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Similar thing happened to me last week (son just turned four, must be same age as your K&A): before, he just wouldn't roleplay. While other kids we know were crazy about dressing up as cowboys, vikings, knights and princesses, he just didn't find it interesting at all. He even didn't like to play "animals" even though we got him these "super" animal masks from IKEA (ha ha). Anyway, all of a sudden he now wants to be Spiderman, Superman and tiger all at the same time! I don't even know how he found out about Spiderman and Superman! Where on earth did my little sweet boy go?! It's scary.

She is gorgeous. Now she will be that perfect combination to take over the world, looking all sweet and innocent but would eat you up for breakfast!

Ah man! She IS so Beautiful. How have you managed to go so long without being allowed to say it. :-)

Funny that you shouldl mention shoes. Bryce has not worn shoes to school ONCE this year. There is a pair in the car, just in case he changes his mind, but so far - no way.

Love summer!!

Welcome to the world of group pressure! I have to fight to get mine to ware anything but a dress to school and weekend, no problem with pants etc. My conclusion - group pressure. They twirl at school! She does look gorg!


I was looking in your archives and I can't believe that that is the same small baby :) They grow so fast!

Ahh Tersh, she looks so gorgeous, I cant wait to see them again. Get a bloody web cam sorted asap.

She's soooo pretty! I bet that smile could melt any heart. :-)

G&D like her mother!

You have a boy AND A GIRL - I would have never previously guessed.

She is gorgeous!

Ooh, I could just eat her up. She's gorgeous. Hannah's exactly the same. Lego in hand and princess dress on.

She is stunning!

She is so beautiful! I'm glad she's becoming a little girl for you to dress up. :)

It's a phase! LOL Lasts about 2 years, though. Buy some dresses!

At last, her Auntie Mel is weeping with delight!

Beautiful indeed. Thank the other girls at school... nothing like peer pressure! Next, she'll need a tiara.

My niece wouldn't hear of wearing a dress when she was Kate's age - we literally had to pay her to put on a dress to go see her dying great-grandmother - something a little twisted about hearing a two year old say, "I'll only put it on if you give me a dollar bill."

To this day (she's now 26) we still have to bribe her to put dresses on. Sigh.

Kate is beautiful. Those cheeks! Such a cutie pie!

Def G & D like her Mom hey!

oh my goodness... she wins

What a BEAUTIFUL daughter you have!! Can't wait until you get to say it :)!

She *is* beautiful. AND gorgeous. And I do like that frock.

What a happy beautiful girl.
I remember my twine of sadness on the day(s) that my daughter stopped wanting to wear blue jeans and cowboy boots (unless they were pink) and my sons stopped letting us paint their nails.

She is definitely P and B and G&D.

She definitey is gorgeous. I think that it is awesome that you are rememberng to let her figure herself out. Just because we are a certain way at one age, doesn't mean that we stay that way. And as Kate is demontrating, why can't a girl like tom-boy things, scary animals, etc. and dressing up pretty :o) I think a lot of times we are shown a stereotype as children and because of comments from our parents 'Oh, so ands is the such and such one", we feel like we have to keep ourselves in some kind of sterotype box; sinc I am a tomboy, I can't also like wearing dresses. It is awesome that you have obviously given Kate an environment that she is just free to like what she likes, and he who she is.

Yip she does look ever so girlie

Doh! She has a boyfriend I'm thinking. You better break open the little heartshaped lock on her diary and read it already!! And imagine you only have fifteen more years of this..........!!

She looks so beautiful! And that color looks gorgeous on her. What an angel from above!

Omigod. She has my husband's feet, the poor dear. It's just as well she's not wearing shoes in the summer, as my husband has a helluva time finding shoes that fit properly.


My daughter still won't wear dresses except for her Oma. We also are NEVER EVER EVER allowed to tell her she is "cute". She is pretty but never "cute". In fact, if she thinks something makes her look cute and someone says so, she will not wear it again. This also goes for hair styles. ::::insert eye roll here:::::

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