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Doncha have a "get out of NICU free card"?

Second best would be "a refreshing night's sleep card"

Third best "Get rid of that cold that will not go away free card".

I don't demand a lot!! ;-))

P.S. my kids have never gone out without shoes on, I still say loudly when I see anyone with no shoes on "Oh shame, they cannot afford shoes". (Especially grown ups - too yuck)!

aah - yummy! The only thing I like better than a bargain - is a freebie!!! Oh - please can I win some shooshoes!

I'm so with you on the no-shoes thing... we've just put my little one in shoes because of the whole winter thing - starting on a size 5 at age 1... seems his feet are firmly on the ground!
Thanks for arranging the giveaways/prizes!

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