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Hah, is that not what I said the other day? Bet they twirl in the dresses. Mine wants to wear only dresses that twirl. So where did you buy the fake croc gumboots? I need some!

Pick n Pay!! Get some soon cos they are selling out so fast. fifty nine ront!

I can relate to the "SOMEONE (the child's father) wasn't in the mood to battle with the hair clippers." Have been asking my said "someone" for a month now to cut my son's hair. Ja, maybe this weekend!

yeah. i understand that the peer pressure realization almost made you cry. the problem is that it will not stop for quite some years. it's a part of growing up... unfortunately.

I hear you on the peer pressure thing. Bryce has come home a few times recently, telling me that "so and so" has a Ben 10 t-shirt on today, and "Can we get one mom?"

Amazing hey? FOUR years old. I mean really?!

I do think she looks flipping cute though! Peer pressure or not!

Take Adam to the hairdresser, it's so much simpler.I have this amazing women, who cuts my little one's hair.He's not even two yet, so you can imagine how tough it is to get him to sit still-yet she does a superb job.For R50 bux and 15 minutes, he gets a stunning cut, without the hassle.

They are too gorgeous- so nice to have posts/updates on your gorgeous kiddies! Kate does look beautiful in dresses!

great picture, they are brown and so happy.

peer pressure does start early - but you have given them good direction and grounding. (and great glasses!!!)

They look like twin super heroes! With an alligator and dinosaur as sidekicks, they must be invincible.

lol what are you apologizing for? i could only wish that my brother would maybe eventually get hair like adam's. currently, he's worse than sanjaya, and i wish i was exaggerating on that one. and the sad part? he's really not alone at all in that sad, sad place. male follicular solidarity, i suppose.

What a coincidence. I blogged about my dilema about daughter's friend yesterday. Sadly it gets worse and cuts both ways. Ther are friends you really want in their lives and those you wish you could delete completely.

enjoy this stage. they grow up so fast


They are growing up, T! And they are beautiful.

Thank goodness one more is on the way to get some baby-time in for a bit more!

Hehehehe...I don't trust my husband with the hair clippers. That is my job.

Great pic of Kate and Adam.

A few weekends ago, my five year old girls were getting ready to go to a pajama party across the street at their good friend's house. (It was not a sleepover party, just a party in pajamas for a few hours). My girls are a bit younger than their friend, but they are very good friends because of the close proximity. The party was going to be mostly girls who are a year or so older than my girls.

So I picked out a couple of cute pajamas to present to my girls to choose from, and my Fiona said "not that one, it is too princessy. I don't want the older girls to make fun of me." I was surprised that she was thinking that way, and I don't even think that any of those other girls had ever made fun of them for anything. They were just very aware that they would be the youngest ones there, and wanted to make a good impression. I was sad that they are no longer innocent about how the world works. I was also very surprised because Fiona is very independent and never seems to care all that much for what other people think about her.

It is a tough world out there, and it starts early.

Kate will be fine in terms of responding to peer pressure. You and Marko and Rose have done a terrific job of letting her be who she is. She won't lose that. It's perfectly normal for children to "try on" new personas.

Forgive me if I misspelled your husband's name. Again.


She looks so cute! and it is scary these days how young kids are feeling the pressure of fitting in. Worried about weight and looks etc. It was so different when I was young, I was so oblivious to what was 'in' that I never felt those pressures 'till high school and even then, it was manageable. These days it is scary the social pressures on young kids. It's sad, and I give a lot of credit to the parents out there -it cant be easy, no matter how small the changes.

She is wearing typically 'girly' things, but she is wearing them with flair! They both look like happy, confident children.

Del-lurking to say I really enjoy your blog. And also a very late 'congratulations!' on your pregnancy. I am so happy for you and your family (and I love the name Max - my grandfather's name :) )

UGH! You've just blogged my worst nightmare! :) I have a 4.5 year old too & even at soccer, dance class & play groups I'm seeing this behaviour. My son, Will, wants to grow his hair long ("like Jimmy Hendrix!") but it's not long ~ just to his collar & a couple of boys in his soccer group called him a baby / girl. He didn't respond cause he's kind of shy/quiet but told me about it later & I was LIVID! What's a mother to do :)

I asked him "do you want your hair cut short?" "N - O" he said. I don't even think it bothered him it still bothers me...can you tell??? He's more secure than I am, I guess. Just like dear Kate ~ what a girl! Adam's hair looks great! But then, it's me & what do I know about boy hair???

Take care & good baby vibes to you & yours. T2

Oh, BTW, I told my son..."It's a great COMPLIMENT to be called a girl!" He smiled. T2


(Coming from a teacher of 3-6 year olds)

It's never to early to talk to her about "her" space (her clothes, her body) and what she is in control of (wearing, doing, etc), and that other people may not like her choices but they are her choices and she faces the consequences (good and bad). It also helps when they're making bad choices in the house (doin' stuff they ought not to), you can go "I don't like the choices you are making. Are the consequences going to be good or bad?" When the natural consequence for not eating your dinner is that you're going to go hungry later.

The kids looks so cute and funny there! The peer pressure is hard to deal with. but you will be there to help guide them throug!

God I hate that moment when girls start to clique. But those glasses are fabulous.

The peer pressure and cliques started at 3 in my daughter's preschool. It was shocking to me... The dress-only phase also started at about 4 -- righ after I'd bought the next size up in jeans! She didn't wear pants for about a year. Thankfully it passed, and now she wears a normal mix of pants, skirts, and dresses at 5 1/2. Though she still prefers dresses/skirts if she can possibly get away with it.

Check out Judith Rich Harris' "The Nurture Assumption", if you haven't already. She talks about exactly that sort of thing - the importance of the kids our kids hang out with versus things you try to teach them as parents. The scientific basis of her book appears to be controversial, but it's a great read!

I'm all over those fake croc gumboots!!! Kate has such lovely taste!

At my son's preschool all the boys play with "Bakugan" although they have no idea what it really is or how to "play". They just think it is "cool". My poor son who is so oblivious to most boys games and really is on the fringes of the social set never asked or wanted a Bakugan until we saw them one day at the store. They were on sale so I bought him one. He could hardly wait to bring it to school and share it with his friends. It was so cute to see him "fit in" with the boys for at least a few days, but then he completely lost interest (I doubt it ever interested him other than his "fitting in") and has gone back to his favorite toys (animal figurines) and back on the fringes of his peers. Part of it makes me sad because he's alone so much, but part of me rather likes that he doesn't bow down to peer pressure completely. He's in preschool now, but next year will start Kindergarten, and I admit I'm a bit worried for him once he hit "real school."

My daughter, on the flip side, was the one who "set all the trends" while in the same preschool. In her class, it seemed to be that she was the one others wanted to copy. This was just as foreign to me because I was never one of the "popular" croud.

It's amazing to see what these little people we've created turn out to be as they grow and develop. Of course, the worry never ends either.

My son is almost 4 and was diagnosed with cancer on Christmas Eve. After his first chemo session all his hair fell out and he was so excited because that means no more hair-washing! He too hated cutting his hair and he is now as happy as can be with his bald head! :-D

Boys are so different from girls!

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