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Ah man! Was getting ready to go and vote for you.

done my voting but disappointed cant vote for you.

You tell them Tertia...and good for you for following through on your own advice.

Hear hear!! Well said Tertia!

*Pout* *Pout* I wanted to be on the final list :D. Didn't make it thou!

Being a newbie means I didn't know about it until days before the close of nominations. Must agree with the constructive critism bit.

Yes accept mediocrity and flawed thinking and come April 22 why don't you just vote for the ANC.

Beg pardon, but did Jeebers just equate a blog contest with real politics? Because only one of the two should ever be taken seriously. Blog awards are strictly for fun. (Which Tertia emphasized with the all-caps FUN.)

Tertia, your national lottery is awesome! I recently received a kind e-mail letting me know that I'd won $2 million in it. What a generous program!

Not so much with the SA blog scene, I choose to comment on your ideology which I find superb: "Sorry buddy, unless you get involved and help out, you have no right to sit on your arse and point fingers." I'll stick this on my kitchen wall as a reminder to certain unnamed family members concerning appropriate behaviour after another family member has slaved their ass off in the kitchen in order to produce an edible dinner. :o)

I think it's great that human nature is exactly the same all around the globe! Some people just love to bitch and moan and it doesn't matter where they live. Fantastic!

@Tertia - I can't tell you how awesome it is to hear you stand up and make a post like this, I stand behind you in each and every comment you made, well done!

What about your sister Mellie? I think she is brilliant and should win!


Brilliant! You rock my world! Nuff said.

Heh. Reminds me of parent group stuff for schools. There is ALWAYS one person who creates their own little shit-storm because XYZ hasn't been done and that person is always someone who never comes to meetings, never helps out and never is involved. Cry me a freaking river.

Have fun!


I'm doing a week's worth of ripping off the SA Blog awards on Scroobl. Kind of compliments your post. (Use it as an image for your post if you like!) See the first one here: http://jonin60seconds.squarespace.com/blog/2009/3/31/its-blog-awards-time-again.html


Wowzers. Don't you think that for everyone to have fun, all the kids should get a fair chance to play?

Please don't point fingers at me for actually trying to help out this year by getting the rules either enforced or updated. Probably no need to remind you that I also spent my OWN time and effort being involved in the past, so I'm not just "sitting on my arse and pointing fingers".

If you say, "it is just a FUN awards program that allows South African blog readers to vote on who they think the top blogs are in each category" - then perhaps everyone should have a fair chance to do just that. Now that things have been corrected, albeit a bit late for this year, I'm sure next year's awards will be even more inclusive for other bloggers.

Chris (amongts others) is really tyring to do a good job of it this year, and that is commendable.

It is precisely because it appears to fail at being "by the people, for the people" that the rants exist.

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