are because they are both recently 8 and seem more on the level of my almost 10 year old daughter. My son won't be 8 til August but you would really think they were much older. But when I am around other boys his age there is no difference!

Frame it now. Priceless.

I don't think it's all gender related. I have twin daughters and that is similar to what I see with them. One is much more physical and one likes writing letters. Of course, we always have called the physical one "our boy" (well, until we actually had a boy - but she still seems like our boy more than him)

It is extremely NORMAL for them to excel in different areas at different times. I know the OT is doing wonders for Adam, but it's totally ok that he doesn't care about coloring. Lots of kids don't. My sister and I, though 12 years apart, are very similar in some ways, but completely opposite in others. We have similar learning styles and both need extra time to do certain tasks, but she excels in math where I suck at it; I excel in reading and writing and she doesn't do well in those areas. Part of that is just individual differences. It's all good.

I can see Adams sun (right) and him on the beach (bottom left)... he looks like a star... good self image... heehee... so cute! very different... Milla does this wild drawing too... and often too tired to do things like colouring... but not too tired to hop on her bike and go speeding through the house.... hmmmm... clever kids! I'm also often too tired for a lot of things.... hahaha.... hope you're well beautiful xxxxx

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