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Oh--I meant to tell you. I'm getting the RSS feed just fine now, as of about a week ago. I don't know why it refused to appear in my reader for two months, though.

Orange, I might have to fucking kill you!! It was because of YOU that I have been going through all this angst and now you say it has been working for a week!!! ASSHOLE!!!!

Right then, ignore this post everyone, my good friend Orange conveniently FORGOT to tell me the problem is fixed.

That's what best friends are for.

Tertia, I'm getting your posts just fine in Google Reader.

Tertia, hon, I wanted to make sure you had a project to work on during your one-day vacation.

Works fine in Mozilla - my web browser.
Sorry you got sidetracked with this concern.
Next 'alone' time you need to add in a girlfriend outing for an hour or 2 (IMO anyway)

'Wish' - next time I am making Orange come with me and do all my admin for me. Admin includes painting my toe nails and giving me a head massage, for her sins.

As a rule, when copying text between applications, just use Notepad as an in-betweener. So, copying from a web page to MS Word, open up a Notepad and just paste it in Notepad, then paste it into MS Word. Same thing for your blog: copy from MS Word, paste into Notepad, then copy from Notepad and paste into Typepad. There is tons of hidden formatting characters in any given piece of text that you are copying and Notepad just doesn't have any of it: it contains only the characters that you read. So, I actually have a little quicklink at the bottom of my screen, I use it so often! Just makes life easier. To ease the pain further, just use Ctrl-C or Ctrl-X (copy/cut) and Ctrl-P (paste) for copying and pasting, is much faster. Just yer tips for the day from the nerd...

PS: Never had trouble with your RSS feeds.

jip, your feed is fine. you show up in my google reader, preggy belly and all...

and thanks adi for the little tutorial! i'll keep that in mind.

It is fine here. I read via google reader.

Seems to be working fine in Google Reader.

PS Loved the oh so glam wine decanter ;-).

Dunno if this'll help, but I use the 'remove formatting' little icon thingie before I copy from Word. That way, Typepad doesn't go all apesh^t.

I'm glad it's all working out! Let me know if there's any help any of over here at TypePad can be. :)

Lately I've been getting them all just fine but a few weeks ago they weren't showing up, or one would show up and others wouldn't.

I've been getting your full posts in Bloglines. Hope this helps!

Wow, it does seem to be working now! I had the problem where your live bookmark was refusing to load for about a month now (use live bookmarks in Firefox) and so I finally switched to just a regular bookmark. Glad you posted this - it prompted me to check and indeed it is working again.

Yeah, I stopped getting your updates in January, and they just started reappearing last week. I was using IE's RSS module, 'cause Firefox... doesn't have one? I can't find it. Heh.

I am getting them again now too. So weird. I didnt' get them for about 2 months. Who knows. :)

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